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    Why people are not adopting fuel saving measures?

    We all know that petrol and Diesel prices are increasing enormously and going sky high. All are blaming the state or central governments for this price rise. Everybody wants taxes on these commodities should be reduced. There is no second opinion in this aspect and it is needed also.
    But why people are not thinking of reducing the fuel consumption. Many people avoid using public transport. Many people prefer cars than scooters. A single person going in a car to the office is resulting in more expenses and traffic problems. Instead, they use a two-wheeler, traffic will reduce and fuel consumption will also come down. Many officers from same are will be going to their offices in a car alone. But they never think of pooling up and going together. This will also help people in saving money on fuel and maintenance of the vehicle. Similarly, traffic will also reduce substantially. But this is not being thought off. This is the attitude of the people, that is making the government think of putting more taxes on that. Why can't the people think about it?
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    In context of fuel prices, except for Rs. 2/-, nothing has changed so far.

    Same vehicle on roads & even the numbers are increasing along with keeping the engine on during red light on crossing. Although the things are not getting worse as the prices of other commodities are quite less even today.

    The author has a right concern but we are not grown up to look after the overall benefits but having the self limited goals. The problems still persist with the right education which is still not being properly carried out in our society. If were taught of respecting ourselves but at the same time giving respect to the others then the circumstances would have been different. But this is missing & as a result of which we are bound to face the consequences. We can't help it except that in the first place we implement in ourselves.

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    Fuel saving method cannot be possible as pooling of vehicle and going to a certain destination on one vehicle in rotation can be possible if all the persons work in same company. If the persons may be friends and work at different locations and then pooling of vehicle does not arise. But what I suggest that even two wheeler be sparingly used up to the station of either Metro or regular train or even bus stop and catch the bus to the destination.People want privacy, comfort and drive at their own will and hence wont compromise with other as regards to pooling of vehicle and not having their enjoyment.
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    Very good input Sir. In one specific locality of Chennai, a very intelligent fellow, brought a old fiat model car at a throwaway price, spent thirty thousand on it, and started driving it to office. Since the two more friends are also good drivers, they are having a whale of a time, inviting curious looks from onlookers, who refuse to believe that a good old fiat car can look that very nice.

    Sir, we need to seriously look to such experiments to minimize the pollution on our roads. In this case, the three guys spend far less time to get to office, are so happy that the car is available for personal trips with their families(all of them are very close friends, and their families are very close too) on weekends, by rotation.

    Buying such cars will also open up the used cars market and will enable families to reduce costs. The bus fare is so huge, and travelling by buses during peak hours is a huge nightmare. We need such experiments to continue all over.

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    There are people who are very conscious on the expenditure side and are already adopting measures to cut down not only the petrol expenses but wherever possible all the expenses. These people understand the difference between extravagance and controlled expenditure. These people are so disciplined that they cut down the expenses irrespective of the prices whether high or low does not matter.

    The problem is the large number of people who are spending beyond their means and they are actually responsible for every waste right from food to petrol.

    There is another category of people who are affluent and believe that they can spend their money whatever way they want whether it harms the public at large also.

    So these people do not bother for Govt appeals also and wasting natural resources is a matter of pride for them. In fact, it is a shabby show-off of their money.

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    The future seems to be the age of solar and electric driven vehicles as the world cannot withstand the on going price hike of crude oil coupled with whole some tax levied by various state governments.
    K Mohan
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    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    To me, they are implementing cost saving methods. The thriving Ola company is the proof. Not only that carpooling and commuting sharing cabs are all too prevalent in the place I live. People are opting local trains and metros too in Hyderabad to rising petrol prices. I wouldn't say they are completely unaffected by the sudden hikes but the small scale remedies to this problem are there.
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    The proposals seem to be good but impracticable. They can be adopted for a limited period. I hope the author tried the methods suggested by him and advising the others. By adopting such measures only, one comes to understand the difficulties. In metros like Delhi, it is common to travel in pooled cars though very difficult to maintain the timings.
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    I use public transport or two wheeler for short distance travel. We use pool vehicles to go to office. Long distance travel I always use train or flight.
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    Car pooling and shared rides in India is a difficult concept because it needs people to sacrifice their personal space, have a great deal of maturity to share the work and cost, also their freedom is curtailed.

    It will work when there are a few people who know each other, have to go from a common place to a common place with times being more or less constant. Near our flats, we have two or three families who drop children and pick up children in turns from the same school.

    I think, the concept of saving fuel or less personal vehicles on the streets can be feasible, if there is an excellent public transport system that is not overcrowded. There are plenty of people including myself in Bangalore who use a combination of volvo buses plus metro rides on a regular basis. This is very attractive option as the comfort level is good and only we need to work out the timings.

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