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    Differentiating Between The Fake, The Fact & The Fiction!

    The word "VIRAL", is the most trending term being used in the internet. Any news or the videos has the term associated with it as the most viral videos or the viral news. This is the most common strategy being adopted by the individuals as well as the media in order to get the attention from the viewers.

    Most recently, there was a recording or a discourse from a BJP to Congress making an offer for so as to get their support to reach out to the numbers of seat required. The Congress had highlighted that & the same was being shown to everywhere including to every platforms but just yesterday that came out as fake. In one of his addresses, Mr Hebbar condemned it by saying that his wife hasn't received any call from any of the BJP leader.

    This wasn't the first time or the last time but we will continue to hear these. Although we having access to the internet but we are not using our intelligence or in another words our mind can easily be befooled or manipulated by the fake news & we begin believe at once in those.

    The bigger questions come as whose fault? The person who uploaded the videos or us who has a bad habit believing instantly.
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    The social platforms have become a place for all these fiction and fake news. Many of the news coming on the social sites are unnecessarily getting publicised simply as sharing and liking is very is on these sites. Nobody thinks about the correctness of the news. That is why ISC always says don't raise threads based on the news on social sites.
    The people who spend a good time on these platforms will not have any other activity than spreading the unconfirmed news. Unfortunately, many news channels also are trying to spread these fake news and creating unrest in the public.
    The mistake is with everyone. The person who is uploading the videos without knowing the correctness is at fault. People who are seeing these videos and believing them is also at fault. The people who are sharing these videos and helping to spread the fake news are also at fault. Finally the news channels are also at fault.

    always confident

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    In politics fake, fact and fiction always goes hand and hand and the parties take to this to fool and cheat the other parties for their political gains. Once the damage has been done, and even if one denies, they cannot restore the damage. The Congress has played spoiled sport and that made Yedhyurappa to resign. And now they are saying it is fake video or phone call. What ever it is BJP has gained sympathy with the voters and they are fully angry with Congress for getting 22 Ministries and that too they failed in the elections. Such sort of unholy alliances in politics wont last long.
    K Mohan
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    Since the atmosphere is so bad all around, we cannot really do anything about any dirty game being played out by one political party or the other.

    Even during Jayalalitha's rule, in Tamil Nadu, the social media was very active, often coming up with juicy details of the corruption in many places. Yet, she was the ultimate dictator, who suppressed all dissent.

    Now that she is gone, the social media is once again active, on trying to point out the excesses of the ruling party.

    The social media will continue to grow. Only we, the common people should try to understand the difference between fact and fiction. Please do understand that Facebook played a huge role in the 2015 Chennai floods.

    The anti-social elements will create trouble, even outside the social media. Let us try to use social media for constructive purposes and forget the trash. Totally.

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    This video has been proved to be a fake video and the concerned Congress leader has admitted it. But people see through all these nonsenses. In the next election to be held in another six months in Karnataka, these self-seeking politicians will be handed over a decisive mandate by the people. They would be kicked out oops... sorry! the Governor would request them to hand over the power to the BJP.
    Beware! I question everything and everybody.

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    We have had similar discussions on fake news and how it impacts us. Since anyone can forward a video without checking its credentials, this is misused by certain elements to create communal disharmony, instigate political rivalry, malign one's reputation etc.

    In Karnataka, this month alone there have been so many instances of people trashing and even lynching people from other states because a fake video claiming that child kidnappers active in Karnataka was widely circulated. This is a classic example of how fake news instigates violence and even death of people.

    If we ask whose at fault, it would be the person creating it with an ulterior motive and we for seeing it, trusting it and most importantly forwarding it instantly.

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