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    Do you eat Mushrooms?

    Hi members,

    Are they vegetables?
    I think, they are not considered as plants.

    Dear members what is your experience with mushroom verities.
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    Mushrooms are rich in proteins. They are very good for health. But there is some type of mushrooms also which are not suitable for eating. So we should be careful in segregating the bad ones from good ones. Many people consider mushrooms as non-vegetarian and they will not eat them. But they are also a type of vegetarian food only and it can be eaten by veggies also.
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    I do not like mushrooms. I have seen mushrooms being served by fast food stalls. I hate the way they prepare mushrooms. I don't go for it.
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    Earlier I never took mushroom. But after my marriage, my wife started cooking mushroom regularly (once in a week). Now, I have developed the habit and enjoy partaking well-cooked mushroom. My Home Minister cooks it really well.
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    Mushrooms are fungi and most animals refrain from eating fungi because they are very toxic. Their toxin reacts most to the nervous system. Some may even digest you from within. But it's the rapid sporification of the fungi when they come into contact with moisture, that gives living organisms living hell.

    But mushrooms, once a dominant type of vegetation throughout the planet, now just dwindled into the bottom of food chain. They live on dead and decaying vegetation. The poison is a coping mechanism to prevent itself from being eaten. To an extent all fungi are poisonous. Mushrooms grow big and fine in mountains because of good moisture. But it seems like wild mushrooms were eaten by the locals as they mistook it for edible ones.

    Only an expert can differentiate edible from poisonous in case of mushrooms. So we should never eat any mushroom

    I actually discovered I'm allergic to mushrooms. It's bizarre because I only tasted a mushroom soup once. That too, last year. But immediately my skin went all itchy and my tongue started stinging. I don't think I will ever touch this mushroom again.

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    Good information. Thanks.

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    The very sight of mushroom irritates me and leave along touching or tasting it. It seems to be a non vegetarian item and in Tamil we call in Nai Kodai and in Telugu Kukka Kodugu.
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    Budha died of old age but the death was triggered by wild mushroom dish. True that many get allergic to Mushroom, but I like it very much. I try different kinds of recipes with it and Mushroom briyani is my favourite. Since it is rich in protein, I add it to my kids' diet too.
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    I do not eat mushrooms.
    From childhood it is imprinted in my mind that mushrooms are poisonous. I have seen them growing in all dirty and odd places in my childhood. Many times they were seen at the mouth of rat holes(frequented by snakes also), dirt pits and cowshed drains, which were also frequented by snakes.
    Cultivating and selling mushrooms came much later after my childhood days. But by then I have formed my habits and conviction.

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    Like most people we eat mushrooms, the button variety. It needs partical knowledge and experience to identify wild mushrooms and decide which is edible and which is not edible.

    There must be something wrong, 700 people all poisoned by wild mushrooms sounds like a large gathering for an occasion and all have had the same dish with the poisonous mushroom or a mistake by the vendors in selling a large batch to a particular town or place.

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    Today we are surrounded by the organic farming & the Mushrooms are the production of this. This type of Mushrooms are available throughout year but the original Mushrooms are found during the rainy season & in the forest areas.

    Although bearing the different tastes but this vegetable is liked most. I am surprised by the incidence in Iran. I do feel that there has to be some other reason for this occurrences like food poisioning.

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    It is true that there are different varieties of mushrooms. Some are poisonous while some are edible. It is true that differentiating between these two can be done only by experts. However, these days edible mushrooms are cultivated and brought to the market place. Hotels contact such cultivatiors and gather the necessary amount of mushrooms. Hence the hotels supply only edible mushrooms, generally. They don't collect it from the wild.

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