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    Next time when Petrol prices are raised, do not blame Modi Government instead curse your CM

    After Karnataka elections were over, the price of petrol and diesel has been raised daily and that has reached new high. Every day we come across so much abusing of central government and Prime Minister Modi for oil price rise. Actually the state taxes on petrol in some states are very high and for some states its a windfall on daily basis. For example Kejriwal government is earning 1,2 crore daily on price rise, like wise Mamta Banerjee government is also earning 2.4 crore daily and TN is earning a whooping 9.4 crore daily on price rise. That is why some state governments are mum and wont react on petrol hike !
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    Both the state and central government should be blamed for this. As expressed by Mohan majority of the taxes are loaded by the State government for their income. The central government is also putting some taxes on it. Of course, the major portion may be from state governments. The petrol and diesel rates are higher by Rs,2/- in AP than in Telangana. This is due to the reason that AP government has imposed more tax on fuel prices in their state. In Yanam, the town near Kakinada which comes under Pondicheri Central Governments rule is having almost Rs.8/- per litre less than in AP. Many East Godavari people go near that town, they will make it a point to fill their tanks of the vehicles in Yanam.
    I feel the central government should make a decision and bring this commodity also under GST with the highest rate of tax presently existing so that the citizens of the country will get benefitted.

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    Majority of the State Governments are governed by the BJP. Why is the BJP unable to take the decision of reducing VAT on petrol and diesel? The Government of India charges excise duty on petrol and diesel. It is easy for the BJP to take a decision if it wants to help the people. The best thing to do is to bring petroleum products, liquor, and tobacco under GST. The GOI is dodging the decision and wants to announce before general elections for political advantage.
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    Yes Sir, We have a puppet State Government right here in Tamil Nadu, with the Chief Minister very eager to overtake his late leader Jaya, in corruption!!

    The Government does not care a damn for the masses, and goes on doing one atrocity after the other. If it cuts down on the applicable duties, petrol prices will come down. The previous DMK Government did this. I really wonder whether there is a Government now, as everything is decided in the Prime Minister's office. The Governor is the agent of the Centre.

    The common man will feel the punch, as the share auto guys will increase the fare. The bus fares in Chennai are now almost on par with Bangalore, though the latter scores so high on comfort and on connectivity too. Most Chennai buses are in such a bad condition, that it is better to insure yourself for twenty lakh rupees through an accident insurance and then board the bus.

    Still, the Central Government can also play its part. After all, the two guys of the ruling party, the CM and the Deputy CM, ask Delhi for every single decision. They can ask for directions here too!!

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    If we ever come to the conclusion then this all related to the politics. It's a simple strategy that if the things are going good then there is a competition to take the maximum favors and during other scenario then divert the subject to some other topic.

    Although this thread is related to the petrol prices but if we look at the other factors then we see the same debates.

    While watching one debate yesterday on price hike, the guest expert briefed the things in a very efficient way. He said that due to lack of the sources of revenue generation the government is unable to reduce the prices of petrol. The government has more projects in the pipeline & a consistent money is required in order for them to get completed on time. He appreciated the initiatives of the current governments adding that if the proper environment had been created during the earlier times then we had more options of revenue generations of which we are lacking now.

    This is important to note that our infrastructure isn't attractive enough to attract the outside investors. Red tape system & the complex tax structures were also the case that more businesses couldn't get opened widely.

    So, we got the two options here as in the first place we get rid of the new projects or secondly, let's bear for some bucks for a better future.

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    Maharastra says that they already reduced their tax and still the fuel prices in Mumbai is high ?
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    Petrol and diesel are like cash cows for both the state and central governments. Nobody wants to bear the burnt of subsidiary or a cut in the tax earned for the Exchequer. Apart form other factors like crude oil prices, the prices reflect the tug of war between both the governments which collects two taxes, one for each.

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