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    Compact, crisp, concise: Short posts better for attracting readership

    I visit the forum section regularly. I get attracted to many topics, but I lose interest immediately after seeing the lengthy posts in many of it.

    I understand that while giving a detailed information, it became a must to write a lengthy post. I know that the ISC forum submission rules accept a reasonable length of the text.

    On the other side, ISC is a manually regulated site and I have seen editors giving reasonable points and cash credits depending upon the quality of the content, irrespective of its length. So, I think, length of the post doesn't really matter.

    How many of you skip lengthy posts? What suggestions do you make?
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    For me also lengthy posts does not interest at all. I go by the heading and contents to certain extent and then append the answers. Those who are writing lengthy posts in forum should try their hand in the article section which would benefit them immensely. Forum must be crisp and have the information which needs to be interacted. By giving lengthy matters, the authors trying to distance many members who does not have the patience to read big posts. At least after reading this , the members who are habituated to lengthy posts would change their way of writing.
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    The forum section is basically for crisp and focused discussions. Those who want to describe things in details can do so in article section where they will get good applaud for their extensive and exhaustive efforts.

    Long posts in forum section are of no use because even if someone reads them with patience his reaction will be short and to the point.

    During our education, we have learnt precise writing at one time or another. We can use that in forum section rather to write lengthy ones where beating around the bush will be more prevalent rather than the main issue.

    I strongly believe that discussions and forum threads should be short and effective.

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    It is always better to be as brief as possible and it should give the required information. Some people write very lengthy answers and posts. Sometimes they will be really interesting and I will read until the end with interest.
    But it is too long it is better to convert it as an article as it will be beneficial to the author. If we have to give a proper response we should read the post till the end. Then only we may be able to contribute a response which is apt. So always we should read till the end.
    As a matter of fact, it is always better to teach in detail but express briefly. So it is better always to express our ideas as brief as possible. But if you want others to understand the post completely we may have to give long information. It is the choice of the individual.

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    Thanks for this thread. Coincidentally, just today I was going to post a request thread on exactly this same point about over-lengthiness of threads, so will pin your thread for attention to ISCians with a slight change to the title.

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    Irrespective of the length, if I am attracted by the topic,title or content and language, I read and if I have some knowledge or something to say on the matter,I respond to the post. There were some two liners or three liners thread,but even then they did not attract me either due to the subjects not interesting me or the wrong and confusing language and presentation.

    But many times I miss even some good threads due to various reasons like timing of the thread, my lack of time, my absence etc. Some thread I just read, but do not respond .

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    In forum, lengthy threads and titles are often seen and this discourages many readers. I start reading the thread, if it's on my favourite topic or is informative, I read it otherwise, I just glance it. Lengthy threads may not get meaningful replies, if people just give it a cursory look.

    What is most likely to happen is the authors getting carried away by the depth of knowledge they have on that particular topic, becoming passionate or trying to be very descriptive. This is easy rectify, if a member is found to be having regularly long lengthy title or thread content, then he/she can be notified and encouraged to edit future threads focusing on brevity of content.

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    How lengthy is too lengthy? 1,2 or 5 paragraphs?
    Well..the thing is length isn't same to everyone. To me 200 words might seem lenghthy. Lesser than it works for me. To you...a hundred words might feel lenghthy.

    The issue to be addressed is also a factor.
    I think a General guideline must be laid on the size or no.of characters of forum posts.
    Any query, any discussion and any response must fill in the same length.
    But that would become a difficulty in methods of offering credits.
    I'm eager to hear the tangible solutions for this long problem.

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    Yes, I also skip the lengthy post it is very boring to read the very lengthy post. If we are going to read a forum post we mentally prepare to read a small paragraph for the same. If an author wants to submit a lengthy post, it would be better to submit in the form of an article. Whenever you are going to read an article you are mentally ready to read a lengthy post.
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    Thank you Vandana Mam.
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    Occasionally I write lengthy Forum posts. Now I understand that Members get bored even when they see such lengthy posts.
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    I believe in quality, not quantity. I always ensure to post brief posts and responses. I hate to read lengthy posts and responses. Of course, when I narrate an incident or write a story in the forums, I write it more to understand clearly.
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    Thank you mam for your view about posts.

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    I also skip lengthy post most of the times. Earlier I also used to write little lengthy posts in ISC, but I have improved that habit now quite a lot.
    Forum posts should be short and crisp so that everybody is able to take interest in it and read it. Lengthy posts turn out to boring. If the title attracts me, then I usually read it. Even if it is a long post.

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