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    What is better --customized or branded furniture?

    A couple of months ago, I met with two friends who moved into two new homes of their own. While the first guy moved into an apartment, by paying upwards of one crore rupees, the other fellow moved into an independent house, some twenty five kilometers from the heart of Chennai city, but this guy remodeled the old house into a brand new house.

    The first guy did his interior design and the entire furniture with branded furniture. The interior design firm did a very good job, but the charges were huge.

    However, the second fellow's house, was as good as the first fellow. The finish to all furniture, all brand new, was as good as the first fellow's.

    When quizzed, the second friend said that he chose a local carpenter who had a fairly good reputation, and empowered him to do the work. The entire work, more or less similar to the branded version, was around forty percent cheaper.

    This set me thinking. What is better- customized or branded furniture? Is it wise to entrust everything to the interior design company, knowing fully well that the work is far more costlier?

    Will the skilled local carpenters also do as good, if motivated properly?
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    I vote and prefer for customized furniture for many reasons. Each home has different size of rooms and the length and breadth of the rooms matter more for having furniture at its place. I fear we cannot get branded furniture in different sizes of our choice and hence we have to heavily depend on customized furniture
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    It is but obvious that when you are going for a branded furniture or any other item it will be costly because it has spent huge sum in past to earn that brand and also has a lot of overheads to recover. It takes many years if not decades to set up a brand and that comes after providing good quality products to the client and once the image and trust of consumer is built the company starts to charge a premium price for its products.

    Since a brand is trusted you don't have to enquire a lot about its durability or warranty and can purchase right away.
    When it comes to a local or unbranded furniture and carpenter then it takes a lot of research. As you already said that the local carpenter was known for his work so obviously he did the job at much cheaper price than the branded one because he is earning only for himself and is procuring all the materials locally so he saves on overheads a lot and hence able to provide services at much cheaper price with almost same quality.
    Although there is always a risk in going for local carpenter or brand because you may get cheated and will have to replace the furniture again in few years time and that will cost you even more than the branded furniture.

    Although local carpenter can be preferred if in case the budget is low or you anyhow want to replace the furnitures quickly to change the look and feel of your house.

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    We have a good carpenter who is very well known to us. He is the master. He never compromises on the quality of the work. He never stops working for the betterment till he is satisfied. Even though we say it is Ok if he is not satisfied he will not stop improving upon. His rates are very reasonable. Our house interiors and furniture we got it made by him. We have never gone for branded items. The furniture looks so beautiful and durability is excellent. The sofa set made 5 years back appears even today as if it is not even a year old. In between, I have purchased a branded sofa set with very high cost but I was forced to sell it off for a very very low price as it has become very bad in just 6 months. My personal experience says tailor-made furniture is definitely better than the branded material. They last long, economical and you can get it as you want. But we should have a good carpenter.
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    A customized one any day because you get the individuality. Customization prices depend on the scale and detail. And also the craftsman .
    If you can get a good deal with a good skilled person, go for customisation without hesitation. Pay a great deal of attention to the carpenter's personality. Make sure he's diligent.
    When it comes to furniture though, the stores speak more than brand. The way of buying too.
    The online purchase from pepperfry or urban ladder is more profitable because you get to know what exactly you want. And you get an idea of price. This provides a research and let's you choose between custom or branded furniture better.

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    Definitely, customized furniture give us more satisfaction and less costly than branded furniture. But slowly, the concept of customized furniture will become obsolete in future. Then all of us will buy only branded products.
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    That's right, customized furniture is a very good option. If the carpenters are skilled enough that they can remodel the whole design of the furniture, then it is a much better way. But what I have seen, people see the old ones, if they don't find it worth anymore and buy the new ones. Selling it to someone needy is also a better option in that case.

    But among the customized and new one, one should go with the customized option only.

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    The choice of opting for customised or branded furniture depends on individual choice, funds, time at hand, intended use and personal situation.

    For instance, most investors who buy flats to let it out, will park a few basic furniture in each room, they would not have the time for customised furniture. Similarly, lot of new families who start their married life and keep moving around, do not have time to check the raw materials,to wait for the local carpenters to come, then have someone to sit at home until it is finished and clean up etc.

    The choice of customised furniture is often the traditional concept and we know the person, his work capabilities and it would be someone who can give shape to our ideas and needs and most importantly very flexible.

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