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    Passions should not have if's and but's

    I believe that when you have a passion for being something, work for it, work towards and never give up. When I shared this, I was told that it is easier said than done.

    For an instance, we know that being a mother must be or rather is the best thing to happen to a woman. In the process of motherhood, why do they have to leave behind the things that they used to love doing the most? I have known many of my colleagues in office who would regret leaving their passion behind. This is how our conversation went with one of them-

    Colleague: I was once very passionate about playing the violin but now with responsibilities I hardly find time to practice. Now it lies somewhere in the corner.

    Me: That's sad! What don't you start over now that your kids have started their school?

    Colleague: That's still not possible, I have to wake up early, prepare breakfast and lunch for my in-laws, kids, and husband and I have to myself rush and get ready for office. So now I cannot get back to that routine of practicing violin like I used to do.

    Me: How about in the evening, once you are back from work?

    Colleague: Even that's not possible as I have to teach my kids and prepare dinner. I barely get time to breathe.

    I kept quiet as there was nothing more I could say or convince her to start practicing what she once loved doing. I started thinking, would it be the same with me. I love blogging, will I be able to do things that I love once I get married.

    Then I reminded myself, Passions should not have if's and but's.

    Let me ask you or request to pick that old passion of yours which is lying somewhere in the corner and hone that skill. Don't give up.
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    Excellent input, Sir. We often have too many bosses. Be ready to have the biggest boss of your life, when you get married -- your wife.

    Well, to give you tips on a successful marriage is beyond the scope of this reply. However, coming back to what you have said, it is one hundred per cent true. It is also true, as that poor lady has said, she indeed does not find time.

    So, what is the way out, and is it impossible, to get out of this "ifs" and " buts" game? The answer is a big yes.

    Let me explain how. Guess you live in a metro or a big city. So, when you get married, at least for 24 months, in as much as four times a week, reach out to the friendly neighborhood fellow, ready to serve you food, fully cooked and pipe hot, at home. Tell your wife in no uncertain terms that she needs her space to do her own thing, and you, your own blogging.

    When she gets the vital 120 minutes to relax ( the time taken to prepare the food, clean the dining table, get the utensils back to their own places or to the washing place for the servant to hopefully pick them up the next day, keep the kitchen slab clean and the stove clean and all that), she will feel so happy and respond to you that much happier. Forget that this comes at a fairly high cost. It is so much worth it, as you will discover that the two hours makes such a huge difference. And if you live in a gated community, go around walking with your life partner, for at least twenty minutes, just talking simple things, and not complaining.

    Well, the chemistry that keeps developing in such situations is what I have seen and am increasingly seeing, happen, with a fairly good regularity, among young couples.

    So, you have a way out. For other members, it is quite as simple -- try to steel time, in whatever little ways we can. The superb writer and brilliant Orator, Mr Karunanidhi, the former Chief Minister, was asked about how he managed his time to write so much, even when he was the CM. Pat came the reply: am out of bed at 4 AM and start my day, at 4.15 AM.!! And then the fifteen hours after that time!!!

    Well, that is some learning, and a great example.

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    The author has made a point but more or less this depends upon the time & the circumstances. If this is changed, the same having an impact on us. But still the commitments makes everything possible. The PM Modi is busy with the politics while the previous President Mr. APJ Abul Kalam had reached to became the President of India. Both were devoid of money & leisure but they have come to such an extent that they would be remembered for ever. But with this we got other instances wherein the individual persons couldn't live up to their imagination their family background didn't facilitate due to poor conditions.

    Anyhow there are excuses & there are results & so its always up to us to decide the complications & come out as a winner. We got one life & keep try so as to live up to its fullest.

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    From the write up it is very much clear that when we have the inclination to do something, that must be done forthwith and no regrets there after. One of my friend is very fond of onions but in their home it is not cooked for obvious reasons. When goes out alone, he shall definitely taste the onion dishes and savories for sure. But his mentality to eat in loneliness could not be concealed as when talks with the family members the smell of onion emanating from his mouth would confirm that and hence he was caught and reprimanded.
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    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    During my early stages of employment, I was inclined towards learning astrology and palmistry. During those days I purchased many books on these two subjects and done a lot of research on the subject. I learned how to write a rassi chakra and how to predict issues basing on the positions of the various planets in the chart. I have studied many charts and predicted some issues which went in the same line. But as my job started demanding more time and I was to spend 14 to 16 hours on the official issues, slowly the habit or passion has gone back and almost from last 15 years I have not even touched the books. Now I want to restart as there is a change in my profession I am getting some time but I am not able to concentrate much. It is a classic example of losing interest in the subjects of interest because of the other priorities.
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    it was interesting to note so many good responses to the thread.

    One another aspect of passion is the kind of dedication, patience and guts shown by some entrepreneurs. This runs in their blood, and their ability to innovate has no limits.

    Let me give one superb example, that is the case study in so many B schools of repute.

    Many members would have heard about Chik shampoo and its stupendous success in the sachet segment. However, many do not know the man behind this success. His name is C.K Renganathan and his company is called Cavinkare, with a turnover of more than two thousand crores.

    Armed with just an ordinary B Sc chemistry degree, his passion was to do something big. In those days, we had what was called the "touring talkies" in rural Tamil Nadu (that is, three decades ago). He started manufacturing the shampoo in a 8X8 rented room, and hired a vehicle fitted with a loudspeaker. He gave the samples to the local petty shops in over sixty villages surrounding Cuddalore, a small town, from where he hails.

    The trick was to make loud noises about the shampoo and shoot on video, a picture of a small boy of the same village, being washed with the shampoo. This would then be shown in all touring talkies. The deal was that the petty shop guys could give him money after the product was sold. Within six months, Chik shampoo had a sales much more than we could cater too. Later on, he introduced another innovation -- bring back five used sachet packets and get one free. This helped him to understand customers and the demand.

    Today, it is still the largest selling shampoo in the sachet segment. Hindustan Unilever ( now called Unilever) sought to buy him out. He not only said no, but also took them on, in their own game, by reducing costs. Even today, Unilever is not able to match his costs and is forced to not increase prices of its products in the sachet segments.

    The same company now manufactures a huge number of products and is the learning ground for young managers, some of whom he has managed to poach from Unilever itself.

    This is called passion. Once we are clear about our goal and are ready to innovate, as the Cavinkare example is very clear, sky is the limit.

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    People do things in which they are interested or for what they have aptitude and inclination. Every person has a different hobby and things to pursue in his life. One activity may be interesting for a person but at the same time may be very boring for another person.

    So passion is a step ahead. If a person is having a passion for something he will stick to it even in the adverse circumstances. If he gets his interest lost in the activity then probably he was not passionate about it but was doing it as a curiosity to learn more or developing his skills in that field.

    I have seen some people who have a passion for reading books and they continue it till their old age. It is only due to physical disabilities that they stop. In my opinion, a passion is a lifelong involvement and there is no question of losing interest.

    Knowledge is power.

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