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    Why can't solar energy plants be installed in Deserts?

    As renewable energies like solar are the main important for electricity generation is the need of an hour now why not these solar plants are not installed in deserts to generate power where lots of solar power can be generated in deserts and it can be transformed into electricity throughout the country. Is it possible to generate solar energy in desert areas and distribute that power throughout the country?
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    The good thing is that it is possible but due to less habitation, this wouldn't be proper as installing the solar energy is costly while this wouldn't facilitate many.

    The biggest challenge with these type of energy is that this can't be brought to the far of locations. And so only the nearby locations can be benefitted. So its not feasible to think for generating the energy at one location & distribution to some other location as well.

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    A very good suggestion from the author. The proposal suggested can be implemented and that would be permanent solution for power shortage across the country. But laying solar panels in the desert is risky and the project cannot be implemented due to non supervision of the panels to which no would be interested to be posted at the desert. Moreover the nature is also varied in desert area as the desert storms often cause havoc and the solar panels getting totally submerged in desert dunes are quite possible. Let us see if the Modi government can read this post and express their possibilities.
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    It is possible to generate energy using solar power in the deserts. But how to transmit it to the places where it can be utilised. The Solar energy can be used to produce current and that can be integrated with genco lines. But if there are no existing transmitting lines and we have to have separate lines for this power the cost will increase enormously and may not be viable. This may be the prime concern for not installing the solar power plants in deserts.
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    If there is a will there is away. I think it is possible as my further research in google says countries like the United States of America is doing this...
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    Solar energy is now an emerging area of interest and in near future, this is going to be a major energy source in the world.

    It can very well be installed in deserts also near the villages and towns so that the produced energy can be supplied to them.

    The problem is implementation of the schemes. I have read one incident where the bad elements destroyed a big solar panel array due to the dispute between the local people and the company which installed them there.

    These alternative energy sources require cooperation from the public at large and without that these optimistic schemes will not be successful. The initial and maintenance cost of these systems is high and few people will take the step of investing money for these installation.

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    One thing can be attempted. Instead of putting the solar panels on the ground, they can be made to suspend in the air at height so that the panels wont get disturbed or destroyed through desert winds. But for that imported technology of how to suspend the big solar panels in mid air has to be explored.
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    It's not that hard. If its the absence of powerlines that may be a challenge I don't think it is much of a challenge. Many deserts, even the ones as harsh as Mojave and Sonoran has powerlines running to the nearest cities.
    Which means transmitting power can be done.
    But the biggest challenge is deserts' sandstorms and the deadly temperatures.
    Special wires and their insulation is required to transmit power from those areas.

    But the extreme temperatures can damage the panel too by slowly melting or expanding the metals in the panel. Installation and management costs will be high then.
    If it can be done, it would have been done already. Maybe these limitations could not be overcome by scientists and industrialists.

    You cannot yet install a panel in the middle of a desert but if its the border of the desert and civilization then many cities in Australia and America are getting powered by solar energy already.

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    A good question and thought. I remember seeing English movies, wherein there would be giant solar energy plants/farms in the middle of nowhere.

    The cost and Maintainance of such units need to be considered including the cables to convey it, this would give an idea whether it would be feasible in India.

    Incidentally, we just heard some time back that a giant solar energy plant is sanctioned in Tumkur district of Karnataka. Spread over 13,000 acres, this is due to generate 2,000 MW. This is set to be the largest solar park in the world.

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