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    How to make tourism a real money spinner

    Do you think tourism can generate good revenue? Give suggestions for the same.

    Tourism is a huge money spinner. There are hundreds of thousands of people who survive only on the basis of income generated from activities related to tourism. To give a simple example, there are some four thousand families who survive on the tourist income generated out of just one temple in Tamil Nadu -- the gigantic Meenakshi Amman temple in Tamil Nadu. There are hundreds of shops within the temple premises and there are hundreds of tourist operators who operate buses, vans, cars and what have you, from various parts of the country, to visit this temple.

    Ditto for the two superb tourist spots in Tamil Nadu -- Kodaikanal and Ooty, the two top hill stations.

    Ditto for Bangalore and Mysore in Karnataka, that are superb cities and tourist spots in their own right.

    However, a lot more is important if we can make tourism a real money spinner. There is an urgent need to improve public transport to such places and there should be special buses on an everyday basis. There should be shared autos too.

    Secondly, there should be good information available in as many languages as possible, so that tourism flourishes in these places. Thirdly, there should be a huge involvement of the local authorities and private parties in keeping the tourist spots as clean as possible.

    In India, the temples need renovation at regular intervals, and there is an urgent need to clean them up on a daily basis. This is very important too.

    Tourism packages should be worked out, without appropriate discounts, to encourage middle class and the poor people to also visit the tourist spots.

    Water and rest room arrangements have to be made far better than what they are now.

    While each of the aforesaid steps may involve some Government intervention, it is more appropriate to give a professional management touch to tourism to take it to greater heights. One can learn a lot from the "God's Own Country" superb and successful campaign of Kerala.
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    In India there are great places where the tourism potential is immense and the people residing in those places just thrive on the income. For example in Hyderabad around Charminar we can see petty road side shop owners and standees sell the products made at home like glass bangles, ear rings, hats, bags, hand bags, kerchiefs and many items for ladies and thus each one gets benefited by the scores of tourists visits this place. But what I feel that on seeing the tourists, the vendors hike the prices to double and try to cheat them.But when locals accompany them and speak in Urdu, they get alerted and give the product at regular price. The price of the bangle set is just 100 for good design and workmanship. The vendors start at 400 and we the locals know the right price. Like wise every where the tourists are cheated and if the control is exercised, there would be more revenue for each tourist spot across the country.
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    Really tourism is the real money spinner in our country. There are many places where people really enjoy by going to those places. There are very good places which can be improved further. Because of the internet usage, many new places which are not well known earlier are coming into the limelight. If the government puts its best efforts to improve the transport facilities to such places and improves the infrastructure at those places will give good revenues to the government and livelihood to many people. Recently I have visited Ahobilam in Kurnool district of Andhra Pradesh. A very nice place and we can see nine Lakshmi Narasimha forms there. But the place is not having any good restaurant for getting good food. Only one AP tourism hotel is there with very limited accommodation. If the government makes the infrastructure better there many people will definitely visit the same place. Likewise, we find many places of importance which can be developed as a good tourist place.
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    Although the every possible facilities have been developed for every tourists destinations but we are missing with the proper information & valid contractors. Because of this the individuals can easily be befooled by them for misled information or for extra money being charged. Another big problem is of the clean from dirt & the availability of sanitation.

    The far critical is the unauthorized capturing of the resources from the private vendors.

    When I visited the Mathura, I found this to be in excess of inhabitants from all corners of India. One of the most secured destinations of the Hindu culture but we don't find the quality life their. Being heavy populated , this place has lost the attraction for many of us that just outside the temple we see the lack of proper drainage facility with dirt all around.

    The India. although we boast of rich heritage but we haven't executed those for the employment & growth. We have spoken a lot but we do having the habit of forgetting the same.

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    The answer lies in the title itself. The moment we (public and government) realize that tourism is a genuine money spinner, then we can find ways to make it flourish.

    For instance, looking a wildlife and nature destinations, the Government of Karnataka initiative of Jungle Lodge is excellent and there are some places that are booked well in advance. Bookings are streamlined, the ambiance, the staff attitude are all pleasant to ensure that wildlife enthusiasts keep coming regularly. I'm afraid I could not such good Government run centers for wildlife in Tamil Nadu.

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    Tourism has emerged as a potential source of making money worldwide and India is no exception.

    Ours is a diverse country with a variety of places having different climate, flora and fauna and sightseeing avenues.

    Only thing is the local Govt as well as private enterprises have to do efforts in improving the infrastructure and other facilities for the tourists. The rich tourists will anyway get the desired facilities but we have to think in a big way about the middle- class people who are occasionally going out as tourists.

    Knowledge is power.

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