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    The human library A new concept

    When we heard the library we will visualize a big collection of books in different rooms in different almirahs. Different people coming reading the books and noting down the points. Generally, pin drop silence will be maintained.
    But a new concept of the library has come up. In these libraries, people will share their experiences with different people who visit this place. All the people coming here will be given a chance to speak. They can speak on any subject they like including the books, social information or any matter of importance. There are many such libraries in foreign countries. Now they have come in our country also. The first human library is formed in Indore, India. Such one library is there in Hyderabad also now. There will be 30 people in this. Each person will be called by a book name. They will hear the problems and other talks of the people here and share their advises etc. A good concept, I feel.
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    I'm glad now India too has such human libraries. I'm definitively interested to go if one is open in Hyderabad.
    We can show what we feel after all when we talk to people in person, something that is too hard to do on paper. I am going to research about the whereabouts and entrance fee etc., if there are any such constraints.

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    This is an excellent concept. In fact, this concept should spread to other cities as well. It is great to note that this is already there in Hyderabad.

    Kindly make this concept very famous, by discussing about it in various forums and in some colleges as well. People should become very much aware of this concept, as this will not only promote team work, but will also enable the sharing of knowledge, leading effectively to what we call as Knowledge Management.

    It is essential that some video recordings of such interactions are made available on you tube. Sir, please do discuss with the members of this human library if you can get this done . This will simply spread the good word around, and will hopefully make the concept work in so many places.

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    Wow very interesting and fascinating to hear that human libraries are formed across the country and we have one in Hyderabad too. Every human being is the encyclopedia for himself by virtue of his knowledge, experience and abundant talent within him which is not churned out in reality. If such human libraries are established , there are every chance of one getting immense knowledge on daily basis through varied topics discussed and deliberated. One thing is sure, learning is the continued process for the young and elder ones. And there cannot be boredom of such if the learning is targeted in fruitful way. And taking cue from such human libraries, social groups should be formed and fanned out across the country so that knowledge sharing can be done at least on every Sunday and that would add knowledge base to every one.
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    I don't think it's new concept, we are just formalising what has been happening for decades.

    There are many people around us in our lives who are like walking encylopedias. They would know almost everything about politics, government rules, history of our country, our traditions so on and so forth. The best example would be a couple of grand-parents or uncles/aunts within the family circle.

    It is just that we haven't given the dues to such people and tapped their potential wealth of information gained by experience. We would know of wise senior citizens in villages or towns who become the troubleshooter or advisory on a wide range of things in the lives of the common people. Similarly, we can find individuals in the offices, places of worship, outside government offices etc.

    Even the corner tea stall guys near bus-stand or stations would have so much information about buses/trains, the timings, the common delays, the nearby accommodations etc.

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