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    Do you welcome the reserved seats in public transports?

    As in bus or trains if it is a bus there are 12-15 seats are reserved for ladies and if it is a train one or two compartments are reserved for ladies as the constitution says everybody is equal before law irrespective of the gender why there are reserved seats for especially for one gender do you welcome reserved seats in public transports? Knowledgeable members, please respond to the question.
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    I do feel that no such things should be carried forward henceforth but I have always welcomed the theory of allocation wherein the seats should be offered to anyone "Who Need it Most Then You Do". With this there is a need to make an offer to the old aged peoples or the person who is not well or physically handicapped persons should be a good choice.

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    Though there is a gender equality, ladies are soft and nice, while men are rough and tough. If put together, things would go wrong. Hence reservation is necessary both in buses and rail coaches. I don't recommend this reservation in other areas.
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    However, there should not be any specific reservation for anybody, be it men or women. What I feel is there should be reserved seats for old, aged and disabled people only.
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    The senior citizens and the women require reservations in the trains and buses. Equal rights do not mean that we should forget our respect to women and elderly who are physically weak.
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    The females are supposed to be physically less strong than males by birth. There may be exemptions for this. But in the majority of cases, it is true. That is the reason probably the concept of reserved seats to females. A boy can get into a bus which is running and he can get down from the same when it is running. But a girl will rarely do it.
    But the concept these days are all equal. So there is mo necessity. But ladies who are pregnant or ladies who are carrying small kids with them should be given reserved seats. Similarly, old ladies and senior citizens should also be given some priority for seats. It is really good if a really deserving people are given seats by the people sitting who can manage by even standing.

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    I do appreciate the concern shown by the author and his demand to have equality to both genders on all aspects. But basically our country is male dominated and in any place you can find more males than females. Even though some seats are designated as reserved for the ladies in buses and trains the males try to snatch those seats also citing too much rush on male side. Now a days the population of elders going by public transport is also increased. In TS two seats are reserved for the elders but invariably many elders who are using the public transports are sitting in ladies seats and thus ladies are deprived of their legitimate seats anyway. And in some cases the pregnant ladies also travel by public transport and for them sure seat is essential and required . May be keeping in mind such reserved seats provision for ladies has been made.
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    There is a long story behind the reservation for any category including women. We must understand the genesis of reservation for a particular class, gender, tribe or caste before recommending removal of such reservation.

    Leaving aside other types of reservations and coming to the reservation for ladies in the bus , the most crucial reason is the physical supremacy of men in this world. Suppose there is a big crowd and no reservation then all the seats will be captured by energetic and physically robust young male people and no lady or child or senior citizen will get a seat.

    So these systems are put in place to facilitate these people. Now how many seats are to be given to them is a judgemental question which can be answered only after going through the statistics of travellers in that route.

    With time, in future, if ladies also start pushing and making place in the bus before males can occupy it and males are the sufferers then this present reservation system will be removed and on the contrary there may even be seats reserved for those weak males!

    Seniors and children will still require the present system to continue.

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