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    How do we identify the right coaching centers in cities?

    In Hyderabad, am given to understand that one Chaitanya group of coaching institutes literally every single parent that their child will find an admission into the IITs or to the Medical colleges.

    I understand this brand has been made possible through sheer hard work of some very good teachers.

    There are so many worried parents who always ask: how do we identify the right coaching center?

    Is the quality of teachers the most important variable? What about peer group intelligence, as knowledge sharing between intelligent minds, might as well add huge value, even outside the coaching environment? How does creativity and innovation rank among the variables -- I mean the creativity and innovation of the teachers.

    Members may please react, based on their own experiences or knowledge or value adding information from reliable sources.
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    In Hyderabad, there are many good coaching centres. The first among them is Ramaiah coaching Institute ofIIT entrance. Parents will aim their wards to get joined them in that institute. There are coaching institutes who will coach the students Ramaiah Institute Entrance test. Many parents will come from various places and take houses near the coaching centre in Nallakunta. Up to 95% of the students who get trained here will get seats in IITs as they desired. The main formula here is discipline and timing. The Coaching starts at 4 AM and if anybody is late he has to go back. The teachers are committed and excellent coaches and the way in which they teach is second to none. That is how this institute is successful. One teacher from this institute got separated and started his own institute and he is also very successful. After these two only Chaitanya, Narayana and other institutes come in the row. But Ramaiah will take only limited students and there is no much advertisement for this institute.
    The discipline, hard work and dedication of the teachers made this success possible.

    always confident

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    In bangalore, there are many coaching centers that prepare students for NEET and JEE. BASE, Arjuna, Fittjee etc. Given the demand for extra tuitions and extra coaching, many smaller centers have sprung up in the city based on a few teachers guiding the students.

    Often the reputed ones are found by word of mouth, the track record and the degree of support that the students get in such places. It is now easy to get in touch with the seniors at school or parents in a neighborhood or apartment block to find out the practical reality of how good the coaching center is.

    I think, people should bear this in mind apart from reading the reviews on the website and parent forum groups.

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