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    Deduction of points in ISC

    What are the different reasons for a deduction of the point in ISC.
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    You have not given reference to any specific case where the points are reduced.
    Hence let me give a general answer in this regard,

    Usually when you post a thread,or response or some other content, by default some points are given. However subsequently when the post is taken for review by editors, it may be sometimes given enhanced points or sometimes given reduced points than the default points. The reasons may be different like the quality of the content and language, relevance of the post etc. When the post violates the posting guidelines to the specific section and in general as per guidelines then sometimes zero pints are given or even negative points if repeated.
    It is also resorted to as a sort of punishment to an errant member in certain situations.

    There are some other situations when you find your points reduced .Those are explained here

    To avoid getting points reduced or negative points, you may comply with the posting guidelines which are given in Sectionwise FAQs

    You can also refer to Discussion Forums/ISC Announcements/Guidelines & Policies.

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    Points are generally deducted in the following cases:-

    (a) In case of article response. After review, the points are generally reduced.
    (b) In case of ask expert answer. In this case also, the points are generally reduced after review.
    (c) In forum section, points are sometime reduced or negative points are allotted as punishment.

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    There are many reasons for deducting points in this site. First of all we are bounded to follow the posting guidelines and rules set in while raising or submitting a response in this forum or other sections of this channel. Our responses must be to the core subject and any deviation would get the deduction of points. And if some posts are raised on controversial issues and aiming at particular person also attracts deduction of points. Moreover in article section copied content from other sites wont be considered even of there is grammar mistakes the points would be reduced and even rejected. So one has to read the posting guidelines before submitting any content here. In article and ask experts section , when you append the answers, the system generates some automatic points which are normally higher but upon review by the editor the points may go up or down.
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    There are many reasons for deduction in the points.
    1. If you have posted any response against the guidelines of forum section then your point can be deducted to zero and sometimes minus points are awarded. So be careful and post your responses as per guidelines of forum section.

    2. Whenever post a response to ask expert section at that time you awarded some point automatically. It is very strictly moderated site, so after it, the editors of AE section review your response and awarded the points accordingly. Hence there is a chance of deduction of points.

    3. If you post any school or college and later it is deleted, your points are also deducted.

    4. Similary, if your any response is deleted your points are also deducted accordingly.

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    The reasons for points deduction vary from section to section.
    In Ask Expert section when you post a reply immediately by default you will get some points. But the answer you have given is to be approved by the concerned Editor. When he does it he will see the relevance of your answer to the question, the language and the details. Once he edits the post, he will award you CC and Points. These points may be more or less than the points given by default.
    In Article section, when you post a response, you will get some points by default. Again these responses are also edited by the concerned Editor. In this section generally, the point will get reduced and you will get CC also according to your points.
    Coming to the Forum Section if your response is not in line with the question, your grammar and language are not correct and any other similar reasons sometimes the Editors may reduce the points. As a rule, you are not supposed to pull threads which are older than 10 days. If you do that you may get negative markings also. Sometimes the threads you have posted may be rejected by the Editors.
    Overall the points and CC allocation will be in the hands of the Editors. They will decide how much to deduct or how much to give.

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    On visiting your profile, it states that you have contributed one each in forum, Ask experts and resources. In simple terms, points will be deducted if we deviate from the guidelines laid down in each section. It would be easy to remember to be relevant, to be original, not to make meaningless, inflammatory or personal comments and in general follow the etiquette that is needed from people on an interactive educative site. Rest would be as the other members have suggested.

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