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    Rahul and Chandrababu Naidu waves crowd along with other National leaders at swearing in !

    In AP, the relations between Congress and TDP is touch me not and leaders from both the parties accuse each other on even petty issues on daily basis. But during the swearing in ceremony of Kumara Swamy at Bengaluru , we have seen almost all the opposition party leaders lined up to raise their arms in support of united coalition against the surging BJP, But what surprised everyone that Rahul Gandhi took position beside Chandrababu Naidu and waved the crowd. So whats cooking in the mind of Chandrababu Naidu. Is he going to sail with Congress to oust BJP in 2019 ?
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    Already many people in Andhra Pradesh are against Chandrababu Naidu. Nobody in Andhra Pradesh is in favour of Congress. As such it will be foolish on the part of Babu if he decides to sail with Congress for the coming elections.
    Yesterday when he was in Karnataka he met many leaders and discussed the present day position of Andhra Pradesh but he never met and not had any meeting with any Congress leaders. It may be an indication, that he is trying to bring all the parties, except BJP and Congress, together.
    All leaders except BJP top leaders were there at Karnataka. KCR went one day ahead, discussed with Kumara Swamy and came back as he is not interested to share the platform with Congress as his main enemy in Telangana is Congress.

    always confident

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    In the present situation, there is no Congress in Andhra Pradesh and almost there is no TDP in Telangana. So, there is no rivalry between Congress and TDP at state level. Hence, there is a chance that Chandrababu Naidu may support Congress at Central level saying that Congress will give Special Category Status for Andhra Pradesh. But people of Andhra Pradesh are not believing either Congress or BJP. But it will be suicidal for TDP if it supports Congress as the party originated against Congress. But anything is possible in politics because most of the parties originated against Congress and now joining hands with Congress for their survival.

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    I don't know but it's now a circus wherein each one of them waiving at us & we are laughing at them. A unique platform wherein cheap political game is going on in the name of secularism. This never happened in the political arena that so many political parties have come up to fight one party. The party leaders of one of those party wants himself or herself to be the Prime Minister of India.

    I am very much afraid of the outcome of the 2019 general election that if the BJP not able to prove the majority then what would be the circumstance or the future of our country.

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    Anything is possible in Politics and alliances raise many eyebrows. But, most leaders and celebrities when they are on the dais or about to address a huge gathering or walk past a crowd, they wave and smile.

    It is a way to acknowledge the crowd that has gathered for them, connecting with them and there's nothing wrong in it.

    Coming to fact of standing side by side it's could just be the way things went without us needing to read too much into it.

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    If Mr Nadu senses that the wind is blowing in the opposite direction, he might align with the Congress and join the UPA, rather than going with the BJP. Am not too sure if BJP can make any inroads into AP, as am told, people are fed up with Modi, for going back on his tall promises of financial help to Mr Naidu to build the New Capital city and related infrastructure.

    This is the widespread impression here, in Tamil Nadu. One thing is very clear. If all the parties join together in one platform and forget the Congress, guys like Deva Gowda will not join that platform at all. Yes, we are given to understand that the Congress is quite strong in Telangana, and hence KCR cannot afford to play second fiddle in his own State.

    However, it is foolish to believe that Modi has got a huge wave of support in many parts of the country. Apart from the South, he will surely find it very tough even his home State of Gujarat. Unlike the Congress, which had a pro-poor image, our dear Modi has an image that he helps only the upper middle classes, the rich and the super-rich. For instance, if GST has helped the industrialists, where is the lower price of any commodity, as promised before GST was introduced?

    Where is the common man in all the games? One wonders whether what happened in Bangalore is only a temporary show of unity. The Opposition parties have their own contradictions. We are in for very troubled times. One only hopes that the BJP does not go overdrive, trying to negate the unity of the opposition, by stooping to the lowest levels of public discourse, as it has often done.

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    Naidu bought lots of investments to AP by telling India name and Modi brand but never given credit to BJP and that irked the PM.
    K Mohan
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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