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    Puzzle of job satisfaction needs to be solved

    In the present day job scenario, I think it is becoming increasingly difficult to find the people who are satisfied with their job. When we think of job satisfaction there are mainly two things, earnings, and own interest. There are many more factors but these two seem to hold the key. But it is very difficult that the job you are doing is satisfying to you in terms of both money and interest. People who are earning well say that they are not satisfied as the job is of not their interest. On the other hand, people who have a job of their interest complain that they are not earning well and hence they are not satisfied. Sometimes these two aspects seem like parallel lines which never meet.

    People keep on searching so-called "Job satisfaction" just like a traveler in a desert who keeps on running behind the mirage but never reaches there. So why to waste our life in this endless run? Let us accept this reality. Let us try to keep earning and interest as separate entities. Let our primary job give us good salary we require to live a comfortable life and that's all. Along with it let us carve out time to do something side by side which caters to our interest like singing, painting, technical work etc. It's wise to keep these two things separate. Mixing them up causes job dissatisfaction I feel.
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    I agree. There are reasons of that job dissatisfaction. I feel job dissatisfaction would always stay. Because if one will be satisfied with their job and salary, there won't be any further growth. In order to grow, one needs to look for more opportunities and that can only be searched if one is looking to carve out their passion or are dissatisfied with their current jobs.
    Variety of people in this world and so they have a variety of choices for themselves. This also includes learning and experiences. Sometimes, we don't even know and this job dissatisfaction could give us amazing results in life.

    Do what inspires you !!

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    Excellent point Sir. There are so many reasons why there is job dissatisfaction in every company, and among a huge majority of people.

    As Pooja has opined, when you chase our passion, then life becomes a lot more interesting and there is no stopping you. For example, many take up singing, or writing or painting or whatever. This will offset the frustration that they have with their jobs.

    Generally, a huge number of people, up to even eighty per cent, as has been proved through research, in many organizations, are not satisfied with their jobs for a variety of reasons, such as a very horrible boss who never recognizes even very good contributions, inadequate infrastructure at work, unhelpful subordinates or peers, the presence of yes men, the absence of clear guidelines as to what should happen in a given situation to get tasks done, lack of role clarity, and the like.

    Whatever be the reason, the only ways to offset such job dissatisfaction are: a) have a very balanced life by sharing joys and each humorous moment with wife and children b) develop avenues to follow something very passionate to the individual concerned c) develop a wide range of contacts with those who share common interests d) never look only for money through and following one's passion e) forgetting the office one leaves the office and f) take life with a very down-to-earth attitude, cutting down on all luxuries, conspicuous consumption, believe in God and in religious practices and so on.

    The aim of each of what has been mentioned above, is to keep the mind detached from the realities of the office and concentrate on something that brings intrinsic satisfaction to the individual. It is only due to such intrinsic satisfaction that one can offset the dissatisfaction with the official job. As rightly mentioned by the author, the primary job gives us whatever it takes to lead fairly comfortable lives. We cannot run away from this reality. Yet, by doing something outside the framework of the office, it is quite possible to have a balance in life.

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    The main problem in India is that most of us are under employed, that means though we have one employment on hand for name sake but in actual sense the job does not suit the qualification. Only yesterday I came across the fact that in Canadian government, the ministers who have been given portfolios are having the exact qualification and thus they are working with full speed and dedication. That kind of job satisfaction cannot be possible in India for many reasons. Here the population is high and the competition is more, so many wants to grab what ever job is got on first sight. Secondly those who are having money and muscle power, they are bestowed with best jobs through recommendations from higher ups. Invariably in one family we can see members working in various good positions and even so many government jobs in one family.
    K Mohan
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    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    It is two many of the employed people will never like their jobs and they are a dissatisfied lot. A bank officer says he was forced to work like a donkey with many responsibilities and without any time limit. He feels thst the salary he is getting is very low when compared with the pressure he is taking and the load he is bearing. A school teacher feels that he is also getting very strained with students who never care to hear the lessons and if they say anything to the students immediately their parents will dome for a fight. It is true many don't have job satisfaction. It is good as proposed by the author to separate the two issues, salary and job satisfaction. For salary to take care of the family let us do the job which is giving the much-needed salary for your expenses. Then we can think of working on the subject you like during other times to get the satisfaction. A good idea but people may not be able to get time because many of us have to spend the majority of time on our prime Job. Anyhow a trail can be given so that we will have some satisfaction.
    always confident

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    Very good post and the topic.
    Job satisfaction depends on the expectations of the individual.
    Factors contributing to job satisfaction are work profile and work content, job title, company, salary, growth opportunities, and job stability.
    Please get a clear overview of the job profile, work content and growth opportunities and join there if it meets your expectation.
    Without doing proper analysis dont join any company. This is applicable when you have few opportunities.

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    The author of this thread has very clearly mentioned that people go for a job to earn money or to pursue their interest. It is very true.

    Now the problem in this world is you do not get a job of your choice as it will be either uninteresting or less remunerative. So most of the people are not satisfied with their jobs.

    There are very few people who make their job interesting by hard work and innovative approach and given an opportunity switch it for a better one. These people prosper by their deeds rather than weeping on the negative sides of their jobs. Another interesting thing is a lazy and escapist person will never be satisfied with a job because his mindset is totally in a different terrain. Every job will be a burden for him.

    I have seen some people who do not get a job and after lot of efforts when they get it, they start complaining and start giving signal after few years that they will be going for voluntary retirement. I do not consider these people to qualify for categorisation under the job satisfaction criterion. Unfortunately these people are not ready to do any job. So for them the question of satisfaction does not arise.

    Knowledge is power.

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    A lovely thread, some people keep changing jobs eternally in search of the dream job that gives them satisfaction. Yet some people led a comfortable life doing a mudane job that does not correlate with their early aims and qualifications.

    The author has beautifully brought out the importance of money when we discuss a job. We cannot live on idealism, our principles alone whoever skilled we may be. We need a job (salaried, self-employed doesn't matter) that puts the breakfast on the table for us and our dependent.

    What the author advocates keeping earning and interests separately is a very good practical advise. Like having dual personalities, have one for work and forget it when we leave the office and focus on our families and hobbies etc.

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