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    Subsidies as cost of peace, in the wider society

    In a hugely capitalistic society such as ours, we do find subsidies in some form or the other. Modi was very right in asking the rich and those who could afford it, to give up asking them to surrender their rights to the subsidized gas cylinder.

    However, the same cannot be said of other subsidies. All philosophies, all temples and churches and mosques, would never address one fundamental thing -- human hunger. When this hunger reaches monumental proportions, we have the communist movements, aiming at good and more just re-distribution of wealth.

    Remember, for a very hungry person, food is God. Even God does not appeal to him or her.

    Economists who have produced the best research papers on how this occurs, are very rich. They have mansions in their name!!!

    Yet, we frown on what can be termed common sense. At least in Tamil Nadu, which is relatively a far better place to live in, I view subsidies as cost of peace. In a State where only the service sector offers huge employment opportunities, subsidies offer the only solace for entrepreneurship.

    In every single small town, in every single small village, you can see the mobile shops. They sell the famous iddli, for rupees one even today. Guess what, and how is this possible?

    Just quiz them, and they will sometimes tell you that the rice comes from the rations that each family is entitled to. The poor, the very poor, eat in such places. The palm oil is heated repeatedly, and the vada is just three rupees. You and I will make our doctors rich the next day.

    However, nothing happens to the poor. There are guys who gobble up even seven vadas at the same time. Another beauty -- in some families, where some earning member is doing well, the twenty kilogram of rice or wheat is sold at just five rupees per kilogram to those poor souls from UP or Bihar, who have now made some village or small town, their place of work.

    Yes, peace comes at some cost. It should, for ever. Those economists who question this practice of giving subsidies, do not question the huge corporate organizations that want subsidies in every possible form.

    Modi can gift the Tata group, subsidies to the tune of Rs.31,000 crores to start the ambitious Nano car project. ( does the one lakh car still exist?).

    If this is justified, so are the rations for the poor. We need the economists to keep off. We need peace in our society. Let us think of subsidies as cost of peace. Peace in the society.

    Let not a single brother or sister, who is poor, go without food. Yes,the economy for the poor, by the poor, and of the poor, is alive only because of the ration shops. The sooner we understand this, the better.
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    I am not against subsidies. Really deserving people should get the subsidies at least to a level of fulfilling their hungry. But in our country, it is unfortunate that the subsidies which are supposed to go for the really poor are being enjoyed by the rich by showing less income. In a village near Hyderabad. The village is having a big manufacturing Organisation. Majority of the young people in the village are employed and they are getting minimum Rs.25,000/- a month. But as it is a private company, many people don't show their employment and show less income and obtained a white card for subsidy rice and other benefits. Even a person who is drawing more than a lakh of rupees is also getting these subsidies. This attitude what I question. I feel only deserving cases only should get the subsidies and other benefits from the government. Then no one will have any objection to these subsidies.
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    Basically, the idea of subsidies was two-fold. First is providing the poor with a relief and second is to motivate people and businessmen to work in new and difficult arenas. For example, solar energy has a huge potential but people are shying away due to various factors. So Govt comes with a subsidy scheme.

    Whenever Govt comes with a good scheme then there are some clever and manipulating people who take advantage of this by some mean and crooked ways and make money out of that. It is unavoidable because these people do not have any morality or national feeling. They only believe in making money by all sort of ways possible - good or bad.

    So the subject of giving subsidies is a complex one as it has far-reaching implications in the society.

    Knowledge is power.

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    Actually subsidies are not sought by the people, it is the politician who make promises and try to bring that to the fore. For example the gas subsidy, which was introduced by the Congress government and that was implemented and suddenly the governments subsequently realized the over burden of subsidy on the economy and wants those who can afford to get rid of subsidy. But who is going to identify the persons who are supposed to be rich and yet enjoying the benefits. The central government must have one detailed survey across the country as to who is enjoying the subsidy at the cost of poor. Like in Telangana the state government has done a one time survey of every details, the central government should also do a detailed survey and bring in the sops and subsidy to the needy and cut the facilities to those who can afford.
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    The author has tried to link subsidies to the life of the poor, I'm unable to understand how subsidies can bring in peace.

    Without saying yes or no, when we consider subsidiaries, the first things that strikes to our minds in benefits given based on caste, poor socio-economic status or as a bribe before elections. These benefits are partly lost due to corruption and what little reaches the poor doesn't seem to make much of a difference.

    If we want peace in the society, we need to understand that the administration has to be strengthened, rule and regulations have to be implemented strictly, the poor have to be provided with means to sustain themselves and be productive to the society.

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    For Nano car project it wasn't a gift to the TATA from the Modi government who was the CM then of Gujrat but instead the land was made available with a motive to develop the brand so as to increase the opportunities for employment & infrastructure. That was with the good intentions but It's bad luck that although the take-off of this project was good but the same couldn't remain in the later on.

    The TATA group earlier had opted the WB but the politics of Mamta Banerjee couldn't come up with the platform that required to support this project.

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