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    "Ethai kondu vandhom kondu chella"? (what did we bring to take back, when we are gone?)

    The title of this thread is taken from a very famous Rajnikant movie, in Tamil. Though it was a huge masala movie, it did have this wonderful song, bringing home to us, the limitations of human life.

    When we live, we are jealous of others, we hate others, we plunder others, the rich cheat banks to the tune of several thousand crores and happily go abroad, the Government does all atrocities, the politicians make huge money, and the general plunder of the poor, goes on...

    Yet, in just one minute, everything is gone. We are dead and we do not even know what happens when we are gone.

    We were born empty handed. We go back empty handed. Even the richest Ambanis cannot take away one rupee.

    When this is the simple, but very obvious truth, why should we do all nonsense when we are alive? Why not try to do as much good as possible, and be good to all?

    Why should we plunder nature and the environment and encourage all industries banned in the West? Why should the rich get away with whatever they do?

    The list of the whys is so huge. One really wonders what is the answer. Mahabharatha also preaches much the same.
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    This is very thought provoking thread initiated by the author and after reading that every one would ponder over as to why we should run after money and opportunities as after all we are not going to take anything with us. Every rich man who accumulates money during his life time never realize the fact that after death there is no guarantee that he would die peacefully and with honor. I have seen many people who can afford best medical attention are forcefully joined in the government hospital as they know there is no use of spending money on private hospitals as the life expectancy is doubtful. And thus at the fag end of their life they do realize about the foolish thing they have done during their life.
    K Mohan
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    Wow, what a lovely thread, depicting a general human life, its living phenomenon.
    Even if we know that we have to die one day, we humans keep questioning everything we see. We get worried to see the status of poor people. We get worried to see the fake promises of politicians. We keep struggling through every single moment. Yet we want to struggle more in life, why so, is it because we want to do something different. Maybe because we want to be remembered once we are gone.
    Among all, there are few people who are doing helpful deeds, they are doing good, serving the nation and are able to make that name in the society and in the hearts of the people.
    We all feel that we have one human life given by the almighty, why not make it worthy and make the world peaceful. Since we all want to live the way we want, we face struggle, challenges, happiness and everything so on so forth.

    Do what inspires you !!

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    A philosophical look at life. If we see this in real terms, we come into this world with a cry and hope that we will be good people. When we leave the world we have few people crying for us. What we take with ourselves is the human qualities we earned in the life that we lead. Being honest, helping others, fulfilling our responsibilities etc and also the good memories that would perhaps help our souls to be at peace.

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