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    The issue of women empowerment.

    We talk of women empowerment. Govt is also making many efforts in this direction. The whole world in one way or other is involved in the process. In developed countries, a lot has been achieved when it comes to the equality issues between men and women.

    The developing and backward countries are still struggling with the issue of empowerment of women. The cultural beliefs, physical weakness of women, the bad elements in society etc are the factors which are still playing a big role and the progress in this direction is being slowed down.

    I strongly believe that if we want to bring the women to almost the level of status the men are enjoying, we have to start from our houses.

    The women is the master of our household activities. Until unless we give her due respect and concern in our house itself how can we think that she will be given due care outside. In fact we must encourage them to go outdoors and join a job and also we should share some of the household responsibilities.

    If women are respected and cared in each household and are allowed and encouraged to take up outdoor activities, the time will not be far when they will be almost at par with men in society. That will be the real women empowerment.

    What is the opinion of the members on this?
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    Very good input Sir. I guess the most important thing in this direction, is to give them the best of education. One that is very good, in terms of skills and, one that can get them a job, immediately.

    For instance, those with a doctorate in economics, are so famous, once they hatch on to research. I know several women who do this and are highly independent. In most cases, they have understanding husbands too.

    Similarly, women are chartered accountants, cost accountants, doctors, lawyers, engineers even on the shop floor, interior designers, entrepreneurs who have their own event management companies and the like.

    Women empowerment has already happened when they are educated. Their economic freedom is the main reason, why this has happened.

    Furthermore, through self-help groups and the like, women empowerment can happen. This has already happened in some places in Tamil Nadu. This is exactly how it should happen.

    When women are given the freedom to express themselves, in whatever form, they normally tend to be far better off in terms of empowerment. The women also have a great amount of "I can, and I will do it" kind of attitude.

    This is a welcome sign, in most urban areas. The husbands cannot fool around, or threaten their wives in any way. If they do it, they will face the consequences.

    We also have another form of automatic empowerment, where the women have become so powerful and start controlling their husbands in all ways possible.

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    We can respect and admire women. But empowerment comes from within. Only a person can empower himself/herself. Others may assist that person, but the urge of empowering oneself must come from within.
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    Nice thoughts from the author on the women empowerment starting from the house. Most of the house holds are working beyond working hours and they do so out of affection and love to the family but that is taken for granted and more works follow them on daily basis as if they are our paid servant. Many of the house holds are so busy that they do not know what is happening outside and they even forgo parties and programs for the sake of happiness of other members at the house. Suppose if some have the pets at home , then one must stay and look after them when others would enjoy the outing and programs elsewhere. That is really pathetic, house holds must get equal opportunity to enjoy and mingle with others in other functions too. Surely women at the home should get one day leave every week and on that day other male members must take the responsibility of running the family.
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    Women empowerment s the topic many talks about. Definitely, there is a very good progress in our country. The ladies are actively participating in all types of activities. They are running ahead of males in many fields. Today in politics of the country also many women are leading. A lady is the defence minister of the country today. There are lady CMs and there are lady IPS officers. In almost all the fields they are shining and the percentage participation is increasing daily. So we can say that women are also respected and they are also doing an excellent job.
    But there are many cases where the women are getting unnecessarily being harassed by some cruel mentality males. If the law can be made more strong and if the culprits are punished people will have some fear and such activities may come down. But here one point is that women should also get equipped with self-protection techniques and in case of any necessity they should be able to protect themselves. If these two aspects are taken care, I think these problems will reduce and women will be safer in the society.

    always confident

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    Great thoughts, this government has mentioned a lot about women empowerment. In India, we have many people who preach to the audience but forget their own advise when they come home.

    Any good thing or thought process should start from our homes and once we implement this ourselves, then it would be easy to bring on the change. The moment we start respecting our own women folk at home, then the message and thought process spreads around in the community, then slowly in the town.

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    We often have come up with the term "empowerment", as a process wherein any entity for example woman, expand & recreate what it is that they can be, do & accomplish in a circumstance that they previously were denied. Considering this definition with a comparison of time which is existing in the meantime to that of half a century ago then this has definitely come a long way.

    Currently, we can feel proud of the fact that we have woman being involved in every sections of life. We have best of the woman entrepreneurs leading best of the firms. Few to mention then,
    1. Chanda Kochar, MD & CEO of india's largest private bank ICICI Bank.
    2. Indu Jain, current chairperson of India's largest media group, Bennett, Coleman & Co. Ltd., which owns the Times of India and other large newspapers.
    3. Indra Nooyi, is the CFO and President of PepsiCo.

    Not to forget the current Defence Minister of India, Mrs. Nirmala Sitharaman.

    While we are reading about the above woman as an inspirations to us but at the same time we got huge numbers who are still far behind because they belong to far of locations wherein we haven't yet reached out to. But the good thing Is that the time Is changing fast & because of the various platforms like the availability of technologies in the form of media & internet, the awareness among them is fast growing & they have been able to cope up with the changes & with the latest of trends.

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