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    Why Eating Non-Vegetarian Food Is Justified?

    I am a vegetarian & not having intentions of going for killing of the innocent animals in order to satisfy my hunger. I am not even having the desire of making an effort to convince any other individuals to stop eating what they like the most. But still I have one query as why this is required when we can even move on without going for this.

    Different opinions for different individuals. For many the animals are slaughtered because they are born for our use & so why the hesitation?

    What kind of humanitarian background we have wherein if are suffered of the act of some other individual then we blame those individuals but if we do the same to others then we are not bound by any terms & conditions & everything is justified. We know that we can't do anything about it so let this be the case.

    Have we ever experienced the touch of a needle then we feel uncomfortable because this results in pain. Pain & sufferings are a common phenomenon of every living entity in this planet with a living birth right.

    Often I feel that everything in this world is contradictory to itself. What's your take in this?
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    Eating non-vegetarian or vegetarian is an individual choice. Even the plants are having a life. So if we go by the theory of troubling the living animals, same is the case with plants also. So everyday cutting vegetables from the plant and plucking flowers from the plants also is a sin. We are making them suffer. In fact, they are more helpful to us than animals. They are providing us with the oxygen required for our life on earth. So is not bad to trouble the trees and pants.
    This is the argument some people rise. We drink milk from animals. Is it correct? This is the question asked by someone to me? When the animal is supposed to feed its next generation why we should take away milk from them.
    God has created all the creatures and the big fish will eat the small fish for its survival. Similarly, animals eat other animals to live on. Same is the case with human beings also. This is a natural phenomenon.
    I am also a strict vegetarian and so far I have never touched even egg also. This is for your information.

    always confident

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    I am a strict vegetarian too. Although while eating the food one wants is an individual choice. Everyone wants to satisfy their hunger the way they want.
    But this question also keeps striking me, earlier I was not even able to see any kind of non-vegetarian item. I always get this thought that how people could eat an animal. This even made me worry.

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    For that matter I am a strict vegetarian too. And for the vegetarians the mention of non veg items itself would bring vomiting sensation in them. But I have so many non vegetarian eating friends and often posed this question to them as to why they are not shunning non veg food and go for veg food. For that they replied that eating non veg food is their child hood habit and if they stop eating the non veg food, the animals would grow further and outsmart the populations of the people and hence to balance that the God has allowed them to kill animals and eat them for their refreshment and joy.
    K Mohan
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    I don't know what is motto of this thread. Killing animal is the motto means does Vegiterian people not using any leather products? From where leather products come from?
    Vegetables are nothing but a part of plant used as food. Is this not killing plants?


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    While plants do have life, they do not undergo the same pain as what an animal does when it is slaughtered.

    What Mohan sir has mentioned is not true. Am told that there are methods to stop the animals from outgrowing the human population. I understand that there are scientific methods available in this regard.

    Killing animals and then eating the dead bodies is so horrible. It is such a horrible sight to see that sheep and goats are murdered in full public places. The flow of blood and the pain and the suffering is such a sorry sight.

    I really do not understand how eating non-vegetarian food by such a huge population is justified. In the States of Tamil Nadu, Andhra Pradesh, Telengana and Kerala, is over eighty percent. Only Karnataka, in South India, has a slightly lesser percentage of non-vegetarian population.

    Eat whatever you want, but why on such a huge scale? I know hundreds who feast on non-vegetarian food, on as many as four days in a week. The amount that they spend on non-vegetarian food is so huge.

    Well, is there some connection between eating non-vegetarian food and violence? In the USA, where the meat consumption is supposed to be thrice as that of India, there have been huge shoot outs in schools.

    Those who eat only vegetarian food are mostly very soft and do not indulge in violence. There is always a sober kind of behavior that the vegetarians always exhibit, when compared to those who eat meat.

    Members may share their views on this point of view as well.

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    How can we say that plant will not undergo the pain. It is your feeling. They will also undergo pain. An animal is killed only once. Whereas we hurt trees and plants every day, We pain them very much. But it has become a part parcel of our life. Same is the case with animals also.
    We can't generalise that all vegetarians are some soft. It may not be true always. The percentage may be less. But there will be soft people in nonveg eating people also and there may be rough people in vegetarians also.
    The roughness or softness comes from the way the person has been brought up.
    This is all the natural. The creation is made like that. Even many saints in olden days used to conduct pooja in which meat is offered as Nyvedyam to the God and the same is taken as Prasad.

    always confident

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    Plants have life and feelings. This was proved by Dr. J.C.Bose. The vegetarians are causing a lot of pain to the plants. As Mr.Rao, pointed out, the plants are hurt till it dies. This type of discussion about non-vegetarians is useless. The Government is taking things too far by announcing that non-vegetarian will not be served by IRCTC on the birthday of Gandhiji. He was a vegetarian and he never tried to propagate. Let people have their choice of food.
    " Be Good and Do Good "

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    Everything that grows and is hungry has feelings. From yeast to elephant. Although its hardly tracable in simpler forms.
    Food is the result of a sacrifice. That is what Vedas tell us. That is what our knowledge tells.
    We are heterotrophs and cannot produce our own food. So we cannot eat anything if we care whose feelings we might hurt.
    It's a predation and prey game.

    Primates, from whom we come, are omnivorous mostly. Some monkeys are pure vegetarians but majority don't shy away. So biology of humans is designed to eat small quantities of meat. But we can cook unlike other animals. So we never developed deadly canines like tigers. Our cooked soft food needed no massive bite force leading our jaws to shrink in turn letting our brain to grow more .
    So it would not be wrong if I said that eating meat made humans the way we are.

    But it is the issue of lifestyle in modern humans. Apparently non vegetarians find the taste of meat satisfying. It would be really hard to convince them to leave meat.

    I'm a vegetarian too and I sympathize with the pain of the animals being killed. But no one is cruel. Those animals are given swift death.
    Culture, economy, individual tastes etc are all factors contributing to this taste of meat. And we cannot stop meat eaters. In some parts meat eating is an absolute necessity to survive.

    So let the meat-eaters eat what they please.

    The stronger a light shines the darker are the shadows around it.

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    leather products are the result of the skin of the dead animals & not that they were killed for this cause.

    But still & yes the animals are also killed for their skins too because of the demands from human beings like us.

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    Sometimes it's very difficult to understand about this life. Or in a different perspective the ways have just been carried forwarded from the previous generations wherein only few supposed to have adopted for new.

    The counter argument of killing animals with that of plucking from plants or trees could lead us to nowhere because of our dependency onto them. But still is there any good alternative available for us?

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    It is not the question of availability. This is the nature which is providing these things and can be utilised by us without causing damage to the system. That is is the only way one should behave. Either animals or plants we have to utilise them for our needs. But we should not spoil the composition of nature. We are all cutting the trees. Because of this many types of birds are disappearing. Today we will not find a crow in our Hyderabad city. Our next to next generation can see these crows only in drawing books or photographs. Is it not indirectly killing them. So the mankind should see that nature maintains its average composition and all the trees and animals will survive. Of course, people can continue enjoying the benefits of nature.
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    Such questions need not be asked. Why do we need to justify non-vegetarian or vegetarian choice. Both non-veg and veg options include life form from the flora and fauna groups that are known to us. If one kills a chicken to eat, one kills a carrot, radish or a palak plant to eat it. So, I don't see a reason to justify either option.

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    If we believe in the theory of evolution, we are evolved from apes. It is only due to the development of human species that some of us believe in not killing the animals.

    Unfortunately, the jungle instinct does not support it. As per that the killing of animals by other animals is a natural instinct to achieve pleasure or food whatever be the case.

    So eating of non-vegetarian items whether raw yor cooked is a necessity of some animals to survive and if we consider ourselves as an animal of higher level, there is no restriction on us also to eat the non-vegetarian food.

    With the development and evolution of human settlement, distinct groups were formed having a different opinion on this aspect, mostly based on the climate conditions and other factors of the geographical locations they belonged.

    Knowledge is power.

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