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    Selflessness -- an impossible task, in modern times?

    Even today, we find Grandmothers who go fasting on specific days. We have even Grandfathers doing it. Youngsters of today, find this too odd.

    I guess, under some pretext or the other, the elders did the fasting to possibly save some money, which they would have saved for their children. It is selflessness of a tall order.

    Even the political leaders of the Mahatma Gandhi era, were largely selfless in their attitude and thinking and action. The greatest leader T. Nadu has ever seen -- the late Kamaraj, would often interact with the masses to find out what ails them. He did stop his car when a spotted a small boy working. When he asked the boy why he was working, the boy replied that in the school they teach, but he had to earn for his family. When asked if he go to school if food was served, the boy said yes.

    Today, this novel scheme has been praised by the World bank. Successive Governments in Tamil Nadu have never given up the scheme, in spite of massive corruption.

    Where are such leaders? When he died, his bank balance showed a princely figure of Rs.1.23/-. In those days, we even had one paise in circulation. He would never misuse his car or any other Government facility. No middleman would ever dare to approach him -- he was fire.

    Well, we have become selfish too. In our personal lives, in organizations, in society. At bus stations, we want to rush to secure our seat, unlike in that lovely metro, called Mumbai. We have sacrificed everything to earn money.

    Does the rat race instill fear in us? Is selflessness all but gone, and is it an impossible ask, in these modern times?
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    It is true. These days there are no political leaders without ant selfishness. Many of the politicians will come to the politics not with a wish to serve the nation but with a selfish motto of becoming popular and becoming rich. We hardly find leaders without selfish nature. Old timer Sri Sastry our Es PM is an example of selflessness. He never used his official power for his personal benefits. He was not even having his own house by the time he expired. Such leaders are not seen these days.
    Everywhere we see people with selfish nature only. When we go to a temple, we never try to stand in the queue. We want to somehow go fast and complete darshan as if it is a formality. We never think of the people standing in the queue for a long time.
    This is the order of the present day society.

    always confident

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    "Selflessness", only happens in life when we understand that nothing lasts forever. But without understanding of this, we carry on with our life with an attraction of the material things which continue to circulate within us.

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    One would attain the phase of selflessness, when he is contained, finished all the responsibilities in life and above all he is not greedy in earning money. Many people think that because of them their family is running, the society is wanting and the country is needed about them. They feel that they are more important in the arena and circle and thus their presence is always coupled with enthusiasm and interest. But when they see other people living with selflessness, they get baffled and even go to the extent of advising that person to be wise. Such is the attitude of the people around us.
    K Mohan
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    Another beautiful thread based on human behaviour. Selflessness is really an impossible ask in today's world. Selfishness is leading over this human trait. The reason is that people do not trust each other. Trust is missing because brotherhood is missing among us. People have become more reserved because the living styles have changed.
    People will show you that they are worried and care about you but that will not actually happen. Because people try to maintain a fake reputation in the society. Living has become all about showing off, and all about money.
    However, there are still some people who would behave selflessly and would have a helping nature. But the majority is of a selfish kind.

    Do what inspires you !!

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    A thoughtful narration. There are people who want to be selfless but the present day world, the responsibilities we need to fulfil all but make it impossible for a common person to be selfless,noble and have a magnanimous approach to life. Few can do it because they have the will-power with or without support from the families.

    Looking at the title and content, I think it is time that we stopped except such noble qualities in everyone we encounter. We may find a couple of people but it would certainly be far and few in an otherwise materialistic minded world and it's people.

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