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    Why Railway coaches are not maintained on daily basis ?

    For the past few years, the Railways has been using their rakes fully and thus not giving time for maintaining each rake on daily basis. Most of the trains are now travelling beyond the destination by interlinking to other stations. For example previously the Madras Express from Kacheguda was going up to Chennai Egmore only. But now the train journey extended up to Chengulpattu and then towards Kakinada. By doing so the rakes are put to wear and tear position thereby lots of sounds emanating from beneath the carriages while on running. Railways must maintain the coaches otherwise wrong things are going to happen.
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    Sir, I entirely agree with you. However, the Indian Railways should go to private parties for total maintenance of the railway coaches and give the parties free advertising rights, within the toilets or in the exteriors of the coaches and so on.

    For example, in the case of the Rockfort Express, BHEL which is based at Tiruchirapalli, should be entrusted the job of maintenance and replacement of spare parts at least once in four years. In the reverse direction also, the same organization can employ some staff on a regular basis, with some long term perks and get them trained by railway personnel. Once the training is given, the railway staff already engaged in the tasks should be redeployed immediately. This will then not invite any protests from the trade unions.

    Similarly, where the trains do not run for more than one day in a week, suitable private parties should be identified to do the job at the concerned destination.

    Public-private participation is a must in this regard. Railways have a big duty in getting this done on an urgent basis.

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    It is a real point. There is no leisure time for these bodies to maintain. EVen 2nd AC coaches are also very bad and toilets are not at all being maintained properly. So the railways should think of doing some cleaning and maintaining the coaches on regular basis. Like IRCTC, some private party should be entrusted with this work and they should do this work on a regular basis. Then the coach will get an uplift and life also will increase. Earlier days some poor people used to clean the coaches and ask for some help from the passengers. But these days we are not seeing such people in railway coaches. Even the blanket and pillow they give also are very bad in condition. These should be improved. For that, it is appropriate to identify a contractor and entrusting him the job will get good support,
    always confident

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    Good suggestion from AB. Minister Piyush Goyal should read into the suggestion made.
    K Mohan
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    Not only the maintenance of the coaches. Why not give away total maintenance of all stations in the metros to the private parties with free advertising rights in the vicinity of the stations for, say, five years at a stretch?

    To give a specific example, the Railways have spent a huge amount of money on transforming Tambaram Railway Station in Chennai, as a third terminal. The improvements are simply fabulous, to say the least.

    However, going forward, why not enter into a partnership with the leading private huge retail shops in the same area, and even the prestigious Madras Christian College, in the same area, to maintain the station? Surely, the students can even chip in, by volunteering to help passengers to only use spittoons for spitting, and the toilets installed in the station. The private parties may even be asked to build more toilets in the same station premises.

    The Railways need to identify sources of saving money and engage all private parties in taking the various things forward.

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    By giving total maintenance to private companies , the Railway employees will stoop to striking and raise the bogey of privatization.
    K Mohan
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    Sir, they can be re-deployed in other jobs, through and after suitable training. They will not object, as long as their jobs are safe. The Railways have to identify various means to cut cost. There is no way they can do it forever. All the jobs require so much of coordination and communication.

    In fact, in the largest bus station in Asia, namely the Koyembedu Bus station at Chennai, we have had private parties doing the cleaning job. This can be easily done in Railway stations, with one major difference. The cost should be borne by private parties and they can be given free advertising rights. In this fashion, the Railways can contribute to the core jobs of safety, on-time performance of trains and so on.

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    I am not aware of the different terms & conditions of the railways but the maintenance jobs could already be on contract basis. Not only the maintenance jobs but the canteen facility & the cleaning facility are also managed through various contracts which is being allocated through opening the tenders for various periods.

    Once it happened that while returning to my native place at Katni, MP from Nizamuddin, Delhi, through Gondwana Express or the Jabalpur Nizamudding Superfast train, I talked to one of the persons who was busy in listing the commodities as per their records which got distributed to the travelers during their visit. He replied to me as not an employee of the Indian Railways but actually on contract & that he needs to gather all the commodities like the pillow & the bedsheets, which in case of missing, the respective amount would be deducted from their salary. He also confirmed that in many of the times few of the commodities were found to be missing & the amounts were deducted from their salary.

    What I found the sad part is that during many of the above submissions, we are concerned about the jobs of the government & the target policies. But we were not even close to the responsibilities & our target duties in order to keep the government properties intact or at least not let this get damaged by mishandling.

    Till we change our view point & actions, nothing is going to change.

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    Maintenance is the most challenging aspect of any organisation and especially in Govt ones. Even if we give it to private parties it is a herculean task.

    The big departments like Railways, Banks, Post Office, Govt records all are ailing with this problem.

    Even in our houses, we are experiencing these problems. For a plumbing problem, we do not get a good hand. The electrician is not able to work to our satisfaction. The maid will clean the house superficially and the tiles will never shine to their promised elegance.

    We are suffering from a great lackness and poor knowhow in the area of maintenance. It is very common for Railway cleaners to clean the coach and throw the garbage on stairs and tracks. They do not understand the meaning of cleanliness. They are always in a hurry and Railway is not able to give them adequate time for cleaning jobs. So the crux of the problem is our mindset which does not accept common sense practices.

    Knowledge is power.

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    Normally we do not litter anything in our house as we please. Instead we throw our wastes into dustbin kept in our house corner.Besides this daily we empty the dustbin also in the street dustbin. We collect the rubbish,papers etc thrown by our tiny children and throw into the dustbin and we train our children to use our house's dustbin. But we do this much in the house do not follow in trains,railway station,bus,busstand. If we,everybody follow this, cleaning the trains and buses daily is not necessary. Though it is obligatory from government or department side, it is our part to share in the process. We all ready to criticise or comment others but do not follow from ourside.

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    For as long as I can remember, I've heard noises, screeches etc when the trains move or come to an halt. India stands as the fifth largest railway network in the world. Given the atitude of the people (both who run and who use), it is an mammoth task to maintain the quality and safety of the entire Indian railway network that runs around 12600 trains every day.

    What we need is sustained education of the staff and adequate resources pumped into overhauling and maintenance of tracks, bogies and the upkeep of stations and equipment. Privatization is not an answer because the staff would be up in arms and feel threatened, give them a chance with the real message to help the people and themselves.

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    If you watch closely when the trains approach big junctions, gangman with torch used to see for any sounds emanating from beneath the coach. But when the maintenance takes place ?
    K Mohan
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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