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    What is my moon sign and birth date in astrology as my birth time is 1:32 am midnight?

    What is my moon sign and birth date in astrology as my birth time is 1:32 am midnight?
    name : sakshi arora
    place : muzaffarnagar UP
    time : 01:32 am
    d.o.b : I born on 27 sep midnight 1:32 .. so it will be 28th sep as per birthday celebration and next day will be counted but i want to know in astrolgy which date will be opt for checking kundali and what is my moon sign ?

    Please clear my confusion .
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    This post may be shifted to Ask Experts section for the apt answer from the astrological experts of this great site. And surely the author would get the exact detail.
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    For knowing the moon sign we should know the year of birth also. Basing on the year of birth and time, day and date we can tell you the moon sign.
    As per the astrology and Hindu calendar, the day will be from Sunrise to next day Sunrise. In Hindu astrology, we will not go by English date. But it will be taken by the thidhi at that time. So if we want to know the moon sign you should inform your year of birth.

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    Kindly post your DOB (Date - month -year) and time of birth. I shall tell the birth star, zodiac and some valid information about your life.
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    You can get these details online by using any suitable Online Panchang(Panchangam.
    Some such Panchangam sites give facility to have your horoscope free online, if you feed the required data like date of birth,(-date,month and year) time, location with longitude and latitude or nearest main city etc.
    At least you can have the star and Rasi(Zodiac). Then you can approach a learned and experienced astrologer near you to cast your horoscope. You may also get it verified( Sphutam) by the same astrologer or another experienced and reputed astrologer also, who will apply certain cross testing with your other details.

    For example I can give a site where you can get your star-.(
    In that if you fed your date of birth, time and location, you get details lik star and Zodiac as per western system and Chandra Rasi as per Indian system. You can also have certain other details too. But take this as only a rough Kundali only, and confirm with an astrologer as said before.

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    Hi , thank you all for you response .
    My date of birth is 27 SEP 1992 at 01:32 am .. so let me know ..shall I consider it 28 SEP or 27 SEP for kundali Milan and to know zodiac/moon sign.

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    As far as Hindu astrology is concerned your date of birth will be 27th Sep 1992 only. The time is night 1,32. your zodiac sign is Libra. Your star is Krithika Moon Sign is Vrushabham (Taurus). This is for your information. All the best to you. This I have got for the calendar (Panchangam) of that year available with me.
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    Sakshi Arora,
    I think, you cleared your confusion now. Our experts are saying your moon sign is Taurus.
    This sign is very good for contributing in this site (ISC)!
    So, why are you waiting? Start new thread in this forum.
    We all are welcoming you!

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    Thanks to clear my confusion ..this is very helpful for my daily horoscope I should check taurus/libra ?
    Taurus right?

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    You have to check Taurus as moon sign horoscope. If you wont to go by English date your sign will be Libra. In many of the newspapers, they go by sun sign. There you have to see Libya. Some Hindu papers go by moon sign. There you have to see Taurus,
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    If the daily/weekly predictions are cast based on Indian system based on star and Rasi, you have to refer under Krithika(Karthika) star or Rishabha(Vrushabha ) Rasi.

    But if the predictions are based on western system based on solar months, then you should refer under Libra only. Mostly English papers and magazines give as per solar month base d predictions.So it is Libra or you.

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