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    Don't you feel the need for changing the election laws?

    Do you feel major changes should be made in the laws related to elections in India? What kind of changes would you suggest?

    The elections are causing huge expenditure and effort for their conduct. After all this trouble is taken, the elected lawmakers are disregarding the public opinion and looking after their own or party interests. The two important changes required are about the defection to other parties and contesting from more than one seat. These two necessitate repolls. I personally feel that a lawmaker defecting to another party other than the party ticket on which he won, maybe debarred from contesting elections for a period of not less than 10 years. The candidates should be allowed to contest from only one seat.

    Members express your opinion on this issue.
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    Yes, sir. There is an urgent need for reforms in both the areas suggested by you. Those who defect to other parties, should be banned for life and the other thing -- contesting from two places, should be amended to just one seat. If the fellow is not sure of winning from the single seat, so be it. It means he or she is useless and cannot get anything done. In such a reality, the electorate is right in rejecting the candidate.

    These two laws have to be amended immediately, and the candidates and all political parties should know that if they defect, that is the end of their political life.

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    Yes. The two suggestion made is correct and that should be done. Why a candidate should contest from more than one place. It is a heavy loss for the country to conduct again by-elections if the ins from both the seats and resigns for one post. So it is true that the law should allow one candidate to contest from only one seat. Defection is no way acceptable. You won the seat by telling that you belong to a certain party. So after winning you should not change the loyalties. This also should be banned. Similar issues are there which should be changed. A candidate with court cases against him should not be allowed to contest. The voter should also have some minimum educational qualification. These two points also are to be considered for implementation.
    The people should be allowed to vote from any booth by showing their identity card. This is also required as many educated people are not able to vote because they are away from the place. These people can vote if they are given a chance of voting from any place.

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    When T N Seshan was the Election Commissioner, he did brought in the above suggestions as proposals to be accepted by the government. As the parties know that some time are the other their own rules and laws will make the formation of government impossible and hence amended the law of defection in such a way that single person elected from one party can switch sides depending on the situation to keep the democracy alive. But that is invariably miss used by many parties and persons. And standing on two seats is the provision created by parties to facilitate their winning for sure at one place or the other. In this case if the candidate wants to surrender other seat after having won a previous seat, the entire poll expenditure for conducting re poll must be collected from the surrendering candidate and that would bring discipline in the parties and leaders.
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    Without noticing this thread, I had started my thread on electoral reforms needed.

    In that thread I have suggested a mandatory above 50% votes to win.Also an above 50% seats to form a government.

    Yes I concur that candidates should no be allowed to contest from two seats.That is a totally against equality before law and system- a voter cannot vote in more than two constituencies, but a candidate can contest!!. It is gross injustice. Legal battle has to be initiated or awareness movements and pressure for amendments by citizen to be taken up.

    The so called 'Aam Aadmi' parties are also following many such inequalities with respect to the voters and the elected..Then about defections and post poll stand- any one who goes against the polmanifesto should be disqualified then and there. People voe taking the pre-poll promises and campaign. If they go against that then their election should become void and the next losing candidate should be made the winner.
    Reforms and amendments are possible. Anna Hazare campaigned for the 'Right to recall'. That should come. Then only people and voters will become the real instruments of democracy. Then corruption can be reduced much.
    Elected posts should be back as service posts and not as 'earning posts'.

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    I think change is on the anvil as far as Indian elections are concerened because everything around it has changed.

    What has changed is the core values of the party and the core values of the candidates.

    The election manifesto has almost become meaningless

    Religious bodies and association are openly canvassing to support a particular party or leader.

    Many candidates have huge assessts (barring the ones with family or personal wealth) and many have criminal cases

    The face of the election campaign has changed a lot - we have half truths, false propaganda etc that are widely circulated regularly, we have a think tank team of IT professionals handling the 'marketing of candidates'.

    Many a times, survival of self or party is given higher priority than the voters and state/nation.

    So, we need to change the laws taking into consideration what the author states and the above related to the elections.

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