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    Vandhana Madam, I want to delete all my pending articles

    Since I am a new member, I have done a small mistake. I wrote three or four articles that did not confirm to the standard format of articles on this site.

    However, I want to delete all the posts, as am unable to concentrate on all of them. Hence, please do help me to delete all the pending articles, so that I can concentrate on writing new articles in the format that I have now understood as the best in terms of content. Please do help me out in this regard.
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    A B Sivakumar,

    Please provide the URLs of the articles. I will check them out first. We do not just delete articles off-hand.

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    The articles will not be simply deleted for mistakes but will hang in pending section for long. If the articles written by a newbie are of good and interesting topic but with simple mistakes and not conforming to the format, ISC should be able to help the member by having it edited by the editors. The editors should point out the mistakes and guide the member with the correct format to be used.
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    AB your forum posts are in detail and have awesome information on every subject. That means you have the niche to create wonderful contents and therefore you have the chance of editing your article further and present it in better way. Being the author, you can access the articles which are in pending stage and edit them properly. Now the ISC editors also know your profess and therefore open those articles for reviews again and give proper advise as to what should be done for the approval of those pending articles. Nevertheless you have become ace writer for this site and your request would be acceded.
    K Mohan
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    Mohan Sir, thank you so much for the nice words of appreciation.

    I still guess I have miles to go and miles to go before I sleep.

    My articles focused on something I did not do a lot of research about. That was the biggest mistake. One such was about the Deiva Magal Serial, which had a huge number of dirty tricks associated with it. Since I did not see many episodes, I guess the link was lacking.

    Similarly, when I write about planning a trip to Tamil Nadu, I should give huge details about temples, how to get there and so on. I guess I was so inadequate here. The third piece I myself do not remember. Well, I will search for all the threads and ask Vandana Madam to delete all the three. At some stage, when am ready with all the facts and can present them with a lot of continuity, I will be back.

    Thanks once again. Once my pieces are removed, I have some ideas on specific articles to be presented on some topics and hope to do well. At the moment, their is a bar. I would like to keep away from those I do not even know anything. For example, it was interesting to read something about mushroom, but being a pure vegetarian I always keep away from it. I cannot comment on it. Similarly, my articles were inadequate and let me accept this fact, in a very humble way.

    I do hope to contribute, based on my deep convictions about what is right or wrong in a particular context. Thank you for giving me the motivation to move ahead.

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