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    Do we feel that complaining & making excuses are in our DNA?

    Take an instance wherein we are allocated with few targets & somehow that didn't get completed. What the first thing that occupies our mind?

    We make an effort so as not to get blamed for it but instead we keep ourselves ready with all the listings that actually it is others because of which the things got delayed or not done. This is sad that instead of being bold to admit our incapability we are just busy with cheap practices. This remains not the case with us only but to the numbers of other individuals as well.

    Adding, that somewhere we do have some space wherein we are living with these & there might be the chances that we feel guilty for such behaviors but when not alone we want to get rid those things. This is the age old scenario which also exists within us.
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    Yes Sir. Though it is not necessarily in our DNA, there is some kind of a social conditioning in our Indian culture that makes us post the blame on others or circumstances.

    In organizations, though there are some circumstances made miserable through the actions of some horrible bosses, we often tend to take refuge in some excuse or the other, including blaming lack of infrastructure, for not doing what should have been done by us.

    One of the best ways of coming out of this depressing scenario is to quickly think of what can be done in a specific situation, and how much of what needs to be done, can possibly be done by others too. This often does not happen, either because we do not anticipate changes, or we are totally unprepared for the complications.

    This can even happen in seemingly ordinary things, like searching and identifying the best colleges for higher education of our children. One of the basic requirements is to do our homework on the various parameters like quality of faculty, brand value, placement record, student discipline and so on. It is also essential that we plan to get all photo copies and all other certificates well in advance and not be careless -- the shops near the colleges will be totally overcrowded and hence that is a rather poor option towards the same result of keeping everything in order, well in advance.

    The list of all such possibilities and events can go on and on. We need careful planning and execution competencies at every step of our life.

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    It is a general practice in India to through the blame on the other. If we were given a target and we with our group attempt this. If we are successful, I will say, I have done it. If we are not successful I will say the other team member didn't fare well. This we see in almost all working areas. The bosses when they report to their boss they will always try to project that because of his efforts only what were good is happening is happening. But all negative aspects are due to somebody else who will become the scapegoat for all the failure. I don't know whether it is in our DNA or not. But we are very much prone to this habit.
    I know many people who worked sincerely also lost their jobs because of their lazy and carefree bosses. Of course, merit won't die. They will get another good chance and shine there.
    Instead of blaming others for failures if we introspect ourselves the reasons for failure and attempt again sincerely getting success is not very difficult.

    always confident

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    What I feel that if a person is well versed to tackle any challenges and tough situation for him complaining and excuses does not arise as he knows how to fix the problems and get going. The problems comes for those who are lazy, not aware of the rules, and above all they have the fear of non acceptance of their terms of reference by others and thus they feel like discarded and not owned in the society. Such people are more vulnerable as they complaint against the others and even the systems and they are not capable of looking for alternatives and thus seeks excuses to get rid off.
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    It is a basic human nature that we do not want ourselves to be let down in any case. Due to this, we make all types of excuses for an unsuccessful action or task.

    There may be some excuse or not but our fertile minds create a handful of them to convince others that the failure was due to those myriad reasons.

    We learn this, during our upbringing when we observe that even our parents, relatives and friends are making the excuses left and right.

    Excuses are a great shelter for all of our negative attributes and results. They shield us from uncomfortable questions and enquiries. There may be a few persons who may not be making excuses but such personalities are rare

    Knowledge is power.

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    It is not in our DNA, but it just happens I think. Making excuse for a project not completed, depends upon person to person. Not necessarily that everyone is making an excuse, it could be a valid reason too for some.

    Doing complaints about anything is like all about patience I feel. People do complaint when they can't do something themselves or can't handle it. One should act properly and when needed so that there is no point in complaining about it. It needs patience to not complain of things.

    Do what inspires you !!

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    I don't think it's in the DNA to make excuses and complain. It is the way we have learn't to cover-up our own short-comings.

    When we ourselves are not up to mark, instead of being ridicules for our failures, we tend to take the upper hand first by raising issues, complaining and finding faults that can be linked for our incomplete task.

    I also feel, it is partly due to the fact that we are not trained or taught to accept failure and own up to our insufficiencies in a honest and open manner.

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