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    Who Is The Best Anchor In The News Debates?

    It's a huge competition now within the different news channels & more specifically during the prime time wherein the viewership is high.

    I have often referred to the below debates in,

    1. Rohit Sardana for Dangal in AajTak
    2. Anjana Om Kashyap for Dangal in AajTak
    3. Rubika Liyaquat for Tal Thok Ke in ZEE News
    4. Arnab Goswami for Nation Wants To Know in Republic TV
    5. THE NEWSHOUR dabate in the TimesNow
    6. Rajat Sharma for Aaj Ki Baat in India TV
    7. SUMIT AWASTHI for Hum To Puchenge in News18 India

    I enjoy watching any of the above as these are bold & the debates are meaningful by putting the hard facts to the debaters.

    Pl. come up with more useful programs worth watching & pl. let us know your favorite Anchors above all.
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    For me Navika Kumar of Times Now is the most preferred anchor debater on National Television. and as far as news journalists are concerned I like Maya Sharma of NDTV.
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    I am always a fan of Arnab Goswami. I like his programme Nation Wants To Know on Republic TV very much. His comments are unbiased and he moderates the discussion very well and I like the way in which he brings back the discussion online when it appears as if the discussion is going out of track. A very good moderator and anchor.
    I like the Malayali lady anchoring in all Telugu channels for various programmes and the way she talks the Telugu language so fluently as if she is born and brought up in the Telugu States. An excellent anchor.

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    My comments:-
    (a) I definitely like Rohit Sardana. He is an excellent Hindi anchor.
    (b) I don't like Ravish Kumar's continuous blabbering with a deadpan face.
    (c) Rubika Liaquat and Anjana Om Kashyap are almost similar in style. I more or less like both of them.
    (d) Arnab's topics are excellent and fearless. But he interrupts quite a lot and shouts like anything. Although these are his style-statements, the quality of debates on excellent topics goes down by frequent interruption.
    (e) I like Navika Kumar and other two (Rahul Shivshankar and) of Timesnow. Their choice of topics is also great.
    (f) I also like the English anchoring of Bhupendra Chowbe.
    (g) I hate agenda-driven anchors like Rajdeep Sardesai, Nidhi Rajdan, Srniviasan Jain and Ravish Kumar.
    (h) I don't watch the anchoring of others who are mentioned in the list.

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    Most of these debates and probing interviews dissecting the particular issue with pointed questions and evidence is a treat to most of us. To me, these debates simply mean that the questions that I wanted to ask is being asked by someone. The ministers, political leaders are live and have to answer without brushing it aside.

    I liked Arnab Goswami while in the TimesNow, his follow-up of the Vyaapam scam was very good. Even now I wathc him, we need to give him a wide margin for this mini temper tantrums of shouting down the person who is speaking.

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    I watch all the debates for a while. Most of the time, the debate becomes like a fish market without any control, but only shout. Indiscipline, interruptions, interventions, shouting etc. Though I like to watch Arnab in Republic TV, I shift channel when I am fed up of seeing a fish market there.
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