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    Is the time of study or writing, a hugely personal decision?

    Many bright students study late into the night, even when they study in schools. They do not how to break this habit, if someone suggests that he or she wake up early to study. Sometimes, they pick up a quarrel with their parents.

    Similarly, many writers ( this writer included) prefer to write, mostly in the evening hours, sometimes, late into the night as well.

    What is more scientific in terms of value addition? Is it true that learning during nights does not help one to retain the knowledge or facts to be presented in the examinations? Is there any scientific reasoning or evidence to support either line of thinking?

    Members may please clarify based on personal experiences or observations.
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    I will give my personal experience on this. Since childhood, I had the habit of studying late at night. And my memory worked fine with whatever I learned at the night time. I am not aware and there could be scientific reasons to it that people say we should wake up early and then study as that is good for health too. It is actually a healthy habit to wake up early and follow your routine.
    But in my case, I have always studied at night during my school, college and even here when I write I am doing it mostly in the night time. I believe that is the time we get complete silence when everybody in the house sleeps and the world sleeps, the surrounding gets completely mute and you can think and re-create and innovate your thoughts. Let's see what the other members say on this.

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    In the nights after having a full day of strenuous routines people will feel tired and many people may feel weak and they want to take rest. When you are very tired your brain may not cooperate with you 100%. So many people say it is better to go early to bed and get up early. It is good for health also. After a good sleep, if you get up, your mind will be fresh and brain will be working at very high speed and you can grasp the points fast. So if we read early morning we will understand the subject well and we remember these issues for long. So our elders advise us to follow this practice.
    If you are not tired fully and you have a good sleep in the afternoon then you may feel fresh in the evenings and you will not get sleep early. In such case studying night may also be OK.
    During my education, I used to study up to 9.30PM and go to bed. I used to get up at 4.30 AM. I used to study up to 6.30 AM. This is the routine I am following. If we follow the other way that may become routine for the individual.
    But scientifically also Brain will be active early in the morning.

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    The time for serious studies or creative writing depends on the person and what is the daily schedule or routine.

    I've had friends who study well into the night and do as well as the rest of the gang including myself who beleived in studying early in the morning before going to college.

    If one's routine is hectic and we are physical and mentally tired at the end of the evening, it would be wise to have a simple dinner, retire to bed, wake up fresh early in the morning and complete the studies or writing.

    At times, creative writing, needs a quiet relaxed environment and solitude, this often is practical at night times, when the family members have slept, you have some time for yourself and can allow your mind to think creatively.

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    It's a matter of interest & consistency. During an interview of one of the candidate, revealed that he or she never opted for any coaching classes. But the routine activities lead to the position. These are not burdened by the subjects but more directed towards knowing the new things & added them to their curriculum & into their lives. This interest & consistency doesn't make them tired but they are hungry people strive for success.

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