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    Getting over jealousy, the most negative emotion

    How does one overcome jealousy? Join in this interesting discussion.

    It is the most negative emotion of any human beings, anywhere in the world. It has charted the downfall of many business empires -- you have guessed it right. It is called jealously.

    It is so basic to all of us, that we do not even recognize that it happens to us. We get into unnecessary arguments, exhibit the worst of body languages and try all to suppress any subordinate who has talent, since we envy the guy and are afraid that he or she will overtake us if allowed all the freedom to do what he will even normally do.

    Jealously even gets played out in families, between brothers or between sister and brother.

    How do we get over this negative feeling of jealousy? While it is almost impossible to escape from it, the first step is to have a philosophically bent of mind and get on with own lives. We should accept as given, our present position, and look to work on all our strengths. Yes, we would have done our mistakes and hence would have landed ourselves in some position. Once we keep our mind engaged actively in a here and now situation, we will relieve our mind from unnecessary thoughts about others or what they have achieved in terms of money, position or whatever.

    The second step is to work on whatever needs to be done to get better in terms of creative utilization of time, money making opportunities, business opportunities and such like. There are so many opportunities in the service sector and it is quite essential that we exploit these opportunities.

    The third step is to network with well wishers and get to do several things that will reflect on our strengths and reinforce the "yes, I can" message, deep within us.

    The fourth step is to maintain very good relationships with even those about whom we are jealous. Once we fill our mind with the best of intentions, it is possible to make friends with even the very same people, with whom we would have some issues and even arguments in the recent past. One best way of building bridges is to visit their houses and interact with their family members, helping them in whatever little ways we can.

    While each of the aforesaid steps is easier said than done, the first step is most important, the philosophical bent of mind. Developing this would also involve a bit of meditation and developing a huge peace of mind.
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    Jealous is the part of natural reactions we get on moving with people who are just above our expectations and that would give us the feeling of uneasy relations and even missing in the crowd. Even though one of the way to over come the jealousy is to move with the person on whom we have more jealous, it is in fact very difficult to register our personal happiness with those who happens to be our enemy in deep heart. By pretending to be friend, sometimes we emote in such a way that our inner feeling against the person is exposed and thus we are cornered within no time.
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    Jealous is sometimes will be useful for us to excel if we take it positively. If somebody is excelling in the work and they are overtaking us we will feel jealous. But if we take this as an opportunity to improve your performance and try to overtake him you will definitely excel. But if start worrying about his performance and if you don't try to improve upon your current rating, that will start your downfall. You will lose concentration on the job and you will be nowhere.

    So when somebody is doing a better job don't feel jealous, you analyse your performance and understand the points where you are doing some mistakes and try to correct them. Then you will also go forward and can give good contest to the other person. SO be positive and excel in the life.

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    Jealousy is a natural trait and in fact, its absence in some people may appear surprising.

    It is really a great achievement if we get rid of this evil. Jealousness is not a good attribute of our life as it harms us in many ways. It is one of the prominent reasons of stress in the life of one who is jealous. Jealousness is a silent killer of ones conscience and his life will never be contented and peaceful.

    In our religious books this is presented as the most wretched form of human emotions and everywhere it is preached that we should refrain from it and its effects.

    Knowledge is power.

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    Many things in life in moderation/acceptable limits are good for us. So, I wouldn't say a little bit of jealousy and envy doesn't harm us.

    What harms us, is the way we allow jealousy to overtake our thought process and the questionable actions we do as a result of jealousy.

    We should be practical enough to understand that jealousy is a common trait but also have the maturity to channelise it in a constructive manner so that it becomes a motivating force for us.

    For instance, if someone who by honest means gets a promotion, is selected for an overseas posting, buys a new flat, there would be many around such people who would feel a little jealous about the other person's achievement.

    Yes, ok we felt jealous but we should move on and use the same jealousy to motivate us to find our next gear to drive ourselves forward, put in extra effort, find new means and resources etc. This will help us to reach the point that actually triggered the jealousy.

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    Jealousy occurs when a person can't reach your level and secondly they don't like you. The very basic reason is when they are not able to have the same knowledge, wisdom or power as their co-person have.
    It is pretty normal for people to be jealous of other people's good doings or charity. In reality, nobody will be happy to see you happy, they will instead question "how is he so happy today, there is something wrong ?" That is how people are.
    If you are skillful enough and adding on a multi-tasker, people will be jealous to see your work efficiency.
    However, everybody will not be jealous, because we all are different. Some people think in a nice and a wise manner.

    Do what inspires you !!

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