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    Smart people run business and intelligent and academic people get employment there.

    There are some people who are not good in their education and not interested in academics but are smart and know the ways of success and prosperity. They venture in business and get enormous success in that.

    The students who are good in academics and get meritorious positions often land up a job under the employment of smart people mentioned earlier.

    What is the difference between two categories and in spite of the latter being more qualified, they have to work under the former one?

    What is the opinion of members on this?
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    It is true. Smart people know how to go up on the ladder of life. They need not have any formal education but they should know how to manage. Such people will definitely come up in their life with one or the other business. One of my friend who has not cleared his SSC examination even in the 3rd attempt made a full stop to the education. He started a small business in the same village and now he is very well off and he is employing 5 people under him for his business running. Another classmate who was always in the first 5 ranks completed his B.Sc ., B.Ed and working as a teacher in a governemnt school. But his income is very less compared to the other person's income.
    So the smart person will always have a better edge than the educated man. He knows how to come up in the life. He will take all types of challenges to overcome the problems. But an educated man will always try to settle with a good job enjoying his family and children.

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    I wont agree completely. Those who have niche to do something differently and has the capability and capacity to take risk in life would only establish business and companies and others would join as employees. One of my friend who just started his career as LIC agent, gradually and steadily grown himself and then become the member of the Chairman's club and today he earned the confidence of his policy holders and thus taken the franchise of other Insurance, stock brokering , government investments, mutual investment etc and employing 8 people with good salary.
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    It's a different perspective if we compare the basis of the employer & the employees. Something which comes along with the time & then it raises to its level.

    For any businessman the risk taking ability is the greatest strength which any employee lacks. Along with this, the round the clock working & consistently managing the things are also required. Even most Importantly, the commitment is the essential for any establishment & its growth.

    Above all, the education makes an individual person focused to its target & that's why got narrowed down to any specific field but on the contrary the others haven't got any specialization & so 360 degree thinking which open up the platform for bigger scope.

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    I have observed this and I will agree to it. In most of the cases, people who are very good in studies and getting distinctions are actually employed nicely in jobs, while those of them, who remained average and were quite business-minded from the beginning will work as an entrepreneur.
    It also depends mainly on the family background also I feel, when your parents are into business, you will be influenced in a way to run a business in future. That is normal to happen. While some people are very different, they won't take any interest in setting up a business, even if the family background have it, they want to be independently working in an organization. So, different people, different perceptions.

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    It is variable, we would find both groups in both forms of employment. It depends on many other factors including degree of risk taking, desire for a safety net, fixed working hours and outlook to workvslife balance. There are many academicians who would become self employed or start a niche firm after working in big Government or private firms.

    To earn a living one does not be a brilliant academician or smart person, we just need the driving force to choose any of the avenues that are open to us. By and large most want to have a salaried job, the security and perks associated with it and then a retired life. People frown to take on the extra burden of managing staff, meeting deadlines and handling finances.

    What is your choice in life, being Self-employed or Someone's Employee?

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