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    Peace and development

    How we can contribute to our worthy PM Sh Narinder Modi's idea of " Sabka Saath Sabka Vikaas"?
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    HI, welcome to ISC, sounds like you are new member. In the forum, we need a little more details about a particular topic, what your views are etc, rather than just a one line question. Please write a few lines about the good concept, then members would respond. Looking forward for further forum posts from you.

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    The slogan coined by BJP and widely used in the social media as a hashtag has lots of meaning in it. Sabka Saath and Sabka Vikas means Be with every one and reach out to every one. For example the LPG cylinder scheme was the major hit as many poor residing across the country have been benefited cutting across the caste and region. Like every village has been electrified by the Modi government which again gives the idea that every family has been covered irrespective of their caste and region. So many programs have been started to target larger people and no caste politics played.
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    Go together with all for the overall development. This is what I understand from the coined phrase. The government is with all and they want everyone to be together. It advises all to be together for the overall development.
    irrespective of caste, creed and religion the government says that they want the overall development of the country and through that, all people should develop. This is the concept. So they want to see that the benefits and subsidies given by the government and the initiatives taken by the government will reach the needy in the public.
    But I don't know how far they are successful in that. PM wanted the rich to forego all subsidies and pay full rate to all the products. But MPs are not ready to forego anything from the benefits they are getting. What is the reaction of PM is not known anywhere?

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