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    What Are The Common Misconceptions Of Today’s World?

    Although the involvement & participation of woman is now everywhere & to every possible extent to our imagination including the crime & unlawful activities but still in the given circumstances, the possibilities are prominent that it's the man who is always blamed for any misdeeds. This remains the fact, irrespective of the interrogation & the evidences in hand.

    This is a common misconception & the phenomenon that woman is by nature can't go beyond a limit & this very belief has proved to be the biggest disadvantage for a man.

    If anyone remember the incidence of a traffic police who got suspended because of the complaint filed by a woman who was driving without helmet having more then two persons in the Scooty. In the released videos we got the impression that the traffic police had a brick in his hand raised to thwart the woman. There was a whole lot of discussions & debates in the media then that this finally reached to the court. This came out that although the traffic police shouldn't have behaved the way he went about but it was the woman who objected for showing her license & also consistently using the derogatory remarks for the traffic police. All this known because of the CCTV camera to nearby the incidence. When the case appeared to the court the woman was warned by the magistrate for consistently changing her remarks about the incidence.

    We don't have the news of what happened to the traffic police aftermath but by the new available the woman was also appreciated by the CM of Delhi, Mr. Kejriwal.
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    It happens many times. It is natural always weak side will get the sympathy. If a scooter dashes a pedestrian, the people around will blame the scooterist only. If a car hits a scooter, the car driver will be blamed. This will happen instantly without understanding the actual happening. After enquiry and other formalities, people may understand who is at fault. Same is the case with ladies also. Even though the woman is at fault the first impression will come thst the male is at fault.
    These days in many houses we are observing the domination of females. But it will not be known outside. So everybody will have a sympathy for the female only. But it is a very common misconception that the male will be at fault in almost all the issues.
    The male-dominated world slowly coming towards neutral these days which is not observed by many people. It is a good aspect that females are also getting their due.

    always confident

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    But perceptions have been changed. When we are thinking that male is blamed for every thing and women are given upper hand even in law, it is wrong. One of my friend daughter who is having a case with her husband on divorce has been fighting the case for the five years even though court has given clear instructions to pay the maintenance allowance monthly to her for rearing the child, he wont do that and court wont reprimand. The law is basically male supported but for the happiness of the woman folk, much has been said that women are given more fillip in law. This is the reality, why because courts came to know that some women are misusing their protection rights.
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    Sir yes, the weaker sex is the fairer sex, only because the weakness of the stronger sex, is nothing but the fairer sex!!

    I heard this somewhere, but increasingly incidents are coming into the open, when women and even college girls, entice men with their seemingly good and sweet voice, make them poorer by thousands, without ever showing up.

    Some seven years ago, a woman was arrested when she did the con game with some seven men, all friends who got in touch with her, through Facebook. She would come up with sob stories that some relative is very sick (none was really sick, at all) and extract thousands from unsuspecting men. However, by chance, two wise men, who were close friends, got the same call from the same woman, thought they were being cheated and laid a trap with the help of the police. It later turned out that the female had cheated so many young men.

    Likewise, in so many extra marital affairs, women seem to be the chief culprits who make intelligent moves to corner the other man's attention, often without the faintest knowledge of their husbands. When things reach a flash, they go to the worst extent of murdering the husband with the help of some bad guys arranged by their illicit lover and get the job done.

    We need to wake up and deal with every issue on merits and not guided by common beliefs that men are alone to blame for everything.

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    The title implies misconceptions in general but the thread deals with the skewed perception that when both sexes are involved in an issue, then the common first inference is that the male is at fault.

    Such perceptions are slowly changing, it doesn't mean that one sex is stronger and the other is weaker. It is just the way we are taught by society.

    Like how there are good and bad examples among men, similar situations can be found among women too. So, we need to remove the bias we have in mind and consider what is at hand with an open mind.

    In this context, the reality is that neither women are weaker nor are they meeker.

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