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    Does Grah Nakshatra puja really work?

    My question sounds quite unusual. But this is what I actually felt. I actually feel that if somebody is undergoing really tough time that they are not able to think anything, maybe work issues or personal issues. Grah Nakshatra puja can really help overcome such issues?

    I will cite an example from my own family. My father is in a government firm, and he will retire after 3 years. Now his role has slightly been changed in his organization. He has been asked to deal with the type of work, of which he has got no knowledge, and also there is nobody to guide him. He has been asked to handle certain areas of work alone. Now that is what makes him worry. He wants a senior official to help him with that work so that he can understand how to handle everything and work in this new area. But his former senior officials are not ready to help him and as usual, the normal politics is going on. He is too much worried about such a situation. He is worried about the kind of work that he has to handle and if he signs up any papers, people could blame him too and could play wrong tricks with him.

    Thinking about all this too much. He asked his Guruji, everyone follows the Guruji and agrees to whatever he says. My father told him about all that's happening in his life right now. Guruji just asked him to wear some light colored clothes and also told some things to do in the morning.

    He told to follow a few things and slowly things will come back to normal. But my father is at such a stage that he kept on asking him for any kind of puja that can be done to stop these problems. He kept on saying if there is any Grah Nakshatra that is affecting his routine or 'Rahu Ketu is not at proper place. So, at the end listening all this, Guruji said that he will tell about what kind of worship can be done for this.

    Observing all this, I felt our life has already so many problems, but how is it that this could be related to Grah nakshatra and why so much belief in puja? In the end, we are the ones who have to tackle the situations. Does this kind of puja will really help or it just gives the peace of mind to the other person. Let me know your thoughts, please.
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    It is a fact that in every ones life at least one and half hour time in a day, one day a week, two and half day in a fortnight and five days in a month and two months in a year are always challenging and that cannot be discarded and has to go through. It is the balancing act situation given by the God and that must be accepted with grace. Why because with every such problematic hours or the days, good days would follow and for that one has to go through the bad period. Like wise those who affected with or going through the seven and half Shani period do confront with such kind of work abuse, work pressure as felt by your father and even by Rahu -Kethu effect. Nevertheless when problems are given by the God, the solutions are also there to over come the period with silence and experience the bad period with integrity and honesty. Things would settle down even without Puja , that is what my perception is.
    K Mohan
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    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    As per our mythology and knowledge of astrology, it is believed that Graha Nakshatra affect our life since birth to the death. Everything is related to the position of these Grahas at the time of birth and accordingly a horoscope is generated.

    The position of Grahas in one's horoscope is crucial in the sense that the changing positions of Grahas in constellations and their movement in the celestial sphere are supposed to affect the events in one's life.

    That is the mythological and religious part of the knowledge and is very important to the persons who believe in all this.

    Now coming to the work and duties to be performed in office. In this reference, I will give an example that I know a technical engineering person who told that if he will be posted in planning cell where jobs are related to tendering, legal disputes, arbitrations, meetings and presentations to higher ups including ministers etc then he will apply for voluntary retirement. He even did not bother for his Graha Nakshatra positions also to manage the show in such a situation.

    So the basic thing is that a person should go through some short courses and trainings before accepting a position where he has fears to perform. If his fears are genuine he should refuse that elevation. Graha Nakshatra will not be helpful if you have not developed the skills and knowledge to function as a head of the department or a post with higher responsibilities. No one will cooperate with you if you do not know the basic management, computer and other working skills. Even if you do not know the subject but are a tough and ruthless manager then also you can manage the game. So my advice is please improve your official knowledge and know about the procedures and working in details and see whether you are able to cope up with the environment there. This is of primary importance.

    I have no intention of hurting the feelings of people having any type of belief but getting comfortable in office through pujas in house is too much of asking from the Lord.

    Meanwhile, to satisfy yourself, you can have puja sessions in your house for Graha Nakshatra as per the direction of a qualified priest.

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    I am not a Pujari or Pandit or Purohit or Astrologer. But what came in my mind immediately after reading your thread is - Please ask your dad to visit a nearby temple where there are Navagrahas regularly every Saturday for the next nine weeks. Ask him to worship Lord Shani (Saturn) sincerely and faithfully to come out of his problem.

    No life without Sun

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    Thank you all for the responses, I told my father of what all you guided here. Doing a normal puja according to me is fine. But spending a good amount of money on that, to get over your problems is not the actual way to deal.
    As Mohan sir and Umesh sir has said, that we need to deal with tough times bravely, then only we can get happiness. I fully agree with both your thoughts, sir.

    Thank you Mr. Sun, I have told my father about Shani puja also. I will see now what he does.

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    Stars and their position in the raasi chakra will give some indication about the position of us. This is believed to be true as per Hindu mythology. There are people we made their life amended after knowing these positions and taking required actions. But this depends on the belief of the individual and the predictor who is taking care of that part. People who don"t have belief should not go for these predictions. There is no logical explanation for this. Some people may think it illogical.
    But what I suggest your father is meditation. In the early morning if he can do this for an hour or so, he will get peace of mind. That will help him to spend the day with peace. He will be able to think in a better way and give him better understanding on the subject. Definitely then he can take better decisions and get a grip over the work. This is what I have done and get many problems solved.

    always confident

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    It is very true that meditation and Puja both give calmness and peace to a stressed mind. This is an established fact. That is the reason why many people follow these methods regularly. Diverting your mind from the present hassles and concentrating it in the feet of the God is a time tested method in our mythology to get rid of mental aberrations.

    Once the peace of mind is achieved a person is ready to struggle the routine as well as specific challenges of the life and can take better decisions in his work. A fresh mind will always be a better tool for good strategy and planning in life. So whatever rituals and worshiping we do, the actions only after that are the crucial part of this chain and that is the ultimate deciding factor for success of our efforts.

    Knowledge is power.

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    Pooja, I do not know where you live, but if you know some Sanskrit priest, please do ask him to perform we call as the "Ganapathi Homam".

    This is normally done with the traditional fire lit in a center of a big hall, and a huge number of mantras will be done by the priest. It is generally observed that most of these troubles get over once this Homan is done. Hope you know Lord Ganapathi. He is known everywhere in the country, and it might be easy to find someone with background and expertise to do this.

    Please do ask your father to check if there is any guideline in terms of a manual, so that he can get on with his work. If the procedures permit, he can even make a presentation or a request to some higher official, who can pass orders for some one to help him out. I do not know if this is possible, but this is one way.

    In any case, please do advise to remain calm and ventilate any of his frustrations , as those who would like to put into trouble, will only try to use this to fish in troubled waters. Having a big peace of mind may help him at this stage.

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    During my student days,an elderly person told me'Mantram kaal, mathi mukkaal"- menas Mantra, Puja etc contribute only one quarter in our life, the major three quarters(75%) is contributed by our own intelligence and efforts. It is true that even after our best efforts there can be a 'gap between the cup and the lip". Such gap or factor which is beyond our control can be attributed to 'fate' 'Gruha or star effect' or chance,bad luck etc as per one's belief.

    As one does not know the source and work of that unknown factor, to remedy the deficiency or gap, we practice different things according to our knowledge, faith and belief or by compulsion. The puja, meeting Guruji and following his advice, checking horoscope and doing remedies as per astrological advice are all those different ways.
    For those who have faith and belief, I may say ,
    Gruha nakshatra puja is of a general nature, as it propitiates the lord of that star, and invites blessings from lord of that star. However the specific problems and Dosha may be known only by checking the horoscope thoroughly and propitiating the inimical or weak planets in the horoscope chart.
    However as on today,not all are well learned and experienced and not very fair minded, most are commercial minded, the checking of horoscope and suggesting remedies also will have deficiencies and lacking.

    Hence in today's practical life, it is always better to visit nearby temples as far and as frequent as possible, do some humane actions like helping genuine and needy people, doing small and general affordable offerings in those temples etc instead of spending huge amounts in puja etc. I am not discouraging deliberately, but saying things practically .
    As another member suggested it is okay if you can visit temples with Navgrihas. Visiting and worshipping Ganesha is also okay. Many temples offer Janma Nakshatra Archanaor other archanas which are very affordable;you may do that.

    It is always keep self confidence, and not thinking much especially the negatives; Never reduce your sincere and honest efforts.

    In short, 'Pray to God to give you strength and be with you , but row towards the shore, yourself". Definitely things will be alright.

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    It's all nothing but the science. Any of us would be required the specialist or else there would be meaningless exercise. In a simple example wherein I teach someone of a certain subject of which myself having doubt of then for sure that the student would also be not confident of himself or may be overconfident because he is not aware about the actual position.

    Or just in a bit different way then all of us are in some way related to each other & being the different positions will having an impact accordingly. We might be having an idea that that all the planets in the solar system affect us astrologically in some way or the other. However, this would be interesting too that each planet signifies a certain area of your body and the ailments associated with it. These would be in much detailed if continued but a true specialist is aware of making the perfect balance out of it. So, if followed the right way then certainly we get the results accordingly.

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    Every work has a process. When you purchase any gadget, it comes with an user's manual where all the operating instructions and fault finding options are provided in details. Likewise, your Dad must gain the knowledge of doing those works and things will become easier to manage.

    Regarding Puja & Astrology - We act from our core beliefs, everyday our decision making process is influenced by these core beliefs and at times we forget basic things.

    I am trying to clarify things with an example: a child growing up in a family hearing the Dad, Mom and other family members blaming their own luck or thinking it a curse of god for every small hardships. Now the child grows up with these ingrained beliefs and acts in the same way. Wherever there is only belief, there is no clarity. We do not have to believe that every morning sun rises in the east, because we can experience it. Wherever there is no clarity , especially in belief system, we ask for suggestions.

    We cannot control the external forces affecting us, we can only control our own internal forces. Can you control anything that is happening outside you? Possibly not. So we have to turn inside to control ourselves.

    Dr. N.V.S. Rao and Mr. Umesh have rightly suggested meditation for turning inwards. But if you personally think from the core of your heart that any kind of Puja & Astrologer might help to solve your problem, you can always consult them and I hope you should not think that I am trying to invade in your mind to flush out your beliefs.


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