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    Do we have meaningful answers to the question, "Who am I?"

    It is the toast of the most advanced behavioral scientists, in forums such as the Indian Society of Advanced Behavioral Sciences((ISABS), which has a huge number of very costly courses for one to become a specialist.

    It is also the toast of many philosophers, who have made millions by simply enticing the huge audiences to pay for their so-called discourses. They would often tell you to lead a simple life, but travel by the costliest imported cars and dine with the richest politicians.

    One thing in common, in both the aforesaid cases ( there are many others too): the answer to the question. That basic question is "Who am I?".

    I think the answer lies in just a very serious look at the best possible answer, the chosen path, in a particular given context. For instance, if we give up the world, not marry at all, join the Ramakrishna Math, as many do, we would have joined that path to do peace. Everything else comes to an end. No riches, no goals, no family, nothing.

    If we marry, and take on all the responsibilities, we become accountable. We become answerable. In the Indian context, these responsibilities become so huge, so complex.

    So, we would end up with this answer: Yes, am what I am. I live for my family, and work for my family, that s it. So, making money is part of the game.

    All references to Mahabharatha and Ramayana do not hold water in this context. Okay, I will not bother about results. I will be passionate about work, the results will automatically come, as told by Lord Krishna. But the truth is that am part of a huge commercial rat race.

    So, what do we do? Where do we seek answers from? Whom do we look for support?

    I guess this basic question has been made into a multi billion dollar industry. For instance, the "how to" books of the West, like the Seven Habits of Highly Successful People by Steven Covey, only seek to address the answers in some form or the other. Whether they provide the right answer, is something we all need to ponder about.

    Members may please come up with their own answers, based on their personal experiences.
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    Self-realisation. It is really a difficult stage to achieve by a common man. As mentioned by the author majority of the people are in the rat race. How to overtake the other person and how to see that our family will have all the comforts possible in the world. How to amass the wealth for my next generation. These are the questions always trickle in the minds of the people. How to work better. How to get a promotion. How to get better increment. This is the pursuit always. In this difficult race, we always who are we? Why are we talking all these troubles? What does the final out come? If we can think about these questions, we may get some answers.
    Everybody will have a purpose in the life. Knowingly or unknowingly we should fulfil the purpose. It is a boon to get separated from this commercial world and think of ultimate moksha and lifelessness, and travel in that way, it will be better.

    always confident

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    This can be answered in two different ways, which is through spiritual or the materialistic approach. In the spiritual journey, we are the "Energy" or the "Aatma", the undying entity with lasting journey. It is said that when we are get-together with the self-realization then our journey ends here as this leads us to the main source from where we all have originated.

    The materialistic identity is easy to explain as this simply relates to the physical aspects of ourselves. Like how we look & how much money is in our bank balance.

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    Who am I ? Well instead of my probing about myself and appending the details over here, it is better others observe me closely and write about me and my behavioral pattern. Normally everyone is made for the purpose and some would grasp the very agenda at the early age and many would come to know after their bitter failures in other things and thus they then come to know their strength and weakness. Self motivation, self probing and self realization are also important to know about a person. And how we treat the emotions and wants of the others also has the effect on our personality cult.
    K Mohan
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    Who am I? is a questions that transcends many spheres of our very existence including the spiritual aspect. All of us have a purpose in life, with respect to this how we conduct ourselves, set targets and goals, fulfill our responsibilities gives an indication to the answers.

    I don't think we need to spend huge sums of money to understand who we are, we need to just look into ourselvess.

    We have been a son, a father, a daughter, a wife, a mother etc within our families, outside, we have been a student, a good friend, a well-wisher, a mentor etc. To me, instead of looking for complex answers, these simple answers depict who really am I.

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