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    Could you reach where you wanted to ?

    When studying most of us might have aimed at becoming a particular level in education as well as in job ? Generally we study in school classes without much aims. May be we thought only about getting high marks. Parents also would be interested only in that. Selected parents alone plan about the future of their children. Only at the time when the school education is about to be completed the planning for future started.
    This is with reference to the parents. What about the self? How many would have planned for attaining a particular job or level ? These days things have changed, but in our days, may be some fifty years back, we could not plan so much for future. In my case I did not think anything about past
    , only after reaching my degree class I started thinking about my past. Teaching and research were my interested field. Hence after completing degree I went for PG studies. After that started to search for suitable positions. My aim was to get into a University department where PG courses alone are offered. The result was successful. Later I changed the University. However, I had my teaching career only in University departments.
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    In my life I wanted to be a pilot and even attended the interviews and tests but to my misfortune I was not selected and that was a bit disappointment in my life. Later I tried job in my father's department which was again futile. However I am contented with my life and achievement so far as I could give good education to my children as one is the budding chemical engineer and other one is the budding doctor. At least I am helpful to achieve my children dream and for that I am ever grateful and thankful to the God and others for facilitating the things to happen without hassles. One thing is sure as everyone wants to become something and achieved something else. While some are making improvement over the present situation, others have decided to stay put thinking that they deserved that much only.
    K Mohan
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    There was a small mistake in my post above. " I did not think anything about my 'past', only after reaching my degree class I started thinking about my 'past'. Here both the 'past' must be read as 'future'.

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    Excellent input Sir. There is a huge awareness only in the urban areas, and in the metros, among parents, that they should allow their children to do what they really want to do. If they find some spark in their children, they do try to take this to the next logical level.

    For example, in many traditional as well as the ultra modern Brahmin families in Tamil Nadu, they allow their children to pursue two career paths. If the child (mostly girls) are talented, in singing, they place them under the care of a superbly talented and celebrated carnatic music specialist (even if this is a very costly proposition), knowing fully well, that one day, the child may even become a play back singer in movies.

    Similarly, people try to place their children in bharatha natyam schools, if they are interested. However, they also pursue some other course, for their living. The more adventurous among them opt for superb courses like the Bsc Visual communication, where, after some years of experience, in say, event management, one can even become an entrepreneur.

    However, this awareness is limited to the huge metros and the urban cities, more so, when both the parents are professionals like doctors and chartered accountants.

    The mismatch between qualifications and expertise and the jobs will continue for a very long time to come, as the fight for getting a good job is likely to intensify even more. Take the Officers job in banks, for example.

    Well, times may change, but parents need to be aware of greater, better, and superb opportunities. For instance, there is a superb course called the CIMA, for professionals in Accounting and Finance. How many parents know about it?

    This is a big journey. I am not too sure how long it will take for parents to become aware of all the opportunities.

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    I never planned my future; I never thought about my future; No one guided me for my future. Everything came on its own. I was a lucky guy to get my job immediately after a gap of six months after completing my studies. I did not struggle. The opportunity came when I was viewing a film in a cinema theatre. I got my appointment with my first interview. I continued in that job; I worked sincerely with devotion and dedication. I raised; I retired. Now drawing pension and living without any tension. I reached the right place without any thinking or planning by the grace of the Allmighty.
    No life without Sun

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    During my education when I was in my intermediate I planned to be a doctorate. So even I got a seat in B.E. I have not joined and I opted for B.Sc, Chemistry. By the grace of grace, I could complete my PhD in Chemistry and I got good recognition for my work. After completing my PhD, I got a lecturer post, but I have not joined I have opted out for an Industry job. As per my thought, I am able to attain a good position in my career and I have gone up to the level of COO in an industry. Simultaneously I got recognised as a guide for PhD students in Gulbarga University, and I guided 5 students and they obtained their Doctorate. I got more than 40 publications and I attended many national and international seminars also. I am very thankful to God for giving me the opportunity of serving an industry and also academic field, which is a very rare combination these days.
    Now I am working in a company as president and I am also giving consultation some chemical industries in Hyderabad and Nagpur. I feel I have reached where I want to reach. My sincere thanks to HIM for providing me with the opportunities and making me satisfied with my work.

    always confident

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    I feel contented and thankful to say that God was kind to me and led me where I was destined to or needed to be rather than what 'I' wanted to be.

    My dream as a student was to be an Engineer and scientist. My early stages of life was mostly influenced by the financial strains my family was facing. .Even with very good academic eligibility, I did not and could join Engineering due to financial constraints. I joined for B.Sc and chose Chemistry changing from my preference Chemistry,complying a well wisher relative's suggestion. I got University Merit scholarship for degree course.(Though I was sanctioned it for the pre-degree too, I availed the loan scholarship because my principal advised me to do so as the amount of loan scholarship was more and my family needed that badly then).

    By God's blessing immediately on graduating I got a job in BARC. So my dream of becoming a scientist was partially satisfied.

    By then I was more aware and become more realistic about the need of money. So after a few years of 'job satisfaction' I joined a bank job which was more remunerative by salary at that time. Being practical to the realities,I continued in the job and reached to a fair level as per my estimation. By then the thinking and aim of life changed as all my priorities had been satisfied. I took VRS, when I could ensure that I am sure of a reasonable amount to a reasonable lifestyle of living. I am a person who was always and is now also live within means. Hence I do not have any complaint. I am not greedy and hence contented.

    I thank God for all what I ha and having, and pray to have same ind of health, happiness and peace in future too.

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