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    When we reach a place at midnight.

    People travel frequently and many times reach a place at midnight or say between 12 PM to 3 AM.

    They have planned to go to their relatives house and cannot decide whether to go immediately or wait in the Railway Station or Airport, get fresh, take tea and then only in morning hours take a taxi and go to their relatives place or relative can also bring his car in the early morning hours to collect them.

    What do you think will be better to knock at the door at 2-3 AM or wail till early morning?
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    It can be a terrible experience to reach a new place on and after midnight. My only failure in a job interview was partly due to this reason. I explained the details in the following article:-

    Unsuccessful interview....

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    Please do relax in the very same place -- be it the railway station, airport or bus station. If you are alone, you could perhaps stay on in the bus station but if family, please do check into the nearest best station. The times are bad and it is unwise to have ladies from our families at odd hours. Add the threat of being robbed. It is a terrible thing, as Partha Sir has pointed out.

    The best thing is to never disturb any relative or friend at late hours. First of all, they have their own priorities in life, and even a couple of days stay with them, would mean that they need to make huge adjustments to make us as comfortable as possible. We often wake up our wives at such an odd hour, and the net result is that they are quite unhappy and, consequently, we would even be considered as an unwelcome guest.

    Furthermore, it is wise to inform them in advance when we would be arriving, say, at around 5.30 am in the morning. If you are in cities like Chennai, if you do not have huge luggage, you can jolly well take a bus and on some routes you have superb air conditioned buses, so that you can avoid the auto or the ola taxis.

    I do not think it is wise to disturb anyone or even reach our own homes at odd hours. Safety is a must and we should remember this fact.

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    If the person at the destination was well informed about our midnight arrival in advance, there is nothing wrong in going to that place at midnight. Otherwise, it is better to stay in the Railway station or Airport rest rooms and wait until we get the sunlight. Many a times, I reached my own home where my parents stayed, and I rested outside the house on the portico till the sunrise.
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    It is not wise to travel from airport or railway station or bus stand to the unknown place in an unknown area. It is always better to wait in the same place for one or two hours as required and then go to the place where we want to go. But if we know the place very well and if we informed our relatives about our time of arrival it is better to proceed immediately as they may be expecting you and if you don't reach in time they may get worried. Otherwise, it is better to inform itself that we will come early morning as it is not safe to travel midnight.
    I had a good experience in this matter. On an official work, I went to Calcutta for the first time. The flight was delayed and reached the place around 12 Midnight. As the tour was unplanned I couldn't get my room reserved in any hotel. Then I hired a taxi and started searching for a good hotel. After visiting 3 or 4 hotels for about an hour finally, I could get an accommodation in a good hotel. As I am alone I never felt any problem and I have taken rest in the room until next day morning.

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    There could be unnecessarily delayed due to late or unscheduled departures. This untimed movement will lead to unexpected arrival on the other end.

    Even in the case that the relatives are informed of the visits but often this untimed arrival creates trouble. I am of the opinion that if due to some reason the things are delayed then its much better to use the rest rooms & as the morning approach then knock the doors.

    However depending upon the situations, the decisions has to come out. For example, if the situation is critical then why to wait but just for a surprise visit why to disturb.

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    If it is a new place for you, it is better not to venture out at such dead time of the night. Crowded station platforms are safer and convenient too. If you had not informed your relative about your coming,then evening familiar place it is better not to disturb them at late night. If the purpose of visit is urgent, then it is different.

    I had once to take up a journey to Mumbai an got tickets in a Special Train. Though it was supposed to reach by evening, it reached very late say by mid night. So I took a local train from that station to Mumbai CST and spend the whole night there. Then I took the early morning train so that I could reach my relative's home by 6 am. Those were the days when there were no mobile phones . So I informed them about my reaching Mumbai in the morning from a public phone at the station. I needed only a few hours there for refreshing, as I had to leave for another place by afternoon.

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    At times during unavoidable circumstances, we reach well past midnight and it puts us in two minds as to what to do. If it is a familiar place and the familiar relatives (in-laws/extended family), I place a call and inform one of them that I would be arriving late and on reaching home, call the same person on the mobile rather than ring the bell and wake up the entire household.

    If it is a new place or unfamiliar, then I wouldn't hesitate to disturb people unless the railway station or bus-stop in a large place and I am alone. When travelling with family one has to put safety in mind and apologize to the relatives for the disturbance, rather than hanging around in unfamiliar place with intermittent lighting and a sparse crowd.

    If it is an airport or a central railway station of the city or town, then by all means, relax for a couple of hours and set out by 4 Am or so comfortably.

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    Yes it is a tricky situation for many when they happen to visit the destination at odd hours say at the mid night and it is not advisable to disturb the relatives or the friends to who we are visiting. They they know the arrival of the train, bus or flight at midnight, but we should restrain ourselves in disturbing them at the midnight hours when they are in deep sleep. Now a days retiring rooms are available at the Railway stations, bus stations and even at the airport. Better to stay there until early morning and then proceed. In that process we also get some rest and the relatives are not disturbed at all.
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