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    Too many locked forum threads? Not a good sign.

    Threads are generally locked beyond 10 days, if people keep pulling it up, when the thread begins to become inflammatory or personal or a competition related threads.

    Of late we have had some many locked threads and these are threads that are just a few days old. Are we slipping on the quality concept and posting threads just for the sake of raising a thread? Are we running out of ideas? or are the editors become strict to ensure standards are maintained?.
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    Again an uncomfortable question! Let me just say that this is the right of the Forum Editors and they are exercising their rights (although by stifling Forum section). And they are exercising this right extremely selectively.
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    Beware! I question everything and everybody.

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    When we signed to this site we were bound by the terms & conditions of this site. Can't do anything but just let this be.

    I too was upset when my article was locked & perhaps now be removed from the server. But in case the submission doesn't suite the environment then can't we just modify so that we continue with the same.

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    This is true. These days many threads are being locked before 10 days also. When we try to answer 6 or7 days old threads also the points are being reduced. Anyhow the editors are final. What they do is correct. As a member we have to follow the rules and regulations of the site.
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    I too noticed that. A mass locking.
    But 9/10 threads were at least a week old. And ISC makes clear that we are not resurrecting the old threads here.
    So I found the threads being locked justified.
    But few posts were really interesting.
    Like Partha's snake island post. I really wanted to reply to it. I remember a few more posts of such sorts.
    And it is a little disappointing. To both the responders and raisers. But that's how the system works. If editors think the topic is already discussed enough, your post has to go.

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    When the editor finds that the thread is not required, he locks and that must go to the back page. But what is happening that a current trending topic is abruptly locked by the editors commanding their own rights and keeping the post to cling on in the front page as the Google indexing already done and the page in the net is trending. Here by locking, they are denying further contribution to the thread, earnings to the author curtailed and above all it looks ugly to the forum to have so many threads lined up as locked as if many grave mistakes has been committed by various members.
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    It is imprudent to lock a thread when it has not completed 10 days. What is the harm if it hangs for 10 days with response or without response? ISC should consider this issue seriously and let the thread remain open for 10 days. Only duplicate topic threads should be locked, not the fresh threads at the wish of the editors.
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