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    Probably Chennai is the only city from where the Airport connectivity is made easy !

    From today special Metro trains are being run from the Central Railway station , Madras for the convenience of flight passengers. We know commuting through the busy Chennai roads is not that easy and especially during the peak hours where the traffic is more at all junctions. So going by taxi or car to the airport would be risky and the time wont be sufficient in reaching the airport before hand. So the Metro train would facilitate the journey easy and comfortable as the airport station is just opposite the Meenambakkam Airport.
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    It is good to hear that Chennai has started metro trains to the airport. This a good facility for the people who want to reach the airport fast and in time. It takes more than one hour for reaching the airport by road in this city. Sometimes because of heavy traffic, it may be taking even more time also. Even Delhi airport is also connected by metro train. There are also it is very convenient to go to the airport on a metro train. In Hyderabad, the Minister says within the next one-year metro train will be extended up to RGIAP, Samshabad. But how far it will happen is a big question mark. In Bangalore the Metro is not there I think up to the airport.
    Anyhow the present metro service in Hyderabad is not given the desired result more due to only one route is started. If it is fully operated the traffic problem may come down.

    always confident

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    Yes, Chennai is now home to one of the finest metro services in the country. The airport is already connected, and soon the airport will be connected to the prestigious Central Railway Station, where, it should be admitted, the Indian Railways is doing a very good job, of making the station very comfortable for passengers.

    With this development, the Chennai International Airport will also have a face lift, as those landing at late hours can easily reach their destinations and then take an auto back home.

    Chennai authorities messed up the MRTS facilities a few years ago. What is needed for huge traffic is the connectivity to the nearest stations of the metro, the MRTS and the EMU trains. The State Government should come out of its deep slumber and even give licenses to private operators to ply vans and shared autos to such places on a regular basis. Certain places are well connected but others are not. To give one simple example, at Saidapet, right in the heart of Chennai, the station is quite far away from the bus station. The trick is to introduce services that will take passengers from the bus station to the railway station very quickly. Once the metro is fully operational, if the State Government does this, people will not mind spending the extra amount to travel by metro trains, that will still be cheaper than the Ola cars.

    Even with limited metro services, the number of people using it on weekends has gone up by leaps and bounds. There is a huge demand for more services, as the services are fully air-conditioned. Chennai s roads are among the best in the country, since the connectivity is so huge and one can also take a bus to an intermediate place and then reach the final destination. For example, Broadway, the Central Business District of Chennai, where several hundreds of thousands of rupees change hands in minutes, can be reached via the beach road buses or those that ply through the prestigious Mount Road.

    When Metro is expanded to other parts, in less than ten years, most old buildings on Mount Road will go, and one can see twenty storied buildings all over. This has already happened on the Old Mahabalipuram Road.

    So, the connecting services will make a huge difference in the years to come.

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    It's more then a year time that the connectivity with the airport has been facilitated by both Metro rail & better roads. I am talking about the Delhi.

    Since the new government has come to the power, the infrastructure has improved a lot. Soon there wouldn't be any night here because the considering the Delhi as well as the NCR areas the growth is huge. If I am correct then the Delhi is the only city having the maximum flyovers in throughout world. Pl. correct if I am wrong.

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    But I believe the Delhi airport is in Gurgaon or Haryana ?
    K Mohan
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    Mr. Mohan: Indira Gandhi Airport (both domestic and international) is within Delhi, but very near to Gurgaon.
    Beware! I question everything and everybody.

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    Every city with a Metro will get the connectivity to the airport which is crucial for public satisfaction, easy of access and transport and ultimately reduce the traffic. It also means better use of the services.

    Once this starts the airport taxis will have less demand and they have to start looking for other ways to get their clients and bookings.

    This year Bangalore metro has also got the sanction for getting the metro up to the Bangalore airport.

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