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    Petrol Versus The Pizza Prices!

    In almost everywhere, we are more concerned about the rise in the petrol & Diesel prices. Y 'day when I went through few of the discourses in the news debates, there were also the occasions wherein the common people were also seemed showing their concern that this impacting the planned Monthly budget.

    Now of we take a look at the price rise of petrol then this is around Rs. 2/- per liter. Suppose the total liters used in a bike in a Month is 50 liters then 2*50 = 100. If we go ahead for extra liters then the total expenses would be to nearby Rs. .200-300. I am not supporting the additional expenses because this still is important for us but if we manage to reduce the other expenses then possible there would be nothing left for us to complain about. So instead if we skip the one time pizza then this is already managed. But the problem is that we never has complained for the price of pizza for extra butter or cheese.

    What's your vies in context t this?
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    Only 50 Kms in a month? This is far from reality Mr. Ved, a person who travels would know. It won't be an exaggeration if I would say that the distance covered would be more than 50 Kms in two days if not a day.

    For those who don't eat Pizza, what expense should they reduce?

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    Mr. Ved Prakash, It is simply not the problem of an individual who runs a two wheeler or four wheeler. The increase in the cost of Diesel or Petrol will affect every aspect of our lives. The transport system like road and rail transport system of the whole country will be affected. In course of time for every 1 Km. transport we have to pay more. The transport of all goods and daily consumables through lorries or transport vehicles become costlier. Finally the cost of every goods like milk, vegetables, daily consumables cost much more. For a common average man these small increases in their daily life will make their lives worse unlike a govt. employee who get some hike in their DA every year. Even those people also feel the pinch of this hike in their monthly budget. But common average people don't get any hike in their normal earnings. Only those people who see all feel good in Modi's rule only see there is no problem with further increase in Disel and Petrol prices.

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    Thanking Neethu Ji.

    In context to my submission, I have made corrections as per below,

    "Suppose the total liters used in a bike in a Month is 50 liters then 2*50 = 100. If we go ahead for extra liters then the total expenses would be to nearby Rs. .200-300."

    I verified the submission before posting but still it was my mistake.

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    We definitely can forgo a pizza. Sure. But isn't sacrifice what we always do? Why should the citizens compromise? The taxes we pay are higher than ever. In return if we hope for a reasonable price of petrol, I think its justified.

    The habit of compromise should go. Nowadays there is this heated debate of whether or not to include Petrol in GST. I'm interested in learning your opinion on it. I'm for including the petroleum in GST because it is much better for economy.

    Isn't hiking petrol prices the prime reason for the thriving Ola culture?
    There is always an industry that thrives when others strive. Pizzas are eaten mostly in parties,get-togethers and on occasions. To afford a large pan of pizza daily would turn it costlier than petrol.
    But petrol is my routine and pizza is my luxury. I am not ready to sacrifice my hard-earned luxury for my basic need.

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    If Pizza price increases, it can be avoided or discarded. If the petrol price increases, the cascading effect takes place for all the products and services. That means if the petrol price rises beyond control, the prices of vegetable, provisions, milk and other prices would also revise sooner or later. Like wise the Transport department would be forced to rise the fares of autos and taxis and also the fares of government bus tickets. So that is why there would be hue and cry for the petrol hike.
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    Petrol Vs Pizza prices!
    I don't think that Modi and Saudi will be able to bring down oil prices now.
    Oil prices are controlled by World leaders of oil producing countries and OPEC
    PM Modi can make some corrections by adjusting the State and central taxes.

    I love chocolates and ice creams!

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    Sir, you and I can afford to give up the pizza and save the money. But for the poor guy who gets a salary of rupees ten thousand or less, the petrol prices are already playing havoc. To give you a simple example, even in very small towns, the shared auto guys have started charging a minimum of Rs ten, irrespective of the shortest distance of even less than one fourth of a kilometer. What will happen to him, Sir?

    What about the increased prices of vegetables, meat, fish, potatoes and onions, Sir? With some exceptions, the retail traders always quote the huge increase in travel costs. Even wholesale traders complain of huge travel costs.

    To add insult to injury, the service taxes have increased, even in the case of what we call the rural life insurance premium. Please do tell me one big instance of the price coming down, post-GST. Every single commodity has gone up, through the roof in many cases.

    Sir, what is this logic? When the international prices would come down, we were told, petrol prices will also come down. Petrol prices decreased sir, but why did the excise duties never come down Sir?

    Forget for a moment, which party rules as the Central Government. What is most important to note is that to control the fiscal deficit, the Government expenditure should be reduced at whatever cost. Why does this never happen, Sir?

    The petrol prices does impact you and me, but it spoils the lives of millions. This is the biggest worry. They never get to eat a single pizza in their lives, Sir.

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    The cost of almost all services and items will be dependent on the cost of diesel or petrol. So a rise in the petrol and diesel cost will increase the cost of almost all commodities. So a common man has to, directly and indirectly, has to spend more money for his daily living. Even the cost of Pizza will increase as the delivery boy uses a bike and travels. So we can't say that the extra expenses because of the hike in fuel cost can be compensated by forgoing a Pizza or an eating out. The cost of the fuel is abnormally high in our country than many countries. The actual cost of the product is reasonable but the other extra loadings are very high. It is good if the government can bring the fuels also in the purview of GST. It will give a lot of help to the middle class and poor people. If BJP does it they will definitely come to power again in 2019.
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    This has been good so far & we can't make ourselves ignored of the cascading effect to the ground level workers. The fuel prices can't possible be brought under the GST regime as this remains the important commodity for revenue generation for state as well as to the center also.

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    This thread highlights what housewives and mothers do every month, to balance the monthly home expenses and to cover the shortcomings, they skillfully adjust be spending a little less on non-essential things.

    When we reduce the non-essential expenses and divert the savings to essential commodities, then we would be able to meet the rise.

    But the logic of skipping Pizza to pay for the Petrol prices does not sound correct because, just because we can adjust, it doesn't mean that the Government can keep increasing it. There are so many people who do not get travel allowance or office money for petrol. Such people would feel the pinch of the extra burden.

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    Since the time of our independence we haven't come up with the type of infrastructures which facilitates growth at the required pace & that's why we are still lacking behind from the world average. This lack of infrastructure has resulted into lack of interest by the investors. Now as the tax regime has improved with the introduction of GST, we are left with the challenges of infrastructure. So all those money being saved on the fuel would be indulged in those projects. This is the need of the time.

    So we are left with the either of the two choices wherein in one we should get rid of the projects or ask the government to reduce the prices of the petrol & diesel. But there is a huge differences in the outcomes of the above two. While going for the first option we have a huge possibilities of investment which for sure will come out with the growth & employment.

    In the second option we will be relieved of Rs. 2/ltr, for a short term benefit but no future as we have a bad habit of forgetting things.

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    Let me tell from my own experience. Coconut oil which is almost an essetial item for food preparation , for many, has increased more than 400 per in the last four years. It was about Rs 65/litre during 2014 this time. Now it is Rs250 per litre.
    But still we will not discuss the price hike of coconut oil on an all India level as we discuss like we discuss about petrol and diesel.

    This is because of the cascading effect of the petrol/diesel price hike. That will touch all fields and hike price of everything. And those hikes will not be in real proportion or relation to this hike, but arbitrary also. The first effect for a common man will be the auto charge hike.. They will simply increase the auto charge by five or ten rupees even for minimum distance. They have already done so. Similarly anyone will simply quote the fuel price rise and inflate their charges.

    Very soon the bus operators including the government, the railways -all will increase their prices. The goods will cost high due to transportation cost increase.

    So it is not as simple as saving or avoiding one Pizza. Every increase of one rupee for petrol/diesel will have amplification effect or cascading effect and take the total expense of a household by a few hundred rupees a month. Not all will not be able to cope with that.

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