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    Is accountability within a team possible?

    In today's world the concept is team work, team spirit, earnings, efforts etc. Often we find teams do well as an unit.

    If you really look closely, not all members of a team contribute to the full might and put in the efforts needed. But somehow the job gets done due to pressure from the team leaders, fear and often more effort by regular hard working members.

    While we are happy when there is success and team performance is good, it is a different ball game when there is a failure of the unit or firm or even a sports team.

    I feel the difficult task is to bring in accountability as a whole and specifically the individual members within the unit. I don't think we can pin down accountability because there would be multiple stages in the task and multiple members working at various times with a lot of overlap among the members.

    So, can we really bring in a high degree of accountability within a team? If so, how?
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    Even in a team we can fix up responsibility with individuals and see that whether they have done their work correctly in time or not. In a manufacturing unit if we form a team with various persons with specialities in different areas we can definitely ask them to see that their department work will not affect the overall outcome. So those people will be alert and see that they will see that their contribution is full and they support the team well.
    In a team, each one will be given a responsibility and overall responsibility will be with the leader of the team. The team leader should be able to pin down the responsibility and he should monitor the work of each person. Then only a teamwork will be successful. We form a team and tell them it is the work of the team and so and so is the leader. Then the leader will plan and allocate works and supervise the project.

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    When asked very recently as to how the Chennai Super Kings (CSK) is so successful in every IPL season, and this year, how it is already in the final, M.S. Dhoni, the Captain said one simple thing: the atmosphere in our team is so good, and everyone fits into the culture, the atmosphere.

    Regarding accountability, one can easily see how cool the CSK outfit is always seen at any point in time. Some one or the other, always chips in with a superlative performance, like Ambati Rayudu, and the results are there for all to see.

    So, it is quite possible for any team to pull together with a common identity, a common purpose and a common goal.

    For over eleven years, I worked with a leading TVS unit in a semi urban location, as the head of HR. I net worked with so many technical teams at any point in time. The teams always had workmen, supervisors, middle level managers and the senior managers as members. At no point in time did the teams ever lack in communication, focus on what needed to be done, and on executing the same.

    The teams had a Japanese consultant who would monitor progress of almost every Quality initiative. Most often, he would be stumped by what he saw on the shop floor. He was amazed that we were able to take the training initiatives to such a huge level, and get the initiatives reflect on cost savings, world-class quality and so on.

    So, when the teams have a common identity, are very clear what needs to be done, when there is a huge amount of knowledge floating around, it becomes so easy to reach world-class levels of excellence. The particular Foundry is the largest and best in India, the best in Asia and among the best six in the world.

    Hence, what we get to see in the real world is the presence of a huge number of successful teams.

    In the case of Mahindra and Mahindra, Mr Anand Mahindra took all the risk, got some of the brightest to work together to produce a world class product called Scorpio, that redefined the business excellence in the product segment. The technology was totally indigenous.

    Such teams always excel in whatever they do. They get across to do the exceptional things. They have leaders who are visionaries. Such superb teams also exist in the Indian IT industry.

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    A team leader is the one who can bring that accountability into the team. If he is leading them all wisely, he will bring that efficiently into the team. This can all come if he is involved with them during the issues they face, and also during their happy times.
    However, if any kind of division occurs during the work time, there would be unity back during the lunch times or the tea breaks. But at the end, it is always a team and they will be together, looking for each other and helping each other. Appropriate guidance from the team lead to the team members and having one on one discussions can help to bring effectiveness of work.

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    When we are a part of a group or team , the accountability starts on good and bad performance. No matter in a group or team there be average, good and excellent performing persons, but when it comes to judging the group on the whole Individual performances are not regarded. But again when a individual of a group or team keep the consistency of performance with high grade, and watched closely. Slowly the onus of success and failure shifts to his head and caliber and even the opponents give credence to the performer person. So it all depends on performance of every person in the group or team.
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    Whenever a team is constituted by the management it is taken care that good and capable persons are selected. Due to this, we can have more chances to get success.

    Now sometimes the team does not achieve the result and the management can find out the weak links in the team by feedback process and can reconstruct the new team accordingly.

    It is not possible to have all the members of the team as equally competent and capable but the team leader will be keeping this in mind while implementing and executing the job.

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    "Accountability", is what makes anyone worth of sticking to its position. In today's competitive world each one of us is liable for their own accountability, devoid of which he or she would lo longer be required & with this they meant to get replaced in no time.

    Although the immediate boss has the responsibility of managing the things to its below level but in case of non-performers the steps could be taken to bring the things to their places. However this action in repetition may lead to unwanted actions which could even lead to our removals. So the way the accountability is expected by the managers & so is the case with the team members too. We are more in a professional environment wherein we can't be left out specially in the scenarios in which we are a non-performers.

    So, the accountability is not an option but the only option for our survival.

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