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    Have We Made Ourselves A Complaint Box!!!

    I have never found anyone including myself being satisfied or happy with different entities including the government policies or other individuals or with the employers. Sometimes we also show dissatisfaction among our friends & sometimes we also question our parents. We often go to an extent of blaming the God for the circumstances or the positioning or the misfortunes.

    Only complains & nothing!!!!

    Have we become so big that we are made perfect or that we can't do mistakes?

    I would like you to come up with the most common complains that is most talked about. Would be nice if we continue to add our little but practical experience with it.
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    Sir, I guess that this art of complaining is part and parcel of our lives. We have always believed that we are perfect. Most of us have giant sized egos that will not allow anyone else to even question our practices or whatever we do any point in time, however irrational that may be.

    For instance, even without our knowledge, we carry complaints about our wives to close friends, often criticizing them for no fault of theirs. The most silly point is their calling over their own brothers or sisters or some other relatives for a lunch or dinner, when we would have already decided on some other program.

    We would feel that they have not taken our "permission". So, our minds are up to complaining for such silly things. I have seen it happen with my closest friends.

    Yes, about the employers, we do complain so much. However, we ought to remember that we get our salaries, our perks and all other economic benefits from this single source. Hence, as the noted Organizational Behavior Specialist, Dr Udai Pareek points out, we assume a new identity, one that is totally different from that of the one we had before we joined the organization. We get subordinated to the organization's culture, its identity, its values, customs and norms of behavior.

    So, we have only two rules -- rule number one says that the boss is always right. The rule number two is even more interesting -- if we have any doubt, we need to refer to rule number one!!

    Hence, let us all forget that mode of dissatisfaction, that very vehicle of our complaints.

    Regarding the third thing -- the wider society. Here, we need to complain, to speak up for all the rot that goes around us, and try to do something, or undo some nonsense. That this is happening to some extent, at least in some quarters, with the alert press, or the electronic media, is a very refreshing change.

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    Complaints are a way of daily life for most of us including myself. We use complaints to hide our inefficiency.

    The bus was late, due to a power cut I could not study, because of a tight shoe, I could not run etc. Most often it is a cover-up by blaming people and the situation rather than being bold enough to accept our own shortcomings.

    In one of the senior manager's office, I've seen a quote 'Don't come to me with complaints alone, You are always welcome to come in with solutions too'. This has a very important message, complaints are not discouraged but please have the maturity and mind to come up with solutions for the issues.

    The most common compliant that I've come across is about working pending because of ? so many reasons.

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    Those who are unable to achieve or incompetent to face the situation only makes complaints otherwise for a performer even a small stage can be a big platform to show case his talent . Why we make complaint because the situation is not sustainable by us and the complaint needed to be attended by the authorities who are wrested with that work of maintenance. Suppose when you are travelling and the coach is making lots of noise, it is your duty to register the complaint with the concerned authorities and when everyone says it is not my job, then every one has to suffer the things in silence.
    K Mohan
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    It is very common to always complain about something or somebody for our failures. We always have the mentality of I am OK but you or others are not OK. Majority of the people try to find out an excuse for their failure and try to point out somebody else. The tendency is that we always forget that if we are showing one finger at somebody the other four fingers will be pointing us.
    There are chances that everybody will do mistakes and no one is 100% correct. But complaining against somebody for that mistake is not a correct attitude.

    always confident

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