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    Is 1.5 lakh rupees or more justified for the LKG admission?

    One does not know what is going on in other metro cities. In Chennai, we have this peculiar, but cruel, thing: the going rate is upwards of rupees 1.5 lakh for an LKG admission in a very famous school, situated in the prestigious T.Nagar area of Chennai city.

    The pity is that there is a huge demand and the donation is so high. There are parents who patiently wait to get the admission forms and submit the same into this famous CBSE school.

    Yes, this is one of the best schools in the country, now having some branches elsewhere too. However, we should not imagine that this is the only good school. There are even very good State Board schools, where there is the English medium, right from the LKG class. There are other CBSE schools, with wonderful play schools as well.

    However, the madness continues. There are one or two other branded schools in the same category as the one quoted above, that also charge such huge amounts for a child in LKG. And there is the ridiculous farce of an interview with the parents and the child, who is just three years old.

    How can we justify this horrible thing?
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    Every time when the school reopen time comes, this kind of threads are raised by the members and the replies would be different. But I blame it on parents. Now a days, both parents being educated and they do have the reason to help the child in daily education, are discarding their duties citing too much work at the office and thus searching for such a school which not only gives good education, take care of home works , project works and above all keep the child with late hours studies. All this facilities would be the blessings for the schools which demands money and the parents are ready to shell. Here the standard of the education does not matter but the facilities matter and thus the education has become costly even for the pre-primary section. In fact the Engineering fees are cheaper than the LKG fees. So instead of putting the children in hify schools, let the child study in normal school for knowledge.
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    Reputed and well-known schools are minting money by charging exorbitant amounts for admissions in the name of management quota seats or other nomenclature.

    This clearly shows that the education is totally commercialized and like a good business it is to be handled.

    People who can afford are paying these monies mindlessly and proudly telling their friends and relatives about this.

    Some of the rich people are even sending their wards to foreign countries for education in the hope of achieving something more outstanding.

    No doubt that the author has very correctly spotted this mad mad rush in the educational sector and it is really a shameful state that people are purchasing education rather than acquiring it.

    Knowledge is power.

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    We, the guardians, are responsible for it. To us, it has become a status symbol. We pay such astronomical amount, admit the children in such schools, and then indirectly tell our colleagues about such admission to make them awe-struck.

    The colleagues who are not able to admit their children in these schools, try harder next year to achieve the goal, spending much more.

    Beware! I question everything and everybody.

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    This is the ambition of parents which is paving way for this mad rush to school which are charging very high fees. These days every family is having the concept of we two ours one. They want to the only kid they have to be everything. For that, they don't have some time to spend with them. But they have money to spend. So they go to such schools and the demand is making the school administration to charge as high as possible.
    These days education Institutions are also business houses only. They want to make hay while the Sun shines. There are people who are ready to spend lakhs of rupees and the management encashing the weakness of the parents.
    Regarding this, the wards of the kids should think and what is the logic behind spending so much for LKG and Play schools. The parents should spend time with the children and teach them the moral values and good practices. But simply sending them to costly schools will not free them from the responsibility of seeing their children to be good citizen of the country in the coming years.

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    I'm yet to meet a middle class parent who does not want to send his child/children to a 'convent' or a reputed private nursery or school. The demand for these seats are so heavy that parents sometimes have to stand in a queue the previous evening or early in the morning.

    Even if the fees and the donation is exhorbitant, many parents are keen to spend this money for the education of their children. This desire of parents is exploited by the school management.

    The posh schools,create a brand and a demand that becomes higher and higher every year.There are schools that have LKG coaching consultants where in the child is 'taught' how to be ready for the interview.

    So, although the figure is too high, we are also responsible for the astronomical figures of donation and fees.

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