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    Live the life the way you like

    Many of us try to see others and always feel that they have a better life than us and we start thinking how to live like them. But it is not a good way. One should always live his life the way he wants and one should be happy with whatever they have. Within the social norms and procedures, without. creating problems to fellow human beings and nature, everyone will have the right the way he wants to live. As long as we are within the limits of the social customs we need not hesitate to live in the way we want. One can do what he feels and thinks is correct. So friends, live the way you like and enjoy the life.
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    I am truly supporting the author's submission to live the life as we like , why because we have only one life and that should be productive and useful to us and others too. What is the life without action and challenges, what is the life without help and reach out, what is the life without twists and turns. All this are possible when we try to live beyond the imagination of others. And what I found that those who have taken risks in life and wont care for the future results are bestowed with good life and they are even accepted in the society as Icon and even they have good followers. And never run away from the tricky situations in life , because that would bring creativity in you to tackle the situations. Some says living our own way is the display of arrogance and does not have the sanctity. But when we have the ability and source to live and define others, what is wrong to live happily and ever after ?
    K Mohan
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    Excellent idea, Sir. This is exactly what our parents did. They lived life on their own terms. They did not aspire for material things or try to ape the rich.

    I think the advent of the social media, and the IT boom are two contributing factors to the present state of affairs. Young wives pester their husbands to catch up with the costly furniture of neighbors, very costly curtains and even cars. The result is that the poor fellow gets to use the credit card or go in for loans, much more than what he can normally do.

    When he starts paying the interest and the capital, other expenditures like a death in the family, of a close relative catches up. Expenses shoot up, and the merry go round, goes on and on.

    Similarly, in matters of dress, worship, school education, upbringing of children and so on, it is wise to know that only those who live within their means and within normal social norms, succeed, even while having the freedom to do things in their own way. Of late, young Chennai girls have taken to dressing the Mumbai way. They do not care about anxious onlookers or the roadside romeos. More so, if they are filthy rich. They go around in cars.

    The problem starts only when the girls of the middle class try to ape them. This has started happening in some places, and parents wonder what to do. These are social problems, since we allow them to become social problems. I guess we need to find our own answers.

    However, in matters of living within our own means, we need to understand that what is best is to actually live within our own limits, Having debts is not a good thing at all, and cannot be justified.

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    Living the life as we like is a potentially powerful statement if one is impulsive and does not care about resources in hand because, their lives would end in a disaster. There would be many examples around us, who have lived the life as they liked and are now supported by loans and handouts.

    We need to take this in a realistic sense in a mature way, apply this to avoid falling into the trap of trying to imitate the rich, imitate the elite class, please others and curtail our own dreams and ambitions.

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