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    Everyone need peace in life but are we getting in our modern life?

    People are innately peaceful In order to seek peace, the nomad people started the civilization one day. In the possibilities of stability and nature, human civilization gradually began to walk on the path of prosperity. But this prosperity gradually makes the human mind and society complicated. Born in class struggle, conflict, greed and redness. People create society and state and lead to rule of human civilization in order to govern and rule the ruling regime. And immediately begins with exploitation, abuse of power and the game of destruction. The game still exists. Even in the twentieth century, we have to travel through its horror and wounds. Because the greed of the human mind, vengeance, ignorance has created this game, which is mixed with the existence of human civilization. The bedrock of this civilization has soaked in blood repeatedly. Clashes and war destroyed the lives and dreams of millions of people. So the message of peace is being spoken in the face of millions of people today.
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    Yes, Sir. What you are talking about is essentially the rat race to make money, to make our space in this complicated world.

    The industrial revolution was perhaps instrumental in making our lives so complicated. Everything is now manufactured. everything is done so well. We, the common people, have too many choices and each choice comes with a price, more so, in the case of the luxury goods.

    We are also attracted to everything that is tempting. In this game of life, it is but natural that our peace of mind is gone for ever.

    Yet, we need to take the few minutes of our life, do our regular pooja or mantras, or such other. We need to meditate and also keep our mind totally empty, at least from all the things bothering us on that particular day, for the vital ten minutes.

    These ten minutes are always so vital, so essential to keep our mind calm. To keep our focus on whatever needs to be done, but in a very calm manner.

    Different people reach out to this peace of mind, in very many different ways. We may visit temples, we may go on a small pilgrimage, we may learn some good mantras, we may also simply shut ourselves in our room and just relax.

    Whatever be the path, the most important thing is to stay calm. Keep our minds so calm. Once we do this, we will surely hit the path of finding peace of mind in some form.

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    If we control our greed and ego, a of peace disturbing factors can be avoided.
    Controlling food ,greed, jealousy,comparisons, ego, anger and trying to live within means can reduce a lot of problems that disturb our peace and calmness. If we get good sleep and can digest our food properly, our health will improve. A healthy mind resides in a healthy body. Thus moderation and regulation in everything as mentioned above can bring peace and calmness to us.
    What is the peace we search is purely our manufacture and fabrication. So getting peace is also in our hand. Contentment has much to do with peace of mind.

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    Civilization begin with a very noble thinking that people will live in peace and do their individual work but slowly and steadily the senses took over sensibility and things began to change. Wars have become a part of each and every culture and we have accepted that sometimes war is also necessary for civilization which is a wrong perception.
    Actually we are in conflict with ourselves, we are constantly blaming others for our miseries. We have actually forgotten our own nature and are in fight with people in the name of caste, creed, color, money, faith, cultural differences and so on.
    The root problem is not one but many and they have compounded to such an extent that they have become uncontrollable. For example in India the most dangerous issue is population which if not controlled will lead to disaster no matter how we progress. Similarly in other nation there are problems on macro level which if not managed will lead to one disaster after other. Developed nations fight for dominanace, developing nations fight for growth and underdeveloped nations fight to survive.

    But changes are possible if each of us on our individual level learn to control ourselves and also paas the same learning to our coming generations. Peace within and peace in World is possible but with joint effort of all and also with equal distribution of resources to all.

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    I believe the very basic reason behind this lost peace is money and only money. Everybody want to be rich, have at least one or two cars, have a beautiful home, and a lot of money, which they can spend throughout their lives.
    It is good to have dreams, but those ambitions should not destruct our mother nature, also our behavior towards others. We all want to live a happy and comfortable life, so we all keep working and keep running throughout the day from the home to office and then from office to cafeteria and back from office to home. Above it, we think of earning more.
    We hardly care for our environment, people throw garbage here and there. Nobody wants to keep their surroundings clean, just because they are in a hurry for their work or shopping etc. If there is no traffic police, there are so much traffic jams, which continues for two to three hours and why so, because nobody wants to wait. Nobody wants to follow the right path and the right signals. Because people actually don't care.
    How will we get peace? People just discuss peace in the social media and don't actually have it in their real life. This is how everyone's life has become. There needs to be good mutual understanding of each other, about self and also of the society to get to an appropriate level of peace in our country.

    Do what inspires you !!

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    As Pooja has correctly said, we do not care for others and the environment at all. As long as our houses are clean, we are very happy.

    How can we have peace of mind, when we know that we are doing the wrong thing all the time. We have double standards for every single thing in the world.

    The only solution is to be at peace with our own selves, but also do something about how our actions affect the society at large. For instance, there is this organization called Exonora, started by one individual who saw the filth in Chennai city and sought to do something about it.

    Today, it is a huge movement, and this movement is helping the Government to keep Chennai city clean. We need a large number of such initiatives, if people were to live peacefully in the society.

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    Yes every one of us want utmost peace in our life, but often we are confronted with challenges, sad moments and above all chasing of problems which get rid of even one second of peace moments in our life. Some times I feel that those who are living in the huts are more peaceful and carrying on their life without hustle and hurdle. As they get their daily wages, content with living, no tension of valued things to be safeguarded and above all the hard work in the day brings them the nice and sound sleep during the nights. Next day they are again fresh and rearing to go. But for us tensions are surrounded day and night, we are deprived of sound sleep and above all unfinished works of yesterday haunt us and all this brings uneasy situation on daily basis and we some times want to get rid of this tricky life. So peace is very meager in our life.
    K Mohan
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    The people are becoming too greedy and there is no end to their wishes. A person travelling by a Socda always think about going fora BMW. A person travelling by AC II tire will always think of I AC. A person travelling by Flight Economy class thinks of Business class. There is no limit to the aspirations. No doubt everyone should aim high and try to be as comfortable as possible. But is it the only thing we want in our life? If so don't think of peace. The main culprit here is the status in the society and money. The more money you have the more unrest you will have. Your thoughts will be always how to keep the money safe and hot to pay as less as possible income tax. There starts the unrest and you will lose peace of mind. But if you are contented with what you have and start spending time with your family members without thinking your time in terms of money automatically you will get peace of mind. This is the secret of peace in the life. Please practice that, then I think we will have a peaceful life.
    always confident

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    There are two aspects of life. One is materialistic & the another is spiritual. While the spiritual life leads us to self-realization but on contrary the materialistic life leads us to temporary settlements.

    It's a common perceptions of any one of us to continue with the effort in order t gain the knowledge & skill so as to make our life secured & comfortable. But for actions there is opposite & equal reactions. So in this context the efforts are going on from all around & everywhere. In against our desires, the resources are limited & access to these resources remains on first come first serve basis. The person who make more effort is liable to receive more. So here starts the competition wherein the only thing matters is the "profit".

    The problem is that for each countries & every households, are in race for survival with the fact that the loser has to be dead. This very intention of survival makes us to go to every limit & to every possibilities. And when this doesn't fulfilled then we have reached to a place wherein there is no peace. But we are helpless & can't do anything because our intensions have never been in getting the truth but instead get stuck to the attractions of the materialistic world.

    We need a balanced approach for both material & spiritual aspects in order to be peaceful & satisfied because we have no existence when left with either of these.

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    Modern world is too unpredictable and human greed is to great to expect that the world will be peaceful. Just within a locality, we have tense moments between communities during religious festival. We have arguments and fist-fights for water, garbage disposal and loud speakers.

    When this is the case in a locality, it is no surprise that people in power, countries do anything to satisfy their greed for power and money.

    What we need is everyone to just mind their business with no plans or thoughts of establishing supremacy over each other. Being contended with what's in hand and putting an end to instigating communal violence will certainly go a long way to bring in peace.

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