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    Incredible India: Sri Ranganathaswamy Temple

    It is one of the biggest temples of India. This temple of Tamilnadu is known for its Gopurams. In ancient days, it was one of the major centres of learning of Vaishnava Sect. Many great Vaishnava scholars studied in this temple and in the adjacent seats of learning. Sri Ranganathaswamy Temple is a UNESCO-protected site of India.

    But recently I have heard an almost unbelievable news. This famous Temple does contain the one thousand years old mummified body of Shri Ramanujacharya, the great Vaishnava saint. The body is in sitting position and now has been solidified. It is said that the eyes are still now visible.

    Is the above information true? Seeking information from knowledgeable Members.
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    My wife belongs to Sri Rangam and she never revealed about this fact. However I am also coming across the news in the internet for which we cannot give credence because unlike Raghavendra Swamy Mutt, where in they believe in Brindavan , that means having samadhi inside the temple, but Sri Rangam is considered as the Kalyug's Heaven and it wont preserve the dead body or mummified body of the saint Rananujar. When the saint died, the atma went into the Devlok and thus ends his life period. And as per the agama shastra, one cannot preserve the dead bodies even with chemically treated inside the compound of any temple. Alwars were born to to sing the praise of the Gods and as such they cannot take the position of the God and be worshiped . Hence I believe it is the rumor raised by the people and making rounds in the internet.
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    I do not think that we are expert in preserving the dead bodies as mummies in our temples. The Egyptians did it and were the great expert of that technique. They linked it to their religion also.

    For us, it is neither a known skill nor allowed by our religious directions. Nowadays internet is full of such fake but interesting news and people are adding such spicy items more and more.

    In all the probability it will not be true.

    Knowledge is power.

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    Hmm I know something similar about this. The great Vaishnav saints,after their death, are bathed with preserving oils and their skull is drilled to fill the dead body with salt and other preservatives. This body is then sent to become a Samadhi.

    The bodies are levied underground while the epitaph remains. This tradition is utterly similar to mummification. And the "Andavan" tradition started from Sri Ramanujan in the first place so it won't be a stretch to say that he himself was mummified.

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    We have visited the Srirangam temple, Trichy in the past but not aware of this. Only the people of the place, scholars and experts can verify this for us. Incidentally close by (30 kms) is a famous Brahma temple at Tirupattur, it is believed that the Samadhi of Patanjali Maharishi is in this temple.

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    I have visited this place three times. Once I visited with my family and two times alone. But I never heard about this. In the temple premises, I have not seen this also. This temple is a good place with very good sculptor and worth visiting the temple to see the skilful work of our ancient artists.
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