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    "A society not vigilant will lose it's liberty."

    Justice Chalameswar of Supreme Court of India said: " A society not vigilant will lose liberty." How true his words are? These words were said by him while speaking at Andhra Chamber of Commerce. The topic of the event was 'Role of the Civil Society in a Democracy'. Justice Chalameswar was one of the Judges who went public along with three others recently on the selective allotment of cases in the Supreme Court. These words may look sour at the moment but they are likely to come true in the very near future.
    It is the duty of every citizen to safeguard the constitutionally provided rights. The Legislative, Executive, and the Judiciary are found to be faltering in discharging their duties to the citizens. The society as a whole should be constantly vigilant about the performance of the above-mentioned pillars of the democracy. They should be assessed and questioned on their shortcomings. The performance of these three requires continuous watch and debate in the public forums. Hope the public realise their duty to the society for the liberty and welfare of the future generations.
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    That is true. The citizens of the society are responsible for maintaining the democracy in the country. It is for the people, by the people and of the people. But the real problem in our country is that some of the citizens themselves try to get an advantage by side roots and they will make the concerned officers make the work done by offering them some rewards. The public is only making the officers corrupt. If we are safe what is happening in the society we are not worried. If some people are trying to harass a girl on the road we will ask your daughter not to go out. We will close the door and remain inside. But nobody will go our question the culprit why you are doing it. It is this nature is responsible for the highhandedness of some people.
    A responsible citizen should always see that innocent people are not suffered in the society. But we don't have time or patience or courage to do this. As such the citizens are responsible for all this rust in the society.

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    Independence and liberty are often taken for granted by today's society. The true value of these two words will be understood only by people how have fought for it or have first hand expereince under a dictatorship or a military regimen.

    From time to time, there would instances where in the three arms of our Indian Constitution would be put to test. I agree with the thread's message. One has to be cautious of the people who are out representing us, governing us, literally decides how our daily lives are laid out.

    We have to question like the RTIs, the high profile enquires of the scams, the odd midnight SC hearings to ensure fairness and democracy, and questioning the blips in the conduct and decisions on obvious cases and policies etc.

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