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    India Remains No More A Secular State!

    In the recent updates, The Archbishop of the Archdiocese of Delhi, Anil Couto, has issued a letter to the Catholics in India, stating calls for the Catholics of India to start a campaign of fasting and prayers for the upcoming general elections in 2019. There are few highlighted points as, "'turbulent political atmosphere' in the country that is threatening the democratic values and secularism". While this is not the first time that such a letter has been issued by a priest but during the assembly polls in Gujarat and NE states, a similar directive was issued asking people to vote against the BJP.

    This is not an end here but this basis the concern has also been issued by the state of Italy too.

    I don't understand the word "Secularism", wherein this only propagates the growth & fulfilment of the so-called the minority sections or the institutions or related to a certain belief. If there are expectations from the majority section then this can't also be the duty of the minority or of the certain sections or belief to take care of the others. But this is not happening & this is shameful too.

    How long we will keep on making fool of ourselves in the name of secularism? There has to be a limit & we need to understand this.
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    Beware! I question everything and everybody.

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    In our country, the world Secularism is having a different meaning. Here the concept is to encourage the people who are less in number and give them more benefits so that their votes will be obtained by the particular parties who is promoting this concept. The Politicians of certain parties are always interested in promoting the interests of Non-Hindu people only for their vote bank. I don't what is going to happen if the situation continues likes this for many years. As far as Hindus are concerned they should not have any expectations or nobody will bother about them in this country.
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    If a single important Hindu religious head calls for consolidation of Hindu votes, immediately these minority religious heads and dishonest politicians would stop praying. This problem has arose due to misinterpretation of the word 'secularism'.
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    It is really a bad precedent when the heads of religion call for a action among their people to vote for a particular person or party and that amounts total disrespect of democracy. In fact the power of people to decide their own leader is totally defeated with that kind of doctoral advise. During elections the constitution proves rights for every citizen to chose and vote such a candidate whom they fill will deliver the promise. But by giving standing instructions by religion head, it leads to major doubts that the so called religious heads are being paid hefty amount so that their sermons are heard and followed.Never ever Hindu seers involved themselves in the politics of choosing a particular party and advise to elect. That is the greatness of Hindu and Hindu seers. Nevertheless such kind of polarization of votes is very dangerous to democracy.
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    It should be noted that Secularism is a particular line of thought that encourages a huge understanding of other religions, and to support the practices of other religions.

    Whatever Mahatma Gandhi tried to do was to have this thread of secularism built into our political and public space. Even during the regime of Nehru and Indira Gandhi, this concept was never discussed in detail, only because there was no need for it at all. Indira Gandhi had the political will to thrash anyone who would try to do any mischief.

    Rajiv Gandhi was also okay, except that he allowed the anti-Sikh riots to happen. Nevertheless, there was not much of a problem.

    Members will agree that the entire atmosphere has gone from bad to worse, only in the past four years, That the RSS has its own brand of secularism is clear from day one. Not a day passes without some reference to a major community among the minorities, and this incites passions. There has been a huge mobilization around this anti-minorities theme, only after the massive Gujarat riots, that left hundreds dead.

    Never before,there had been such an upheaval against the minorities. This in fact, has brought in its own brand of terrorism, within our own country and elsewhere too, ranged as it is, against American imperialism.

    Let us hear more sane voices that what has been mentioned in the thread. Let us create an atmosphere no politician, irrespective of his affiliation, talks about anything even remotely connected to minority interests in any manner.

    We can ill afford any civil war kind of a situation. Already, our society is divided on so many lines. If what is going on in Tamil Nadu, with one stupid fellow belonging to the ruling party at the Centre, making the most absurd noises day in and day out, is any indication, we are in for very dangerous times.

    The only thing that we can do is to discourage such anti-social elements from having any clout.

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    We are all born into a religion. It is our fundamental right to practice one's own religion without causing any disharmony in the society. It is bad that religion has entered the politics in our country. It is not appropriate for any religious head to ask to vote for or against a political party. The Hindu, Muslim and Christian heads are guilty of such practices recently. Such things should not be encouraged.
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    ''Members will agree that the entire atmosphere has gone from bad to worse, only in the past four years, That the RSS has its own brand of secularism is clear from day one. ''------No, I don't agree. The problem's manifestation started during 1990 when the Kashmiri Pandits were killed, their temples were destroyed and their women were raped. They became refugee in their own land within 7 days.

    But the groundwork was going on since 1976-when the word 'secularism' was introduced in the Preamble of the Constituion in 1976 by 42nd Amendment. This unnecessary inclusion (according to Ambedkar) was only for appeasement. This appeasement became more prominent which was proved by Rajiv Gandhi's activities after Shahbano judgment.

    This fashion trend of blaming RSS for everything is not paying off well nowadays. If beef party happens to ridicule Hindu sentiments, the pork party will also happen as a reaction, maybe tomorrow or day after tomorrow. People will not remain silent forever.

    Beware! I question everything and everybody.

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    "But the groundwork was going on since 1976-when the word 'secularism' was introduced in the Preamble of the Constitution in 1976 by 42nd Amendment. This unnecessary inclusion (according to Ambedkar) was only for appeasement." Was "Ramji Ambedkar" alive in 1976? I am writing "Ramji Ambedkar" because of Mr. Adityanath may feel unhappy.
    The people who are blind to the happenings can only support the RSS agenda. People will not remain silent forever.

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    ''his unnecessary inclusion (according to Ambedkar) was only for appeasement." Was "Ramji Ambedkar" alive in 1976?''-----At last a logical question! No, Bhimrao Ramji Ambedkar (Again a mistake, not Ramji Ambedkar-he was the father of the great man. But such mistake is expected!) was not alive in 1976!

    But after the Constitution came into force, Ambedkar was asked about not inclusion of 'secularism' in the Constituion. He answered that it was not necessary because secularism has been in the ethos of India.

    Beware! I question everything and everybody.

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    The Chief Minister of UP, Mr. Adityanath himself wants Dr. B.R.Ambedkar to be called as Ramji Ambedkar. In Uttar Pradesh, the Chief Minister passed an order that henceforth the name of B.R Ambedkar may be replaced in all official communications with Bhimrao Ramji Ambedkar for reasons best known to him. I am not at fault.
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    The order was about Bhimrao Ramji Ambedkar and not about Ramji Ambedkar. Are Sachin Ramesh Tendulkar and Ramesh Tendulkar same?
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    Ramji Ambedkars father is Ramji Maloji Sakpal. Adityanathji wants to appropriate Ramji Ambedkar for appeasing the dalits and at the same time highlighting the Ramji in the name.
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    What kind of secularism we have been into so far wherein the Hindu's are asked to be dutiful & responsible as well as kind enough to the other beliefs like the Muslims & Christians but on contrary the same group don't have any intentions & daring for the visa versa.

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    Beware! I question everything and everybody.

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    For the so called the secular groups, the cow slaughter is justified because inhere we have to go above the social strata to take care of the practices of the so called minorities but what about the Hindu sentiments then who even make prayers to these cows.

    How cheap we have become in our practices that we are concerned one belief but for others they have no business. But for how long.

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    We have closed our eyes for whatever happening outside & continues to blame the Hinduism & the BJP & The RSS but for how long.

    Adding, that during any natural disasters I saw only the RSS working & not any other religions or beliefs.

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    The statement issued by the Church is considered as a deliberate attempt to scuttle the secular fabric of the country. The statement is intended to degrade the image of the country in the international forum.Relegious leaders should not be allowed to campaign for political parties.
    Are we experiencing turbulent political atmosphere? Is he equating the political situation of our country to that of Pakistan/Afghanistan/Iraq or Syria??
    What he wants to say actually??
    The religious form of protests such as Fasting, Praying etc to malign a duly elected political party is considered as a form of passive terrorism.
    What you say members?

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    RSS people are well-trained workers and they will always be in the front when the people require their services. I know many RSS people who sacrificed their lives for the sake of society. When Emergency was declared in India many RSS people were sent to jails without any reasons and I have seen many mothers weeping as they were not able to know the whereabouts of their sons. But in our country, many know only that they encourage Hinduism. Is it wrong to think that his religion should be developed a Hindu, whereas other religious people are making merry by converting innocent people to their religion? I know A government doctor in Warangal who is unmarried and taken care of his mother until her death is a devoted RSS man. He was a doctor in Gandhi Hospital Warangal. He used to treat poor people free of cost at his house also. He used to give medicines also free of cost to them. We can see such people in RSS only. But for the so-called Secular people, RSS people are the main reason for all problems. I don't know how to stop this Hindu hatred among the secular people.
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    @6372269: The cow is sacred to all Hindus. What is the connection between secularism and cow slaughter? No one has justified cow slaughter in India. How come you are blaming the secular persons of justifying the cow slaughter? Do you know the meaning of secularism? It seems you are not aware of the meaning of secularism, otherwise, you would not have made this comment.
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