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    Is it necessary to transfer government employees from time to time?

    Summer is the season for transfer of government employees from one place to another. The Central and State Governments have their own guidelines for transferring the employees. The employees will be under tension fearing transfer. They have their valid reasons to be perturbed. Transfer means shifting to another place with all the family members, admitting the children to institutions in the new place, gathering all the necessary papers for the transfer of children to another institution, ration, and LPG cylinders to be arranged from new dealers at the new place etc., For those whose spouse is also working this creates another type of problem. The man or the woman has to be away from the family at a new place. These transfers cause mental and financial problems. Is there any need for transfer incurring expenditure to the Government and at the same time causing mental tension and financial burden to the employees?
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    In my 29 years of Government Service, I am learning this for the first time: "Summer is the season for transfer of government employees from one place to another." As the issue is based on an incorrect premise, I should not make further comments on this issue.
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    Probably to avoid stagnation of a person in one place which will give him much confidence and the upper hand in the matters the policy has been made, I guess. But many people manage to get transfers around the place of their staying and avoid moving from their place. This is mainly true in case of teachers. I see many female teachers whose husbands are working in Hyderabad will manage to get a posting in a school which is daily commutable from the place of their stay. They will go in the morning and come back in the evening. Same is the case with bank employees. In my opinion, these transfers are not required. This is an unnecessary hassle to the employee and expenditure to the Government. So only in case of any necessity, only these transfers should be affected. To this effect, the government should take a decision.
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    Yes those who are working for state and central government and in banks are liable to be transferred from one place to another every three years so that they should not involve in favoritism and corruptions. I have seen many bank employees who seek transfer from the remote areas to the city and after completing three years they are again transferred to other places ,there by disturbing their family in terms of studies, jobs and even accommodations. That is why some have purchased the house at a center place so that they can commute to and from , as and when transfers are affected.
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    I don't feel that transfer is a seasonal phenomena but is a routine in order to keep up with the productive process. Except for political reasons the transfer can't be immediate but should have time involved wherein the proper arrangements are made so as to the person or a family should not suffer.

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    Government employees do a lot of service and functions. They are supposed to be discharging their duties without any fear, favour or bias. After remaining in a post or place for a longtime, employees can develop some vested interest, favour, fear or even negligence. They may be having bias consciously due to their vested interests and connections and relations developed over the years. Or they may have to function under some compulsions.
    It is to prevent and avoid such bias,vested interest,overconfidence and negligence happening, that government employees and employees in service industries under public sector are transferred periodically.

    Regarding the difficulties in transfer and dislocation, the government or employer organisation provide certain facilities like quarters, transport allowances, etc. Children of such employees are given preference in admission to Kendriya Vidyalayas and government schools, as far as possible. If both spouses are employed, then there is a policy as to give them transfer in such a way that they are as near and together as family as possible.

    This writer also had experience of such transfers and actually enjoyed those transfers in spite of the attendant difficulties. It is such transfers that have opened up my world and and mind. It helped me to learn a lot of things including different languages,which would not have been possible otherwise.

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    Transfer is one weapon used by the politicians to make money. This is particularly true of Government teachers, in our fantastic State called Tamil Nadu. I do not know the state of affairs in other places. But it happens in our State and whatever amounts are exchanged, is largely in the public domain.

    Today, there is a move to close down some Government schools, since the admission has decreased. Only very few Government schools are doing so well. Yet, when it comes to transfers, say, from Kanyakumari, which is right in the end of India, to Chennai, the going amounts are as high as ten hundred thousand rupees.

    This is absolutely atrocious. There are many, including many ladies, with grown up children, who brave it in some village, some four hundred kilometers away, while the father and the sons live in a metro like Chennai or in some small town. This is because such high amounts cannot be paid.

    Ditto for other postings. There is so much of corruption involved. All in hard cash.

    Yet, there are bright spots. Some teachers spend their own money, mobilize a little money from friends and their local community, and have transformed Government schools into a huge Oasis of great achievement.

    Transfers are normally done, so that the sarkari guys do not develop a selfish interest in one place, making money through corruption. However, today, the Ministers have their own corrupt guys in every department, in every small place and make money, left, right and center, in Tamil Nadu. Of course, it could be different in other places.

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    The dark side of transfers is pulling strings to get into a plump posting, an unwanted transfer after incurring the wrath of an senior official/politician, a scapegoat transfer to pacify the public for chronic system failures that results in loss of public life and property.

    Barring the above, transfers of government staff or even in private firms are genuinely constructive in many sectors. It gives a better exposure, chance to working in different environments, interacting, handling and working with different people and a chance bring in new ideas and thought process.

    For the organisation, it gets rid of lethargy and a take it easy attitude that comes along with people being in the same place for too long, chances of fraud, espionage etc. In paper the job is more or less the same for a particular person but there would so many things that are unwritten in the book that the employee has to handle and learn as the years go by.

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