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    Did you know NOTA had 4.78 percent votes in one constituency

    It is quite interesting when you go for analysing the real data and fact.

    Most parties and supporters and the media were very much vocal about popular mandate, in connection with the just concluded Karnataka Assembly elections.

    However we may find quite interesting facts when we go in detail and do an unbiased analysis of the real data and facts.
    In the Bangalore South constituency(No.176) NOTA had got 15829 votes including 4 postal votes. It comes to a voting share of 4.78 percentage in the total vote of 331348 .
    The significance will be clear when we get to see that JDS candidate got just 36164 votes in that constituency. All the ten independent candidates got only three digit votes.

    In many constituencies NOTA scored more or almost equal to some registered political parties including regional and national parties

    I do not remember having seen any media report on this particular interesting figure.
    What do you say about this?
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    It is in fact a wonderful information submitted by the author on the just concluded Karnataka elections which testifies that by registering more number of votes through NOTA button, the voters were venting their ire not supporting any member of the three parties who contested there and that should be the eye opener for the political parties and their way of working. It also shows that the voters does not want all these parties to contest for elections in future too. Even the postal ballot says they does not want the regular parties who proved to be be more corrupt and opportunistic after having post poll alliance.
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    This proves that people are becoming more and more disgusted with political leaders In Badami, Siddaramiah scraped through by 1600 votes only because of NOTA.
    Beware! I question everything and everybody.

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    NOTA votes polled in Badami 2007. Here the Congress candidate Mr.Siddu defeated the chaste politician B.Sriramulu of the BJP by 1696 votes majority. Incidentally, Mr. Sriramulu is the Member of Parliament from Badami.
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    I think more votes for NOTA is a positive signal. It is a sort of warning to the political parties that they need to field candidates who are acceptable to the voters or else they would be the losers. Gone are the days when candidates could be thrust upon the voters based on the belief in their political affiliations. The media, irresponsible as they are, will not give importance to such factors because they need the support of political parties to survive.
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    It is good that people are knowing that they NOTA. If all the candidates contesting are not appropriate for the post as per your opinion you can use NOTA. This is the facility is for all the voters. But man people don't know this and they think that they have to for one or the other. But the author made us aware that many people are knowing about that facility. If more votes coming for NOTA it is an indication that people are becoming intelligent and they know about NOTA.
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    I had done a small analysis of the latest Karnataka elections. I am very sad to see that NOTA has got more votes in many constituencies than some nationally known parties like NCP, CPM, JDS, JDUand many other regional and state parties.
    NOTA got its votes without spending a single paisa, no flex banners, no blaring speeches, no kind of any pollution.
    So, I wonder if someone really campaigned for NOTA, what could have happened? In almost all constituencies NOTA got more votes that the independent candidates.

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    Sir, we have the BJP in Tamil Nadu which has only one competitor --- NOTA!!

    Be that as it may, it is a shock to know that so many people are simply fed up with these parties and their ways.

    We have lost all faith in our politicians. Each of them makes millions even when they hold such small posts, such as ward counsellors in the local areas. In Chennai, some of these rascals have become so rich overnight!! Why is that we do not question their ways?

    Why not go to the courts to identify some forum where we can point out the disproportionate income of the politicians so that they can be taught a lesson? NOTA is one way of showing our protest. Showing our anguish.

    However, a huge number from our own midst is as guilty as the politicians are. Once in power, we, the common people, go to these same people for out of turn favours, for doing something all out of the way. We bribe them for their work and the corruption starts at that very moment. We ought to put an end to this.

    If we do not do anything, NOTA votes will increase in every election. Let us wait to see what happens in Tamil Nadu. Am sure the NOTA votes will also increase here!!!

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    During the Karnataka elections this year, NOTA was around 0.9%, this figure is lower than that of the other states in the past, notably Gujuart at 1.8% in 2017.

    What is even more important is the fact that in 7 constituencies the NOTA votes were more than the Victory margin. Of these 7, the winners were Congress in ^ (Badami, Gadag, Hirekerur, Kundgol, Maski, Pavagada). Imagine if BJP could have covered the NOTAs in their favor, then their total seats would have been pretty close and all would have been needed was 1-2 independents to be swayed towards BJP.

    So, I think NOTA should be taken seriously by the parties and aim to keep this pool figure as low as possible.

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