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    Why can't we use the forum footer for disclaimer when we raise a forum in threads?

    "All characters and events depicted in this film are entirely fictitious. Any similarity to actual events or persons, living or dead, is purely coincidental". when we watch movies in silver screen or watch serials in the small screen we used to see this disclaimer but is it mandatory to write a similar disclaimer for raising the threads too so that nobody will get hurt or hurt their feelings. Knowledgeable members, please respond to the question
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    I don't feel that this is required as we all have already agreed to that while signing to the ISC account. There are terms & conditions wherein the duplicate submissions are disallowed because of copy right issues. The editors too are looking for anything which doesn't suite to the environment then the same either is blocked or gets deleted.

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    Haha though you put it in a comic way we both seem to understand how grave this problem is.
    Here is the thing members, argument is fine, annoyance isn't. Latching onto one particular topic,driving the current discussion off rail, defaming both the forum and yourself is purely absurd. These things happen too often.
    We are here to share opinions and opinions are never entirely same. But the difference in views is what makes a discussion a discussion.
    Maintain the dignity of discussions.

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    I think it is not required here. We are not blaming any individual or doing unnecessary comments about anybody. If there are any such issues editors are also there to monitor and delete such threads and replies. But in a movie, there are naming some characters. there may be some people with the same name and they may take objection to it. That is why they so those subtitles at the beginning of the movie.
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    I feel the forum footer must be used to express the intention and attitudes of the member and their activities in the recent past or something they have done extra ordinary achievements or give some social relevant messages to bring in knowledge enhancement. But using the forum footer for disclaimer is something wont sync with to what this forum has been designed for. Moreover this site is the educational site and the learning experience of the members are appended here and therefore it is expressly understood that members would be sharing their knowledge and that need not accompany with riders.
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    It would be an unnecessary and unwanted addition to an ISC thread for which there is no threat from any quarter. We are discussing issues frankly and telling the truths, not writing stories or telling lies.
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    We cannot/should not use disclaimers to hide our immaturity and narrow-mindedness. Disclaimers should be appropriately used because, when misused it automatically devalues the content and disregards the credentials of the author.

    For instance, if I write an inflammatory thread in ISC about a religion or make derogatory statements about the PM/public figure/actor and add a disclaimer, my image and how people perceive me in ISC would change for the worse immediately. Similarly, in other interactive sites, one cannot post a video or image of physical or sexual abuse and add a disclaimer about its graphic content.

    Be it ISC or other sites, one should always keep this in mind and act in a responsible manner.

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    Disclaimer is more like an anticipatory bail. It is like asking' Do I look like a thief who stole...". It is an indirect admission that the producer or creator knows that there is some connection. Such omnibus clauses may not stand scrutiny of law if it gets proved later that the producer was know in about the connection and relation and knowing that he made the movie etc. and the intention was to hurt or defame deliberately.

    A disclaimer is not a free for all licence to do anything one wants. Freedom also has its limitations when another person's life and liberty are affected.

    In ISC members are responsible and they own up what they write here. They do not intent to hurt or offend other members. So they take and should take care to avoid such situations. Moreover ISC is not a blank movie screen to show whatever one wants.

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