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    "The promises and the performance."

    The NDA Government has completed four years of governance. It is time to take stock of the promises the BJP made to the common man and its performance in fulfilling the promises made in 2014. Let us discuss with reference to the points mentioned below.
    1. Control of price rise.
    2. Creation of jobs.
    3. Corruption.
    4. Black Money.
    5. Education.
    6. Health and medical care.
    7. Rural sector.
    8. Any other aspects which the members feel are relevant.
    Let us have a meaningful discussion based on facts. The general elections are due in less than a year. Members express your impressions with facts. I will give my impressions during the discussion.
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    Yes the NDA government has finished four years of their governance and if we sincerely review the things asked by the author, my views are appended below :

    1. Control of price rise. Control of prices was the failure thing even in the past governments and that should not be taken as the bad performance as price rise is connected to many things.
    2. Creation of jobs. This government made stress on self employment and many benefited.
    3. Corruption. Demonetization was the biggest step towards ending corruption
    4. Black Money. Yes most of the black money ways are mended.
    5. Education. Free girl child education is the hall mark
    6. Health and medical care. Compared to previous governments, the health care improved now
    7. Rural sector. Much impetus given to rural sector for all round development with smart village projects

    Apart from the above India excelled in space, agriculture and Industrial produce.

    K Mohan
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    Sir, let us discuss only some points. It is very true that Modi, is not corrupt at all. He has facilitated foreign companies coming to India, and has given importance to infrastructure development.

    However, his record against corruption has much to be desired. What about the role of black money in elections, Sir?
    How did he encourage the poster boy of corruption in Karnataka, the great Yeddy to be the Chief Ministerial candidate, when there are far better candidates Sir? And who allowed the infamous Reddy brothers to have such a huge say in elections and even get seats to contest? So, Modi has clearly failed here, at least in making corruption far lesser than what it was in earlier times. Yet, it is true that there has been a minor improvement in the overall rating on corruption.

    His record in price rise is a big zero. Please do tell me the fall in price of any single commodity, used by the common man. This is chiefly due to the horrible increase in petrol and diesel prices.

    That Modi has neglected the rural sector is there for all to see. Agricultural growth is only 3%, and the decline in jobs has only lead to hundreds of thousands of people, particularly from the Hindi belt, to so many places in South India, to do all sorts of the most horrible jobs in small restaurants and the like.

    Yes, new IITs and NITs have come into existence, but what about the school education? Only in the Modi rule, has there been the rapid decline of the CBSE and its functioning, what with the paper leak and allied issues?

    Modi had promised to bring back all black money and deposit fifteen lakh rupees into each bank account of every Indian citizen. He has not been able to deposit even fifteen paise into any account. He was right in asking the rich and the upper middle classes to surrender their rights to subsidized gas cylinders, though.

    Even the most die hard supporters of our great Modi, will agree that his single largest failure has been in creation of new, regular jobs. The great Finance Minister has the cheek to talk about "Fixed Term Employment", which actually means a job on contract, for two or three years, and during which, only PF is the only long-term benefit the humble soul will get. Do you know how many thousands are employed in the auto ancillary companies and the OEMs, Sir? It will be at least twenty thousand, in Chennai alone.

    So, the capitalist becomes very rich, as the PF is paid by the Government. The poor soul has to search for another job contract job at the end of three or four years. Diploma holders and Engineering graduates, in Chennai, are seen roaming on the streets, pathetically looking for some contract job.

    Is this employment? This is under employment of the tallest order.

    The absolutely ridiculous demonetization experiment only helped in making thousands of rural youth, unemployed. Modi talked very proudly about digitization, but what happens when there is no money at all, Sir?

    And this in a country, where the use of cash is much more than any other democracy in the world. The whole of the agricultural economy depends on cash, since the income is not taxed. What our great Modi did was to smash this very economy. Almost ninety eight per cent of the so called money came back to the banks, and bank managers happily encouraged the trend, as it helped them open hundreds of savings and current accounts. My money is mine, but I can never be sure if my neighbor has deposited money belonging to some one else. No IT guy, anywhere in the world, can track such transactions, even with the most advanced software available.

    So, black money become white money. What a fantastic achievement!!!!

    One can go on and on. This is exactly why Mr Modi is now trying to coin new phrases and thrashing at the Opposition. This poor politician has not even learned a bit from our own Mamtha Banerjee, who has emerged as a Right wing alternative to the Left, but with a leftist slant.

    Yes, the rich can, and should, become a bit poorer. They should. As the wonderful Azim Premji of WIPRO said, the rich should sacrifice for the poor. But our Modi has made the poor sacrifice for the rich!!

    That the poor have become a very poor lot, throughout India,in the past forty eight months, is a very hard truth. If one tries to deny this simple truth, the bitter truth, he or she is living in a fool's paradise.

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    Corruption does not mean gaining for self only. Being an accessory to the corruption of others is also corruption. Helping the party to garner huge funds from industrial houses, helping others to profit indirectly also come under corruption.
    " Be Good and Do Good "

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    Exactly Sir. Witness the ease with which the Adani group has grown in the past four years. Their link to Modi, is very well known. That the BJP had bucket full loads of money to lure Congress and JD (S) MLAs before the Confidence Vote, in Karnataka, was and is known to the entire country.

    If the BJP had not attempted to do the horse trading, the Supreme Court would not have been so harsh at all. Once again the Supreme Court has saved Karnataka.

    I would appreciate if BJP goes to the masses only on the basis of its performance and not use money to influence voters. One is not saying that the Congress and other parties are angels. However, if the BJP is principled, it will win in both the short and long run. I really do not know why it is not doing it.

    It has neglected the man on the street -- the results are there for all to see.

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    The BJP government proved to be the best so far among all the governments in the centre we have seen. Now after completing 4 years of BJP government, everybody is talking about the performance evaluation. But this was never done during 10 years ruling if Manmohan Singh. OK, we need not worry about this point. Just I have mentioned.
    Coming to the points given by the Author, my opinion is as follows:
    1. Control of price rise: There is no positive trend in this aspect. Prices increased. Mainly Petroleum products rates are increasing very high.
    2. Creation of jobs: Definitely there is a positive trend in this area. Many government posts are getting filled. Many foreign companies are trying to start their units in India through which we will get a good number of Jobs. This may take some time. Self-employment is encouraged.
    3. Corruption: There is no corruption at the highest level in the government. There are no new scams involving ministers and others. To get completely free from corruption a lot of change in the mindset of the people also has to come.
    4. Black Money: Steps are started to take out the black money. Black Money has come out to banks to some extent during demonetization period.
    5.Education: Government is trying to bring in reforms and they give good support to education to Female children.
    6. Health and medical care.: The recent Budget a very good health insurance scheme is announced and may be implemented shortly.
    7. Rural sector: Smart Villages development and rural development has been taken on priority and development works are initiated.
    It is very easy to drive a train which is on rails. But bring the train on to rails and then running will take time and efforts. One should be patient enough to see the results.

    always confident

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    1. Price control: The Government has failed in controlling the rising prices of all the commodities. The prices of petrol and diesel are skyrocketing. The diesel prices have a cascading effect on the prices of all commodities. The NDA Government is indifferent to this problem. The Government amassed huge revenue by repeatedly increasing the excise duty. The benefit of the falling crude oil in the initial stages was not passed on to the people. Now, when the crude prices are increasing, the Government passing on the burden to the consumers. Whenever elections were there, the Government stepped in to see that fuel prices are not increased for political gains. Once the elections are over the entire burden is put on the consumers. There cannot be an any better example of the Government's apathy to the problems of the public.
    " Be Good and Do Good "

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    Based on the expereince that Modi government has completed 4 years, one can say that
    1. Control of price rise - not very effective
    2. Creation of jobs - needs more to be done, make in India did not yield as much as initially expected
    3. Corruption - crubbed to an extent, demonetization did not give the expected results as the cash is back in the system in the form of 2000's and 500's
    4. Black Money - unfulfilled promises
    5. Education - plans for girl child education
    6. Health and medical care - if the ambitious national health insurance plan succeeds, then a great achievement
    7. Rural sector - roads, electricity, internet etc have been upgraded
    8. Any other aspects which the members feel are relevant. India's image in the global platform has been enhanced.

    Our country is so huge that it is impossible to fulfill every promise made in the election speeches. I think, the BJP needs one more chance in power to prove their mettle because we had given the Congress many years of chances.

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